Photography Essay, Research PaperDifferent people interpret exposure in many different ways. The manner the exposure is interpreted by a individual can depend on what sort of occupation they have, how old they are, and how or where they grew up. Photographs can besides hold an emotional consequence on a individual and convey back memories. How do you construe the exposure on page one? Does it convey back any memories? How does the exposure make you experience?Jean Mohr says what is go oning is & # 8220 ; Great Britain, in the state.

A little miss was playing with her doll. Sometimes sweetly, sometimes viciously. At one minute she even pretended to eat her doll. & # 8221 ; Out of all the readings, from our group, which one do you happen the most inventive? Does Jean Mohr & # 8217 ; s description make any sense to you?Now there are different sorts of photographic significances. Allan Sekula thinks, & # 8220 ; All photographic communicating seems to take topographic point within the conditions of a sort of binary folklore.

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& # 8221 ; His ways of depicting exposure are ; symbolist folk-myth or realist folk-myth and art picture taking vs. documental picture taking. When exposure are read the photographs autumn toward one of these two poles of significance. Do you believe there is any other manner to depict exposure? Why or why non?On page two there is a exposure with a caption that is non shown that reads & # 8220 ; A Red Hussar go forthing, June 1919, Budapest. & # 8221 ; What do you see in the exposure? When John Berger reads the exposure, he says that there is play traveling on between the soldier and the female parent.

He besides looks at every point in the exposure, the uniform, the rifles, Thursdayvitamin E corner by the railroad station, even the trees on the other side of the fencing. He about fabricates a narrative on what is go oning in the exposure, and what will go on sometime after the exposure was taken. He besides makes the premise of who all of the people are and what their dealingss are to each other ; a friend, a sister, a male parent, a hubby. Berger reads exposure by what clip period the exposure was taken in.

He believes that what happened around the clip of the exposure is a necessity to cognize in order to read the exposure decently and exhaustively. Now, read the paragraph on page three. . .

Having read the paragraph, what do you see in the exposure now? Is the photograph any different to you now that you know what happened arround the clip it was taken?John Berger says that there are two ways to utilize a exposure, private usage or public usage. In utilizing a exposure in private, the minute when the exposure was taken lives in an on-going continuity. For illustration, if you have a image of a individual or topographic point you would most probably non bury what that individual or topographic point meant to you or made you feel. When a exposure is used publically, the exposure becomes a dead object because of the many readings people make of it.

By hearing these readings you forget what the exposure means to you or how it made you experience. For worlds, exposures are memories, conditions or non they are good memories is in the oculus of the perceiver. Photographs document what happened on a certain day of the month or clip. The definition of what a exposure is varies from individual to individual. What do you believe a exposure is? What do photographs intend to you?