This paper discusses a modern-day hotel construct in the Birmingham country with regard to planning and planing that may carry through the client outlooks and satisfy clients. This paper chiefly consists of two parts. The first portion chiefly focuses on the planning and planing construct of hotel that draws an lineation of overall hotel ‘s foundation. The 2nd portion peculiarly emphasizes on the chief hotel construct that will endeavor to carry through the client outlook and satisfy clients.

Finally, a decision is mentioned that reviews the overall planning and designing of hotel construct in position of client outlooks and satisfaction.

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Hotel Concept in Planning and Designing

Sing the taking hotels of the universe, the possibility of set uping a new construct of hotel could be executable from the position of modern-day cordial reception industries of Birmingham that are supplying the spectrum of comfy and epicurean invitees services to the business communities, travellers and tourers who dream to remain in a cosy and modernised hotel sleeping rooms where the pleasance of good dark could be experienced absolutely ( Vickers 2005, p. 92-93 ) . The construct of new hotel in Birmingham will supply an low-cost monetary value with a really cool room and relaxed environment that would truly offer a cosy stay and extreme client satisfaction.

The hotel will be merely like an office edifice transition comprising of 230 guestrooms. The suites will be bigger averaging 11 sq. m ( 120 sq. ft. ) and therefore, the flexibleness will be observed in the signifier of comfort due to the extremely designed building, cardinal constituent construct and beautiful designer plants.The construct will besides make a hotel adjustment that will visualise the image of a Mini Cooper where the shrinks luxury comfy suites will dig like a new UK-based ‘pod manner ‘ due to the specific room designing of about 7 sq. m.

( 75 sq. ft. ) . The hotel will be designed as a 5-star hotel, but a yacht cabin construct will besides be integrated with hotel building work in order to make a mini and micro 4-star epicurean hotel that could run into the criterions of all group aged people and in-between professional who may be remaining in the hotel for relaxation and private meetings. All the hotel suites will hold complete superb infinites with soundproof creativeness that will put apart the hotel criterion from other epicurean hotels. Apart from comfy suites, a particular focal point will be emphasized on the construct of invitees ‘ services, standard invitees ‘ meetings and designer plants as follows:Guest Services: The essentialness and base of a hotel engagement is a good dark ‘s remainder, safety of valuable properties, unagitated environment, a hot shower that may put off all the fatigue, and eventually, payment of measure upon cheque out ( Swartz 1988, p. 108 ) . The room monetary values will be limited plenty and tantamount to 1-star hotel that will enable all group individuals and in-between professionals to afford the cost handily and make see the hotel once more.

It will besides promote the hotel invitees and visitants to urge their friends and others to remain in this beautiful, epicurean and cheap hotel in order to do their journey, visit and meetings safe, comfy, convenient and merely fantastic. The nucleus constituents of invitee services will include: foremost, the 5-star beds that will be featured with high quality 250 yarn count eiderdowns, bed sheets, slips, pillows and spring mattresses beds. All the beds ‘ designing will be ordered from professional bed-makers and bed-suppliers that are able to carry through the demands of a 5-star hotel and there will be no via media with the quality of invitee services, even for a individual bed. Second, the power showers that will be attached with every private bathroom with high pressured het power and featured showers. This will be a great relaxation for all the invitees who will be paying room charges equivalent to 1-star hotel but will be basking a het premium showers merely like a 5-star hotel with extreme privateness. Third, the convenient and cardinal locations that will supply a speedy glimpse of nearby concern finishs, sightseeing, major shopping promenades, nutrient and drink mercantile establishments, and convenience shop operations that are strategically located closed to hotel milieus. Fourthly, the clean environment that will guarantee a pleasant stay with fresh take a breathing air due to standard proviso of housework services within and outside hotel milieus that is so the necessity of lively people.

Fifthly and in conclusion, the 24-hour security system that will consist of CCTV cameras, electronic entree to suites via cardinal card, on-duty response staff round-the-clock, security guards and a rigorous limitation to go through through a chief anteroom without the entree of allowable cardinal card that will forestall the effects of robbery and illegal activities in midnights.

Standard Guests ‘ Meetings and Events:

The invitees meetings and events are one of the top grounds for professionals to book a 5-star hotel and do their concern meetings successful without any invasion of external beginnings ( Piotrowski & A ; Rogers 2007, p. 109 ) . The invitees ‘ meeting suites and halls will be located in the inspiring and alone locations that will be facilitated with the state-of-the-art engineerings and stupefying designs in order to do the set up of meetings and events rather professional, standard and pleasant. The chief elements of carry throughing invitees ‘ outlooks refering criterions meetings and occasional events will be based on four major necessities. First, the design that will be covered with the universe over interior ornaments and will excessively visualise the antic design features that will be embed with a new strain of architect work. Second, the XXL meeting that will suit and ease the assemblage of 250 to more than 1000 delegates where the topographic point of meetings and events will be viewed as a single-oriented concern topographic point to finish concern traffics professionally and diligently. Third, the natural scenes will consist of emerald isles, turn overing landscapes, alien beaches and much more that will promote the invitees and visitants to book their meetings, events and corsets once more in this first beautiful 5-star hotel.

Fifthly and in conclusion, the inducements that will supply an chance for invitees to prosecute in corporate interruptions and bask a wild landrover campaign drive, acquire adrenalin pumping, trial chainss over a fantastic verdure and merely, have a merriment with great length of re-creational activities.

Architect Work:

The designer work is one of the most attractive visions that encourage the tourers, visitants and travellers to remain in a hotel room and re-book their hereafter stays in the same hotel due to the beautiful designs and fantastic designer works that is barely seen and visualized elsewhere ( Berke 2002, p. 127-128 ) . Perceiving the fact, the hotel will be created with a new construct of architect work that will consist of flowered art, softness of natural and silk, overhead rain baths, smoked glass, wire-framed mirrors, punka wolla fans, exposed wooden beams, the landscape ( dwelling of celebrated industrial art, spiced with modern sculpture, mature plantation with a postmodern transmutation ) , hot pink accented covers of foliages, crisp sword-like foliages, bluish jasmine shrubs, light blue graphite, silvery bluish thenars, entryway of pocket gardens with Fe studing on landscape, and Gatess of old-timer with particular single characteristics. Therefore, the landscape gardening designing, interior ornament and overall designer work will be specially designed with the art works of modern epochs to pull the first visitants, invitees, travellers, business communities and all in-between aged professionals.

Customer Markets

TheA primary construct of every prospective hotel is to pull theA concern travellers who normally stay in hotel suites up to aA limited clip and prefer to pass a relaxed and good dark with safety and security of their valuables ( Karr, Brokaw & A ; Livesey 2010, p. 99 ) .

Sing the fact, theA construct will be geared towards the concern travellers, visitants, route fuss-budgets and specifically, the tourists.A SinceA Birmingham is the primary birthplaceA of industrial revolution and excessively possesses a vibrant and modern city with regard to a spectrum of international culinary art, antic night life, superb shopping, first cultural scene and reinvented rubber-necking, hence, many concern visitants will be attracted towards this client markets and will of class, love to remain in a nearby 5-star hotel that will supply all the amenitiess of a epicurean 5-star hotel with a monetary value of 1-star hotel. The hotel will besides be attracted by those clients andA travellers who willA be travelingA Birmingham for several other leisure activities such as visits to the ‘Think Tank Science Museum, the Jewelers Quarter and the Cadbury World ‘ . Various other clients will besides be attracted towards the hotel that will be interested in sing the beautiful Cotswold countryside and basking their ideal daytrips at the William Shakespeare ‘s place of birth.

Therefore, a new and strategic hotel construct will pull all walks of people including route fuss-budgets, concern travellers, visitants, tourers, and nearby inhabitants who ideally love and prefer modern life style, sing and going.

Hotel Location

Any hotel located to legion sightseeing topographic points and attractiveA visiting sitesA is a first-look and mainA ground for booking a hotel room in a culturally established western state ( Nadeau & A ; Ryan 2010, p. 444 ) . The hotel will be located chiefly in Birmingham where theA close attractive forces include the Bullring Shopping Centre, Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Arcadian Centre and International Convention Centre. The basic hotel featureA willA be the metropolis centre location that will be shacking about 57-storey skyscraper and therefore, will be perceived as the wondrous located hotel in the 2nd largest metropolis of England. The hotel location will be really convenientA for all the invitees and visitants due to the short walking distanceA towards assorted attractive locations including the National Sea Life Centre, National Indoor Arena, Colmore Business District and International Convention Centre. Other amusement, shopping and dining locales will besides be closely available such as the Brindleyplace, Mailbox and Bullring. Additionally, the hotel location will besides be convenient for going due to Birmingham International Airport and Train Station that are closest to hotel with five-minute walk and/or twenty-minute thrust.

Front Office Services

The invitee installations are mostly accommodated by the front-office services that create a existent image of hotel industry by agencies of supplying executive and professional client services, and are chiefly responsible for the particular attention of invitees and visitants ( Lawson 1995, p. 205 ) . It is a wise stating that the first feeling is the last feeling, hence, a specialised preparation and guidelines will be provided to all the front office staff for offering the best dependable client services eitherA face-to-face or telecom or via cyberspace. Regardless ofA staff / officer place, a alone functional responsibility will be provided byA engagement directors, decision makers, A porters, telephone operations and guest dealingss officers, so that an exceeding and high-praising front-office services may be provided with the best personal involvement. A particular protocol officer will besides be designated to go to and entertain all the VIP-clients and delegates from the airdrome reaching till the ultimate stay in hotel room. Individual services will be provided to all invitees and visitants by front-office service members in coordination with cashing section, commuting section, baggage bringing service section, PR section, operational section, booking section and nutrient / drink section. Thus, a concatenation of communicating and public presentation via front-office services will enable the hotel direction in supplying the best client satisfaction with an exceeding criterion.

Bedroom Facilities

The sleeping room installations are one of the grounds for epicurean hotel and comfy environment that encourage invitees and visitants to come once more, acquire rank and recommend others ( Swarbrooke & A ; Horner 2001, p.

126 ) . All sleeping rooms will be equipped with plasma-screen telecastings, queen-size mattresses 107-cm ( 42-in. ) , Egyptian cotton sheets, high-thread count and upscale bedclothes, power showers, heated bathroom mirrors andA wireless cyberspace connectivity. The sleeping room designing and operation will include leather and cherry wood coating, centralized control panel with hi-tech soft lighting, low-tension electricity, sophisticated air system, convection warming system and solar panels.

PART – Two

Meeting Customer Expectations and Satisfying Customers

The proposed hotel construct will certainly run into the extreme client satisfaction and will decidedly fulfill clients on the footing of seven taking constructs that are alone and scrupulous such as services construct, design construct, concern meeting construct, rank construct, environmental safety construct, incentives construct and accreditation construct of ‘Meeting Professionals International ‘ ( MPI ) . An overview of all these hotel constructs is determined as follows:

Servicess Concept

Among the taking hotels of the universe, what makes a difference in a successful international hotel is the construct of services that are offered to invitees and visitants from their footfall in hotel till the pleasant cheque out from the hotel doorsill ( Bardi 2007, P. 5 ) .

Sing the fast faced planetary competition, the prospective hotel clients will be provided with really comfy beds, antic suites, catchy advertizements for deriving ultimate client service satisfaction, winning architecture plants and a much more pleasure by agencies of supplying diligent and executive invitee services.The nucleus elements of service constructs that are strategically formulated to run into client outlooks and satisfy clients include:

100 % Guest Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Every hotel stands apart from the taking international hotels of the universe due to proviso of optimistic invitee services that are meant for fulfilling clients with 100 % warrant where the quality of services are professionally standardized and diligently performed with devotedness ( Woods et al. 2007, p. 473 ) .

In position of ferociously competitory industries that are emerging rapidly around the universe, the hotel will concentrate on carry throughing the promise of supplying entire client satisfaction which will be 100 % guaranteed. The hotel direction will take acute involvement in every bing ailment and will endeavour to rectify on pressing footing in order to maintain the clients happy throughout their stay in hotel. Incase of unresolved ailment, the client will hold the right to raise the hotel policy that promises to guarantee 100 % Guest Satisfaction Guarantee, which will let the client to go forth the hotel without paying any charges for hotel room or services. In short, every effort is made to avoid effects of emerging ailments, and if a ailment so exists, it is resolved instantly with extreme client satisfaction, neglecting which, we are 100 % obligated in footings of hotel policy ‘not to bear down ‘ or ‘money back warrant ‘ for guaranting the pleasant check-out of clients, even without acquiring payment or service charges.

Positive Attitudeaˆ¦ Yes! I Can:

The doctrine ‘Yes! I Canaˆ¦ ‘ is widely recognized in the history with regard of wise bookmans, nice people and obeisance employees who diligently perform their responsibilities and duties, particularly in cordial reception industry where the client satisfaction is the primary duty ( Ahart 2007, p. 14 ) . In a universe of competitory markets today, the hotel will supply an optimistic client attack that will guarantee the public presentation of every invitee services being requested at any clip. The invitee will be furnished with every possible services and acute attending will be given by the invitee dealingss officer, the receptionist, the hotel director, front office staff, and even the porter and servers in order to do the clients stay rather convenient, memorable and fantastic than it is normally expected. Thus, in all footings of services, every stepping invitees and visitants will pattern an exceeding client satisfaction, and of class, the first-class client services will be provided irrespective of client demands.

Free High Speed Internet Connection:

A hotel that provides the installations of free high velocity cyberspace connexion enables the invitees to bask the mini-office environment with the comfort of their suites, without even go forthing their suites ( Carmack 2007, p. 4 ) . Following the simple easy instructions, the clients will be able to login to their official web pages, e-mail portals or corporate web and will acquire speedy entree towards online shopping, downloading music and a much more on-line service, all at free of cost.

There will be a professional cyberspace entree available for all invitees remaining at the hotel and necessitating cyberspace services. The proviso of high velocity cyberspace connexion will be a complimentary portion of invitee services and no payment will be charged at any point of position, even incase of linear cyberspace connexions, modem systems or dial up connexions that require a telephone line, because the construct of cyberspace services will be to easy link invitees with their relations, friends, co-workers and so on as may be needed by persons in a private networking system.

One Touch Service:

The proviso of one touch service in hotel room enables the invitees to bask a relaxed stay and help all the room installations on the finger tips without even go forthing the bed ( Reiber 2010, p.

98 ) . The undermentioned services will be provided and could be self accessed via a individual touch of a button:Wake-up Call: The desiring clients will be rousing precisely on clip by our front desk staff.Room Servicess: The requested repasts will be seasonably delivered to guest suites via the servers and the needed equipments or merchandises will be delivered via the porters.Concierge / Information: All the local events will be ascertained and particular information will be comprehensively provided upon petition.Laundry Services: The express service up to 3 hours will be seasonably provided or laundry services could be obtained upon petition.Care Servicess: The invitees will be furnished with unit of ammunition the clock fix and care services in order to do the clients ‘ stay convenient and comfy.Housekeeping Servicess: The invitees will be provided with covers, excess pillow or pressing board or an Fe upon petition.

Room Manners:

The sleeping room installations are one of the grounds for epicurean hotel and comfy environment that encourage invitees and visitants to come once more, acquire rank and recommend others ( Yu 1999, p.

171 ) . All sleeping rooms will be equipped with plasma-screen telecastings, queen-size mattresses 107-cm ( 42-in. ) , Egyptian cotton sheets, high-thread count and upscale bedclothes, power showers, heated bathroom mirrors andA wireless cyberspace connectivity. The sleeping room designing and operation will include leather and cherry wood coating, centralized control panel with hi-tech soft lighting, low-tension electricity, sophisticated air system, convection warming system and solar panels.

Super Breakfast:

Before go forthing any hotel, what really the client gets as the last repast of the hotel stay, is none other than the ‘breakfast ‘ ( Sehlinger, Ridge & A ; Castleman 2010, p.

181 ) . To guarantee a pleasant and sweet adieu, the invitees will be offered a ace breakfast incorporating the spectrum of nutrient points, particularly an extended counter that will be peculiarly chosen from the American, North European and the best Continental culinary arts.

Express Check Out:

Every attempt will be made to do the invitees ‘ cheque out convenient and comfy. Yet, there are some state of affairss where the invitees feel uncomfortable in going earlier, even with the proviso of enhanced Satellite Reception Desks, hence, the alternate options of express cheque out services will be offered by agencies of accepting bills by mail, electronic mail or even by accepting bills and payments at the quick choice up response desk.

Late Check Out:

The hotel will supply all the invitees with a tailored made flexible aid incase of subsequently look into out at 6pm, and will excessively endeavour to avoid any incommodiousness that is largely experienced by the invitees in this fortunes. The invitees will be provided a small long remain up to several more hours at no excess cost in order to do the invitees ‘ tardily look into out convenient, and the same will, of class, construct a positive image of client towards the hotel direction and alone client services due to an ultimate client satisfaction, particularly in demand of supportive hours.

Satellite Reception:

The all entrance and surpassing invitees will be entertained with a particular satellite response desk that will specifically run into the single invitees ‘ demands and will take every attention of invitees ‘ services by agencies of coordination with relevant hotel sections. The base of satellite response desk will be to offer an exceeding invitee services that may be relaxed, informal, efficient and individualized both in footings of cheque in and look into out continuances.

Pressing Breakfast On The Go:

Some of the invitees get no clip to hold their last repast of the twenty-four hours that is ‘breakfast ‘ due to acquiring tardily for flight goings or scheduled travelling, hence, a particular breakfast will ever be ready for those invitees that will enable them to catch, run and takeaway breakfast that will be consisted of energy bards, fresh fruits, java and tea available in disposable cups for the convenient of rapidly go throughing by invitees.

All these arranged and pressing breakfast will be available in the anteroom country on a particular tabular array so that all the invitees must hold their last but non least repast of the twenty-four hours that may do their hotel stay fantastic, gratifying and memorable.

Anne SAA©monin Bath Merchandises:

To pull most of the invitees attractively, a personal and holistic attack will be offered to invitees via beautiful Anne SAA©monin Bath Products that is specifically combined with the hint elements and natural ingredients in order to do the greasy tegument expression radiance, capturing and wholly fresh that may construct more feeling towards hotel singularity in caring about the lively wellness of remaining invitees. The merchandises will entirely available for the hotel invitees and will be offered free of cost as a portion of client attention services.

Design Concept

The construct of planing is one of the alone characteristics of a hotel industry that attracts the invitees and going visitants to book a hotel room and sight-see the astonishing designer works that are normally seen elsewhere ( Riewoldt 2006, p. 90 ) . The hotel construct refering design and layout will be worked out with rubbed off smart trappingss and fashionable milieus that will make a higher criterion for corporate meetings and occasional events. The design construct will consist of assorted distinguished stuffs and belongingss that will imagine a featured and fashionable designs with the best embodying designer work on the encircled countries of invitees ‘ events halls and conferences for carry oning the criterion concern meetings. There will besides be available a Dom Lounge that will consists of more than 1700 M2 occupied country on the top floor with dramatic scenes. The design construct of the hotel will be to boot furnished with the allotment of around 7 anterooms suited for different kinds of exhibitions, occasions and events. Furthermore, 6 maps suites within 3 degrees will be designed for meetings the particular demands of invitees incase of pressing extra invitees and sing members who may be go toing meeting, events or conferences.

A particular attractive force will besides be visualized with the presence of AquaDom that is perceived as the universe ‘s largest cylindrical fish tank, and will have the salt H2O ( up to 1 million litres ) dwelling of 2500 tropical fish that will be swimming in the record interrupting largest fish armored combat vehicle. There will besides be a beautiful glass roof with an elegant anteroom on the broad ranged land floor country ( dwelling of 1430 M2 ) in order to ease the executive concern meeting and conferences, and the same will, of class, create an emerging nexus and direct communicating between the meeting country, hotel front office service staff and hotel direction who will be able to supply each and every pressing demand of go toing invitees handily in order to do their meeting experience wonderful than expected.

Business Meeting Concept

The construct of caring concern meeting demands are a symbol of professional organic structures and organisation where the conference room and events halls are furnished with state-of-the-art engineerings installations and adept professionals who readily provide pressing support and services incase of facing uninterruptible happenings ( Goeldner & A ; Ritchie 2006, p. 174 ) . The hotel repute will be built with the aid of standardised concern meeting constructs where the invitees and incoming visitants and members will bask a professional meeting environment. The concern meeting halls and conferences will be occupied by 300 to a astonishing 13,000 invitees that will be served, handled and catered by good experient, trained and professional staff members. The chief characteristic of the concern meeting construct will be the proviso of state-of-the-art technological installations with readily entree to internet services holding high velocity and audiovisual systems.

The staff will function every invitee, visitant and member of concern meeting with a personal spirit of ‘Yes! I Can ‘ , and the same will be managed with an exceeding client attention services. With the spectrum of installations and services available throughout the concern meeting, the invitees will be more confident in coming back and scheduling all of the future meetings, conferences, events and particular occasions. A pre-determined and post-descriptive meeting directory and information will be available round the clock at the front office service desk in order to supply an accurate meeting agenda, locale and farther delay or cancellation as and when required.

Therefore, every attempt will be made by the hotel direction in doing every concern meeting successful, convenient and comfy in conformity with the hotel policy of ‘100 % Guest Satisfaction Guarantee ‘ .

Membership Concept

The rank is a wise maneuver in keeping good client relationships with bing clients and is much utile in pulling new and prospective clients ( O’Fallon & A ; Rutherford 2010, p. 155 ) . The hotel will besides supply a rank chance for regular invitees and travellers for keeping a good invitee relationship.

The rank construct will dwell of honoring points upon fall ining the ‘Gold Points plus Membership ‘ . The benefits of this rank will include: foremost, gaining gold points upon booking hotel suites, events or meetings on a regular basis or often ; secondly, deriving wagess, gift cards, gift verifiers, hard currency cards and shopping cards to bask on ; thirdly, particular earning of gold points upon booking an event or a meeting such as ( gaining 5 gold points upon booking above USD 7,000, and gaining 3 gold points upon booking up to USD 6,999 ) ; fourthly, gaining 20 gold pointsA upon remaining separately with a sensible period of clip as may be applicable under rank ; fifthly and in conclusion, outgo of gold points on ego pick footing, for illustration, functioning of java interruption up to 15 delegates in exchange for 17,000 gold points ; room particular breakfast in exchange for 18,000 gold points up to 10 delegates ; clump of fruits and juicy drinks in exchange for 40,000 gold points up to 15 delegates ; green populating meeting suites and events halls with countervailing CO2 emanations in exchange for 2,000 gold points ; specially discounted stay at any clip in exchange for 18,000 gold points ; and more epicurean awards by upgrading the bing room installations related to room services, dining price reduction, express wash and specific Television channels in exchange for 5,000 gold points.

Environmental Safety Concept

The wellness and safety of every human being is a pre-requisite in conformity with the construct of lively human existences and healthy environment ( Singh 2009, p. 348 ) . The hotel will take particular attention in esteeming the environment that is normally ignored by many hotels and the same consequences in an unhygienic environment and excessively impact the bing fresh air that is indispensable for healthy andA active life.

The hotel will peculiarly concentrate on keeping an eco-friendly environment within and outside the hotel premises in order to procure the corporate image and personal lives of citizens who may be populating and going around the hotel milieus. For illustration, the invitee suites will be equipped with low energy visible radiation bulbs up to 65 % , the timers or sensorsA linking the outdoor lighting will hold low energy power up to 55 % , the all guest suites will be headed with H2O efficient showers up to 75 % , the wastrel compactors will be used up to 70 % , and the supplies that are harmful for the environment will be avoided up to 85 % .Accreditation Concept of ‘Meeting Professionals International ‘ ( MPI )Refering the bing market competition of Birmingham country, the hotel direction and staff will professionally keep the hotel standard equivalent to an international cordial reception industry that will elate the prestigiousness of hotel construct more sagely and the same will excessively enable the hotel direction in accomplishing the accreditation of ‘Meeting Professionals International ‘ ( MPI ) that is the symbol of a professional and standard cordial reception concern around the Earth.


Therefore, the possibility, feasibleness, creativeness and constitution of a new modern-day hotel in Birmingham country will be rather successful in position of the hotel construct that will be strategically integrated with the new planning and designing in order to do the invitees ‘ stay really convenient and comfy. The hotel concepts including services, design, concern meetings, rank, environmental safety and accreditation of ‘Meeting Professionals International ‘ ( MPI ) , will guarantee the success of this new hotel construct more diligently in position of all planning and planing which is so scrupulous, pioneering and fantastic.