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Yet, this allowed players to not think, just do. In the book it talks about his own NBA career as a player for the Knicks and all of his coaching experiences before becoming head coach of the Bulls. He was able to obtain the knowledge that he learned from his own NBA career and later use it on his understanding to coach his teams. Phil focused on self awareness and the action of showing compassion towards the players on the team. When Jackson was named head coach of the Bulls he formed a vision for the team. When we look at the five practices of Kouzes and Posner, Jackson was able to nspire a shared vision.

Through what he learned from the Lakota and his past coaching experience, gave him this essence of leadership. His vision was to have a selfless team. His goal was to give everyone on the team a vital role, so each player can blend in naturally. Jackson incorporated the triangle offense with the Bulls where anyone can shoot, can score, can make a pass. What made the Chicago Bulls a successful team was their connection with each other as a team, and the ability of Michael Jordan to set his ego aside and realize that he couldn’t do it by himself but trust his team.

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Phil Jackson anted to get the most out of his team, he was able to make his players disconnect from him and connect his players to their teammates and the love for the game. Connect the book to a topic and experience in your life: An interesting point that came up in the book was good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the “me” for the “we”. Michael Jordan was finally able to learn this and this resulted in the Bulls winning their first three championships.

In basketball there are many selfish teams who won’t pass the ball to a certain player on the team because hey think he will not catch the ball or make a wrong decision. On the other hand an unselfish team will pass the ball to everyone and trust each other. On teams dedicated to “we” are not scared to pass the ball even if it results in a certain player losing the ball or missing the shot. This type of team will pass the ball again to that same player who lost the ball or missed the shot because they have trust in him, this allows for that player to gain confidence and the team to grow as one.

In class we talked about building trust and strong relationships but also getting groups together to collaborate to achieve uccess in an organization. people that respond using “we” instead Of are more eager and more unified. When people trust each other, they feel strong, capable, and committed. An example of an experience in my life was where I was part of a Park District Basketball team that bonded and trusted each other. The team that I was a part of consisted of average basketball players.

We did not have any superstar type players on our team. When we played teams that had multiple star players we were able to defeat them because everyone knew their role on the team and we were able to communicate with ach other effectively. Yet, we played with sense that we had nothing lose. The other team lost because they focused on individual performances, which resulted in ball hogging and players getting mad at themselves. found it interesting how Michael Jordan realized that he couldnt do it all by himself.

And that he was able to transform into unselfish team player. In the book Phil Jackson thought that “Michael Jordan is the epitome of the peaceful warrior” because everyday Michael underwent more punishment on the court than any player in the league. He stayed humble and rarely showed signs of anger. For example when the Bulls faced the Detroit Pistons who were known as the bad boys of the NBA, Michael got dangerously slammed to the floor where he could have suffered a serious injury.

Jackson mentions that during the time out he asks Michael why he Was not frustrated and fuming. Michael responded with a shrug, that he knows that this team will do that, when he’s driving to lane. Furthermore, Michael is extremely competitive, he figure out the weak points in the team he faces and constantly attacks them until the team crumbles. Another example is where Michael suffered a back injury and ouldn’t walk the next day, but neglected to watch the next game from the sidelines and played through the pain.

Phil also mentions that Michael rarely got depressed. In the 1989 playoffs the Bulls faced the Cleveland Cavaliers and lost the first game of the series. The next game, glowing in confidence Michael spoke to his team and said, “Have no fear, we’re going to win this game. ” The team’s mood drastically shifted, by the way Michael was able to carry himself and lead them to victory. It was awhile until Michael realized he couldn’t do it all by himself and learned that he could have confidence in his eam to come through in pressured moments.

He was able to change his persona from being the one into an unselfish team player. Michael prefers to lead by his actions than words, but once in while he would give his team inspiring speeches. He doesn’t get involved in other players personal problems because he doesn’t want to diminish his role as a leader. All of these examples and points that I have mentioned above represent what a true leader is all about. Michael was able to set an example to be a leader. His behavior amongst his teammates was able to win him respect.

Michael was finally able to trust his team and they trusted him. He was relentless and motivated his team. Finally, Phil Jackson’s approach as a true leader was to follow a middle path. He did not want to overprotect his players or make their lives wretched. Jackson wanted to build a basketball environment that enable players to relate to each other and ultimately gives them the opportunity to realize their potential. He wanted to bring together every players and assistant coaches leadership skills/abilities together to feel that they all have a part in the team.

Phil Jackson believed that no leader can create a successful team by himself, no matter how smart and gifted he was. Same things apply in an organization, as a leader you want to make sure you align your workers so you can get the most out of them. By aligning them to their desired position, your workers will be more motivated and will increase their potential. This will allow for an organization to move in the right direction and as a whole. Ultimately, leadership is about creating a way for people to contribute to making wonders happen, such as Bulls winning multiple championships.