Plains Indians Essay, Research PaperDuring the 1800s, the Plains Indians were eventually overcome by the white adult male.

Several factors contributed to their ruin. In falling order, these included the close extinction of the American bison, disease, tribal wars, and their naivety.The American bison was the anchor of the Plains Indians because it was their chief beginning for nutrient, fuel, vesture, and shelter. When transcontinental railway building began, the American bison was about exterminated. White persons hunted the American bison for athletics, their fells, or for a few select cuts while go forthing the remainder of the animate being to decompose. By 1885, fewer than 1,000 animals were left, go forthing many Indians to hunger to decease.One of the deadliest arms the Whites had against the Indians was used unwittingly.

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The diseases smallpox, cholera, and typhoid ravaged the Indian population. Their immune systems had no defence against these foreign encroachers. Whole households and small towns were killed by this unseeable enemy.As white settlErs moved west past the Mississippi River, they needed more land.

The authorities obliged to their demands and took the Indians land to give to the colonists. The Indians who had been displaced were forced to relocate. They fought amongst themselves for land.

The Sioux were particularly aggressive and attacked the Crows, Kiowas, and Pawnees. The Indians easy killed each other off when they should hold united against the Whites.The federal authorities signed several land pacts with the Indians. They broke about every individual 1.

The Indians were na ve and kept assenting to the authorities sdemands. They kept believing that the authorities would ne’er interrupt their promise, a desperate error. Washington gained more and more control over the Indians.In the terminal, the Native Americans lost their spirit after old ages of starvation and combat.

The proud people of the fields were doomed to eke out a suffering being on reserves, besides known as human menagerie. Never once more would life be the same.