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Throughout the semester. our category has read a great assortment of pieces of literature. With each reading. came a bustle of ideas and treatments. These inquiries are what assist us to go better philosophers. Person who is on a pursuit to go a good philosopher must ever believe critically about all statements and follow a logical decision to wherever it may take. With Oedipus and “Forgiven” . I was able to delve deep into the significances of the readings and come up with philosophical thoughts for both. Another quality a philosopher must possess is the ability to compare and contrast different plants of art.

Using more category readings such as Socrates’ Apology. I found similarities and differences that explained my ideas. In Oedipus the King. Oedipus kills his male parent and marries his female parent. He besides must find who the liquidator of King Laius is. Ultimately. his determinations in the drama cause him to happen out that it was him who killed Laius. Oedipus clearly believed that was he was making at the clip. was good. Although in the terminal. he most likely declinations his determinations. From his point of position. Oedipus would most likely think that his move from Corinth to Thebes was a bad determination.

When he heard the intelligence that he was traveling to kill his male parent and get married his female parent. Oedipus moved far off from his place. Corinth. This is something that he likely regrets because staying in Corinth would hold prevented him from run intoing King Laius in the route and killing him. Another bad determination from Oedipus’ point of position would be that he didn’t listen to anyone near to him. Oedipus demonstrates three tragic defects. intolerance. obstinacy. and a short pique. each of which lead into his ruin.

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For case. Oedipus’ stubbornness’ is unmistakably shown when he demands on happening the liquidator of Laius and turn outing that the prognostication hasn’t come true. However. Jocasta. Oedipus’ queen and female parent already is cognizant of the fact that all of this pandemonium is true and chooses to conceal the truth. “That adult male. why ask? Old shepherds. talk. empty bunk. don’t give it another thought ; don’t even think” Oedipus answers with. “What- give up now. with a hint like this? Fail to work out the enigma of my birth? Not for all the universe! ” ( Oedipus ) . Oedipus made these determinations because he thought he was salvaging his parents by traveling off.

He evidently did non desire to get married his female parent and kill his male parent. so he figured by go forthing Corinth he would avoid the prophecy going true. Oedipus is a really obstinate adult male and he won’t stop until he gets the replies. In this instance. he wants to calculate out who murdered Laius. The concluding behind Oedipus’ bad determination to non listen to anyone was chiefly due to his obstinacy. I think that if he had non been so dead set on happening out who killed Laius ; inquiring inquiries and seeking to calculate it all out. he would non hold realized it was himself who was the murdered.

Oedipus surely was non the lone character we read about that made some un-smart determinations. In the article “Forgiven” . the Grosmaires’ girl Ann is killed by her fellow Conor. They end up taking to forgive Conor. even though he took their daughter’s life. From the Grosmaires’ point of position. a bad determination would hold been to non forgive Conor because so. their girl would hold been merely another victim in a slaying instance. Besides. in their point of position. non sing what Ann would hold wanted if she had still been alive would’ve been a bad determination.

If they had non kept their girl in head while taking to forgive Conor. the Grosmaires would decidedly hold been dissatisfied. Ann’s female parent. Kate announced. “I knew that if I defined Conor by that one moment-as a murderer-I was specifying my girl as a slaying victim and I couldn’t let that to happen” ( 2 Tullis ) . The Grosmaires’ believed that if they did non forgive Conor. so all of the attending would hold been on him instead than Ann. Another major factor that came in to play when they decided to forgive Conor was their spiritual background. They tried really difficult to establish their lives on the lives of Jesus and St. Augustine.

In fact. the male parent said. “I realized it was non merely Ann inquiring me to forgive Conor. it was Jesus Christ” ( 2 Tullis ) . To the Grosmaires. Conor was a portion of the household because he had been dating their girl for old ages. He even stayed in their place for a period of clip. They knew that Ann would hold wanted them to forgive Conor because she loved him. By esteeming their girl and what she would hold wanted. the Grosmaires felt as if they were making the right thing. There are a few other options that they could hold chosen alternatively of forgiving Conor. For case. they shouldn’t have changed their heads about Conor’s gaol clip.

They did non lodge to their word and it seemed as if they about forgot about the whole construct of forgiveness. After hearing Conor depict how he killed their girl. they let their emotions take a toll and they changed their heads. Not forgiving Conor at all could hold been another alternate pick for the Grosmaires. If this were the instance. Conor would hold gotten the proper justness that all other felons get. If they did non forgive Conor. there is the possibility he would hold either acquire the decease punishment or life-time in prison. Either manner. it’s a far more terrible penalty than what he ends up acquiring.

Conor would be forced to endure in prison for the remainder of his life. cognizing how much hurting he caused the Grosmaires household. Normally. this is the instance for most slaying tests in the United States. It is really out of the norm for a liquidator to be forgiven in today’s society. In the province of Florida where the decease punishment is still used. it is particularly unusual for the act of killing to be forgiven. If you dig deep into Socrates’ The Apology and “Forgiven” . the two can easy be seen as comparable. First. the Grosmaires’ made the determination to forgive Conor in order to fulfill them.

Despite the slack they received for forgiving a clearly guilty adult male. they still chose to stay close with Conor and maintain him in their lives. The household was highly spiritual and they felt as if it was unfair to non forgive him. Like the Grosmaires. Socrates did non let other people to impact his decision-making. He continually chose the way less taken as was seen in The Apology. While he is being tried by the metropolis of Athens. Socrates confidently accepts the fact that most of the city’s citizens are against him and continues learning his thoughts to others because it was merely the right thing to make.

In an case where Socrates stands up for himself. he says. “ I realized. to my sorrow and dismay that I was acquiring unpopular. but I thought that I must attach the greatest importance to god’s oracle…” ( loc 616 Apology ) . He genuinely believes in making what morally feels acceptable. non what is socially acceptable and that is a great characteristic about him. Socrates lived his life with the doctrine of “How can you populate a good life if you don’t genuinely understand what it is?

” The Grosmaires’ followed this doctrine besides because they did non to the full cognize what the result of their determination was traveling to be. but all they knew was that it made them experience at peace and that is what mattered. Likewise. in The Apology. Socrates says that “he who is able to acknowledge his restrictions is wisest. ” It is about impossible for one individual individual to incorporate all cognition of the universe. Socrates knew what he did non cognize which is called Socratic ignorance. He claimed to be the wisest individual because he welcomed the fact that he did non cognize everything in the universe.

In linking Socrates to the Grosmaires. they were able to acknowledge that things could non be merely handled by directing Conor to prison for life. Certain. it would acquire him out of their sight. but ne’er out of their heads. They could acknowledge to their failings and power through them with Conor and his household. If the Grosmaires ended up non forgiving him. so they would hold really been nescient about the full state of affairs because they knew Conor and they knew that he genuinely did non intend to ache their household. He was a good child who had a mental dislocation that resulted in a slaying.

It was impossible for the Grosmaires to halt thought of Conor as a boy and to halt loving him. In add-on. Socrates makes it known in The Apology that he is non afraid of decease. Death was talked about a batch in this reading because it was the penalty Socrates was to confront if he was found guilty. He says. “ To fear decease. gentlemen. is no other than to believe oneself wise when 1 is non. to believe one knows what one does non cognize. No 1 knows whether decease may be the greatest of all approvals for a adult male. yet work forces fear it as if they knew that it is the greatest of evils” ( loc 748 Apology ) .

This was one of my favourite quotation marks from The Apology merely because it is so true. The Grosmaires clearly did non fear decease either. For if they were afraid. they would non hold accepted Ann’s decease the manner they did. Alternatively. they tried to turn Ann’s narrative into something heroic instead than tragic. Never one time did they let the decease of their girl to get the better of them. Ann was a great individual in their Black Marias and they believed that she was in a better topographic point. There is no manner the Grossmaires are of all time traveling to accomplish the life they had before their girl passed off because it’s impossible to convey her dorsum.

But. by forgiving Conor they are seeking to do peace with the thought of their Ann being gone. They are seeking to do everything every bit normal as possible once more. maintaining Conor and his household in their lives. This is assisting them to accomplish the good life because they were happiest with their girl and they don’t want to lose both their girl and Conor at the same clip. He was practically another boy. Since the Grossmaires are besides really spiritual people. I think they chose to forgive Conor so they could still see themselves good Christians.

To them. these facets contribute to the “good life” . These are similar qualities that I consider to be the good life. In the beginning of the semester. I said that the good life is as stress free as possible. I want to avoid struggle every bit much as I can because struggle with household members and friends would merely convey emphasis into my life. I think the Grossmaires household wanted to convey peace into their Black Marias and their lives. and forgiving Conor was the first measure in accomplishing that end. If I am able to look back and be proud of my picks. that is the “good life” .

The Grossmaires likely had the same outlook when they were calculating out how to handle the Conor state of affairs. They concluded that by forgiving him. they would be able to go on on with their lives and seek to do the most of it. Reading “Forgiven” did non look to alter my positions on what the good life was. I think from now until everlastingly. my positions on that subject will stay the same. The three readings that were discussed. Oedipus. The Apology. and “Forgiven” required much philosophical thought on my portion. With comparison and contrasting. I was able to delve deep into the significances of each reading and come up with thoughts for both.