This is the logo and the organisation which I interested and I want to intro the planning procedure and Decision Making in this company. It is one of the celebrated company in Malaysia.Asia ‘s prima air hose was established with the dream of doing winging possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has fleetly broken travel norms around the Earth and has risen to go the universe ‘s best.

With a path web that spans through more than 20 states, AirAsia continues to pave the manner for low-priced air power through our advanced solutions, efficient procedures and a passionate attack to concern. Together with our associate companies, AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia, They are set to take low-priced winging to an all new high with our believe, ”Now Everyone Can Fly ” .Planning is one of the most of import undertaking direction and direction techniques. Planning is fixing a sequence of action stairss to accomplish some specific end. If you do it efficaciously, you can cut down much the necessary clip and attempt of accomplishing the end.

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The of import of be aftering involves like specifying organisation ends, set up schemes to accomplish ends, and develop programs to incorporate & amp ; coordinate work activities.A program is like a map. When following a program, you can ever see how much you have progressed towards your undertaking end and how far you are from your finish.

Knowing where you are is indispensable for doing good determinations on where to travel or what to make next. The most of import to guarantee that everyone is clear of what to carry through.Planning is besides important for run intoing your demands during each action measure with your clip, money, or other resources.

With careful be aftering you frequently can see if at some point you are likely to confront a job. It is much easier to set your program to avoid or smoothen a coming crisis, instead than to cover with the crisis when it comes unexpected clip. Example Air Asia plans to spread out their operations in Europe, so they consultation to the Government of French.

They has been granted set downing rights in Paris and is expecting farther inside informations from governments.The mission in Air Asia got four major point. The first point is to be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as portion of a large household. Then the 2nd point is make a globally recognized ASEAN trade name.

The 3rd point is to achieve the lowest cost so that everyone can wing with AirAsia and the last point is Maintain the highest quality merchandise, encompassing engineering to cut down cost and enhance service degrees. They had achieved the ends but the 2nd point they have n’t achieved it because in this strong competitory epoch, excessively many company like Malaysia Airlines and Tiger Airways besides want to be the globally recognized ASEAN trade name, but they will work hard to accomplish their ends.

Type of program

The first type of program is strategic programs. It is long term and use to full organisation. It besides a wide programs. This type of program is made by the top direction for the whole organisation such as CEO, COO, and other. This program is normally done for 5 old ages and above Example, Air Asia ‘ CEO planning privation to take more path in 5 old ages.The 2nd type of program is tactical programs.

It is a short term end and fundamentally concentrate on the jobs of resource allotment. This program is made by in-between degree direction such as director. It done for a period of 1-5 old ages. Example, they want to purchase more bigger aeroplane in 4 old ages.The 3rd type of program is operational program.

It is encompass peculiar operational country of the organisation. It cover short clip period. This program developed by first line director such as supervisor.

Example, their end is a day-to-day capacity of 3 million.The 4th type of program is long term program. It is plan with clip frames widening beyond 3 old ages. This program normally use to doing research or market research.The 5th type of program is short term program. It is programs that are clearly defined and no room for reading.

Example, they promotion and discount the ticket to allow more people can wing.

Planing procedure

The measure one of be aftering procedure is set aims which means set up nonsubjective and marks while taking into consideration such as mission, strategic plans/goals, environment, and handiness of resources. In Air Asia have set their aim like made their ticket monetary value more inexpensive and supply better service.They step two of be aftering procedure is analyze and measure the environment.

Once aims are established, director must analyse their current state of affairs and environment ( internal & A ; external ) to find what resources are available. Internal environment included such as natural stuff, machine/ equipments, finance, money, and other. External environment included PEST which is policies, economic, societal, engineering and rival. Air Asia analyze and measure the environment after set their aims like do study.The measure three of be aftering procedure is identify options which means list down every bit many options as possible to make the ends. Air Asia list many options like connect to other company, allow their worker learn more linguistic communication and upgrade their installation.The measure four of be aftering procedure is measure the options which means evaluate all options to find which combination of options is the most effectual and efficient to accomplish the ends. For each options, director will look at the advantages or disadvantages.

Air Asia will seek all options and place before see which is the best.The measure five of planning procedure is choice the best solution which is choice the best options that gives most advantages and fewest disadvantages.Air Asia choose the best solution is upgrade their installation so that can allow their client more comfy.

The measure six of be aftering procedure is implementing the program which means decide who will be involved determine, what resources need, how the program be evaluated and how coverage will be handled. If Air Asia want make their client more comfy, so the best away is purchase the new and bigger aeroplane.The last measure is commanding and measuring the consequence which means proctor to guarantee program is traveling harmonizing to outlooks and do necessary accommodation, if needed.Chart.png

Factors of effectual planning

There are some factors of Air Asia to do an effectual planning to allow them success.The first is fatten the organisational hierarchy to further development of be aftering accomplishments at all degree of organisation.

It can do the company more systematisation. The other is pattern MBO ( direction by aim ) -technique that emphasize coaction nonsubjective scene by directors and subsidiaries which means if CEO and other section can effectual work together and beef up their worker so the company sure will be a best company in the universe. The 3rd is encourage employees at all degrees to supply feedback and suggestions for be aftering that means the company see their employees are treated every bit. The four is develop program that are specific but flexible which means although the company made the program to accomplish end, if got some job must alter and discourse, do n’t rigid to follow the original program. The five is must get facts and information that are current and dependable to be accurate in be aftering that will be made the CEO accurate to do a good program to their company. The last is develop eventuality programs and schemes. It is the really of import effectual away that can be instantly correspondence when the company got some exigency.The job of Air AsiaIn 2008-2009, Air Asia got many job that made their company loss.

There some issue that are involved for that company whereby they are unable to accomplish their end. The first 1 is mission statement & A ; aims of organisation are non clear and precise plenty for be aftering which means the company non follow their measure to accomplish the ends, it will impact all organisation advancement, illustration Air Asia want charge the several fees if client engagement already the ticket but all of a sudden want alteration. Although it is rational but some clip some client change their ticket but no demand bear down the fees, so they non accurate and non follow the mission. The other is some directors are non experiences in planning. It is because the programs ever decide by the to direction, non by in-between direction, so if all of a sudden want director to make up one’s mind program will do some error.

Some directors have negatives believing of be aftering as they think be aftering is dearly-won, clip devouring & A ; waste of clip. Air Asia sometime will believe that programs will utilize many dearly-won and if the program no success will blow clip, so in 2008 their company did non acquire mush net income. After the terminal of 2009, Air Asia made a different determination that is alter a director and CEO. The other off is set a new aim and effectual to follow the end that is the first of import thing. Example they want response client about 100million a twenty-four hours.

Decision Making

Decision devising can be regarded as the mental procedures ensuing in the choice of a class of action among several options.

Every determination doing procedure produces a concluding pick. The end product can be an action or an sentiment of pick. It can doing a pick from two or more options. Identify jobs or chances, developing options, taking an alternate and implementing it. Decision doing besides is performed by all degree of direction in an organisation.

Type of Decision

The first type of determination is organisational determination which means made by directors within their authorization in conformity with organisational such as ends, policies, processs, and schemes.

Example, Air Asia wide area network to be a globally recognized ASEAN trade name.The 2nd type of determination is personal determination which means made based on director ‘s personal pick and penchant. Example, the Air Asia ‘s director made two program like upgrade the installation foremost or developing the worker foremost, so CEO choose the 1 he like.The 3rd type of determination is schemes determination which means trades with long term programs which is of import for growing and endurance of organisation.

Example, Air Asia need to be after a long term program to accomplish ends in this period of economic instability.The four type of determination is tactical determination which means trades with everyday and operational activities. Example manger demand to cover the operational activities such as system failure, the environment, and other.The five type of determination is programmed determination which means insistent determination that can be handled by everyday attack. It utilizing when the job being resolved straightforward, involve ends that are clear, and information about job is available and complete. Example Air Asia usage in policy, process, and regulation.The last type of determination is un-programmed determination which means alone and non-recurring or generate alone responses.

It use when the job are new and unusual and when the information is uncomplete.

Decision Making Procedure

Decision doing procedure is really of import to any companyThe measure one of determination devising procedure is placing the job. It is obstacle that males accomplishing a coveted end or purpose hard. It besides must be know that job the organisation facing and features of the job. Example Air Asia want lower menus or non.The measure two of determination devising procedure is placing determination standards which means factors that are of import to deciding the job. Example monetary value, distance, client, location, and clip.The measure three of determination devising procedure is apportioning weights to the standards.

Delegating a weight to each point places the points in the right precedence order of their importance in the determination devising procedure. Example client is the first, so is distance, monetary value, clip, and the last is location.The measure four of determination devising procedure is developing options.

Options are listed without rating that can decide the job. Manager expression for every bit many options to work out the job. Example list down their rival such as Malaysia Airlines, Tiger Airway and other.The measure five of determination devising procedure is analysing options. Analyze and measure each options and happen out their advantages or disadvantages.

Example identify advantages or disadvantages of lower menus.The measure six of determination devising procedure is choosing an options. Choose the best options and with the highest entire weight and with the most advantages & A ; fewest disadvantages. Example lower menus can do more client semen to purchase, location no far than 700km, clip about 2-3 hours.The measure seven of determination devising procedure is implementing the determination. Puting the chosen options into action. Example Air Asia choose is lower the menus.The measure eight of determination devising procedure is measuring determination effectivity which means proctor or supply feedback on how good the determination has been implemented or is at that place any accommodation and disciplinary action demand.

Example Air Asia lower menus because can do more client bargain and addition net income.

Making Environment for Effective Decision Making

The first of effectual determination devising is provide clip for determination to be made which means director should non hotfoot and be pushed to do a determination, particularly important. Negociate more clip and do good quality determination. Example when Air Asia aeroplane got some exigency job, so trough should do a clear determination to work out the job.The second of effectual determination devising is hold self assurance which means directors must hold self assurance and bravery particularly when doing hazardous. Example director must hold self assurance when make up one’s mind a high hazard program.The 3rd of effectual determination devising is encourage others to do determination which means directors should swear subsidiaries and let them to do determination.

This will acquire their committedness when they are involved. Example director must swear their worker or employee when they made some determination.The 4th of effectual determination devising is learn from past determinations which means directors should look at determination that worked and determination that did non & amp ; utilize them as a usher.

Example Air Asia need to see the determination foremost so make up one’s mind want developing their worker or non.

Making Decision to be Ineffective determination

The first point of doing determination to be uneffective determination is clip force per unit area which means non adequate clip to determination so will do error.The 2nd point of doing determination to be uneffective determination is limited sum of available information or uncomplete information.

Sometime some director buzzword non acquire uncomplete information so he will do incorrect determination.The 3rd point of doing determination to be uneffective determination is higher degrees of uncertainness in today ‘s concern environment.


After I research this company, I learn more about planning and doing determination. In my sentiment, any company must be be aftering and determination devising because if any company loss any one, will do the company non way, no achieve ends, and other.

And the last is must made client happy because client is ever right.Degree centigrades: UsersMichaelDesktopewINTIuc logo.jpgNameLim Kok HuiStudent IDI10005487PlanDBADCourse CodeMGT1101Section5SS1Lecturer ‘s NameHardjinder Kaur A/P Balbir SinghSubmission Date14/6/2010Purposes: To assist class participants consider the cardinal countries within direction.Select an organisation with which you are either interested or familiar with andcompose a 2,000 word essay on any 2 countries of the organisation within the followingcountries: Planning and Decision Making Process