Last updated: August 13, 2019
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for Erection- A Comparative Review of The Types, Roles and Effects

Pills for erection are widely acclaimed, licenced
medication used by men suffering from erection dysfunction to improve on their
sexual life.

Erection dysfunction fondly called sexual fatigue of
impotency is a commonly found medical condition suffered by men. This condition
can be caused by fatigue or stress, the consumption of a high amount of alcohol
and hard drugs, anxiety, emotional breakdown or prolonged health complications.
However, impaired sexual health is more common among the aged. The good news is
with the world-wide evolution of medicine, erectile dysfunction is diagnosable
and treatable. Erection pills are one of the quickest and commonest remedies embraced
by both the young and old.


Erection Pills – How Effective, How True?



Herbal or natural erection pills, fondly called natural
aphrodisiacs are naturally produced erection enhancers. They have existed
longer than chemically generated erection pills and are said to have little or no
after effect. Ginseng root is one of the first herbal erection supplements to
gain high publicity. It is said to improve sexual drive, quicken erection
processes, improve concentration and enhance memory amongst the aged.

Other popular herbal erection pills are Tribulis
Terrestris, Vasomax or Phentolamine, Honey Goat weed, Ptychopetalum oleacoides,
Maca or Lipidium Meyenii Welp, Zinc, Spanish fly, L-arginine, and Yohimbine. In
reality, the list goes on and on.

Out of the aforementioned natural erection pills,
Yohimine is the most widely prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction. It
is a product of the Yohimine tree, planted in the continent of Africa. This
herb is said to improve the flow of blood into the groin region, hence,
triggering erection. It is used by men and women alike and leaves the user with
no side effects.

Similarly, L-arginine is an amino- acid found that also
improves on the speed of blood into the groin area by expanding blood vessels.
Studies have revealed that for L-arginine cured 92.5% of erectile dysfunction
in 3 months and has no side effects. For it to be effective, the user is
advised to take a minimum of 3000mg in a day.





Produced Erection Pills- Their Promise for A Quick Boner

Although these erection pills are a boost to impaired
sexual health in the quickest instance, but in most cases, there are said to have
side effects associated with them.

Chemically produced medications are effective by relaxing
the muscles of the user, increasing the flow of blood into the penis, making quick
and long-lasting erections. In this category, the commonly used ones include; Staxyn
(Vardenafil), Cialis, Sildenafil (Viagra) and Avanafil (Stendra) and work similarly
to each other but possess a few differences.

Avanafil is quick to work and can do so in 15 minutes with
an effect of about 6hours. Cialis on the other hand, can have a longer lasting
effect of about 36 hours and Viagra results in a 4 hours erection. Furthermore,
Levitra uses 30 minutes to be effective and stays effective for as long as 5
hours. Staxyn is rather put on the tongue and left to melt.


All, Let Your Doctor Have the Final Say

Erectile pills are said to be effective, however, it
is not for everyone and anyone. Before looking for a solution to Erectile
Dysfunction, it is advised to find the cause of it. With the help of a doctor after
divulging on your medical history, allergies, relationships, lifestyle, the best
and suitable solutions can be prescribed.



Erectile pills are licenced medication or herbal
off-licenced medication used to improve on the sexual activity of a man
suffering from erectile dysfunction. This challenge is diagnosable and can be
remedied, hence the need for erectile pills. However, it can be dangerous using
pills without full knowledge of their contents. The only effective way to
improve one’s sex life through the use of pills is by taking only medicines prescribed
by a doctor.