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In the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean- the Curse of the Black Pearl the character that caught my eye the most was William Turner.

Will, a former black smith and son of “bootstrap” Bill Turner He is also a very strong and loyal man during the film. He has many abilities like excellent sword fighting, for example in the scene where Jack Sparrow trespasses into William’s workplace, the blacksmith. Jack was actually trying to remove his handcuffs due to imprisonment whilst Will had walked in and grabbed the closest sword in sight.

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They were fighting for some time with Jack testing Will’s skills and abilities, until the police (navy) came and took him away. Will’s Techniques during the film are great; he plays his character to his maximum ability. His expressions are showed well, and his movement with the sword fighting show some skill.

He is a very good looking gentleman which would encourage many girls to come see the movie and with his great lines and scenes he is more than likely classified as breath taking.For example, the scenes where Elizabeth and Will are fighting the men together in the cave and eventually blow them up. Will’s facial expressions and emotions are well showed at this point and make the movie quite interesting as he slices his hand with a knife and drops the gold coin into the chest full of coins. The whole movie at that point changes, and makes him the new hero too many of the characters. The costume that Will is wearing during the movie consists of a pair of dark brown leather boots, a white long sleave puffy shirt accompanied by a brown leather vest, and long brown tight pants.He also has a dark coat which he is hardly scene without which makes him seem more curious and powerful.

Along with the rest of the gear Will is also loaded up with either a pistol or sword in hand. The makeup used during the movie was excellent with the blood and gory scenes. For example during the scenes where all the crew from the black pearl invade the British navy ship, when will had got hurt during the fights with the pirates and also along with Jack sparrow in which his makeup made his facial expressions more interesting and entertaining.Will’s personality is very romantic and unique in different ways.

For example his kind gestures toward Elizabeth swann in which he just can’t explain his love towards her. He then eventually confesses his what he feels, and finds the will and power within him to ask her for his hand in marriage. William Turner, I think has played his part greatly, and makes this movie more adventurous and thrilling to watch. Without him the movie wouldn’t have been the same.