Philocetes Essay, Research PaperPhiloctetes, the archer, is a most persistent and equivocal character of Sophocles. He represents the hurting which the universe subjects all originative people to. Keeping his simpleness and artlessness in a universe of confusion and lies ends up being his greatest challenge. Through intense character portraiture, Sophocles presents the narrative of Philoctetes in a manner so that the reader can sympathize and genuinely understand the hurting of Philoctetes.The narrative begins when Odysseus and Neoptolemus are on a beach on the island of Lemnos. They are looking for Philoctetes. Odysseus tells Neoptolemus to happen Philoctetes, and state him that he is the boy of Achilles. Odysseus wants him to go friendly with Philoctetes and derive his trust.

When he has accomplished that, he is to obtain Philoctetes= bow, so that they can take it back with them. After he receives his instructions from Odysseus, Neoptolemus sets off to happen Philoctetes.He meets up with him, and they start to speak. Philoctetes is overjoyed to happen out that eh is speaking to the boy of Achilles. He tells him the narrative of how he was left on the island, crippled and deceasing.

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He so asks Neoptolemus to take him back with him, and to merely non go forth him on the island all entirely. Neoptolemus agrees to take Philoctetes back with him, and he is overjoyed one time once more.A crewman disguised as a bargainer so enters the scene and tells a narrative to Neoptolemus of how he is in great danger and must be really careful. Philoctetes believes that Neoptolemus is really in great danger so he suggests that they leave every bit shortly as possible. He tells them the few things that he owns, including the bow. Philoctetes is greatly impressed by the bow, and when he admires it, Philoctetes Tells him that anything of his is besides to be considered Neoptolemus= .

He so discloses that he is close to deceasing and decides to give Neoptolemus the bow for good.Neoptolemus is so stricken with understanding and likely guilt. He tells Philoctetes the truth.

Philoctetes realizes what has happened to him one time once more, and begs for his bow to be returned. Odysseus so appears and shows Philoctetes no clemency. After go oning to implore for his bow, with no help, he tells them he is traveling to his male parent, who is dead, and retreats into his cave.Neoptolemus and Odysseus so get down to walk back to the ship with the bow, but all of a sudden Neoptolemus decides to return to Philoctetes and give him the bow back. Odysseus is infuriated and leaves. Neoptolemus tells Philoctetes that he will take him home. Heracles appears and blesses them, and they start on their manner place.

When Neoptolemus and Odysseus are on their manner back to the ship and Neoptolemus decides to return to Philoctetes, the reader sees the side of Neoptolemus with a strong scruples. Even though it meant withstanding Odysseus, he put the life of Philoctetes above his ain promotion. This seems to be the point in the narrative where the reader realizes the internal battle of Neoptolemus.

One side of him wants to assist Odysseus, and their people, by conveying the bow back to battle, while the other side of him feels great compassion for Philoctetes, and his battles. Bing the boy of Achilles comes with a great duty and repute to populate up to. Neoptolemus must make up one’s mind whether to be the adult male Odysseus wants him to be, or to genuinely populate up to the repute set by his male parent, and make what is right in his ain eyes.The narrative of Philoctetes does non merely state the narrative of one adult male, but of two, and the battles which set them apart from the remainder of the universe.

Neoptolemus struggles with an internal battle between personal promotion and moral duty, while Philoctetes battles to happen his manner place. The commonalty of these battles bring the two work forces together, and from this togetherness comes solution and approvals for both of them.