Poetry 3 Essay, Research PaperSince the morning of clip, human existences have been in a changeless battle to last.

Whether you are a adult male or adult females, black or white, rich or hapless, the adversities of life have seemed to adhere us together in a really barbarous universe. Many poets write about poorness, enviousness, and the result of war which are merely a few of the many conflicts people fight everyday. Poems such as Women Work, Richard Corey, and The Sad Children s Story specify the different significances of life.Women Work, a verse form by Maya Angelou, is the narrative of the humdrum of a hapless adult females s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours being. It ne’er changes ; housekeeping, provender and dress the childs, store, cook, and work the Fieldss.

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The lone consolation, the lone salvation, is when she will go one with nature. She has no material goods to demo for her difficult work, but she has peace in the fact that the universe around her is all that is hers. She says, Shine on me, sunlight, rain on me, rain, autumn quietly, dewdrops, and cool my forehead once more. The rain and the dewdrops symbolize cryings falling on her in her concluding resting-place. She so says, Storm, blow me from here with your fiercest air current.

Let me drift across the sky, till I can rest once more. The storm represents decease and the taking off of her psyche to her celestial heritage. Fall soft snowflake, cover me with white cold icy busss and allow me rest tonight, is the image of snow falling on her grave. The last stanza is, Sun, rain, swerving sky, mountain, oceans, foliage and rock, star radiance, Moon freshness, you re all that I can name my ain.

This last subdivision sums up her beliefs that she finds comfort and ageless peace in nature. To her, decease is nature.Edwin Arlington Robinson wrote the poem Richard Cory which is a all right illustration of enviousness. What you see is non ever what you get. The verse form provinces, In all right, we thought he was everything to do us wish that we were in his topographic point. This line Tellsthe reader that Richard Cory was a good know, good respected adult male of the community, but the people were naif to believe that with wealths and power comes happiness. They wanted to be like him so bad that their battle was to try to populate the life style he was populating. So on we worked, and waited for the visible radiation and went without meat and cursed the staff of life, is a perfect illustration of the lengths people will travel to achieve what they perceive is the ideal life.

However, the last sentence provinces And Richard Cory, one composure summer dark, went place and put a slug through his caput. All is ne’er what it seems.In the verse form The Sad Children s Story, written by Grace Paley, it describes the adversities our kids s kids will hold to get the better of due to the careless actions of their seniors. It besides exemplifies the long-run effects of the desolation of war, and the attitude that prevails even today that whomever causes that desolation will non hold to reply to those who will endure from it. This house is a wreck Your documents are all over the topographic point, the chairs are covered with books, and expression, brown foliages are pilled on the floor under the mobile Jews. This stanza illustrates what happens when affairs get out of control.

For illustration, the house is a wreck due to the unmanageable consequence of war. Your face is a wreck There are lines all over your face, your cervixs like funny polo-necks. Why did you allow yourself travel? Where are you traveling without us? The face and the lines symbolize that the individual is old and aged beyond his old ages. The cervixs like funny polo-necks typify a individual concealment and ashamed of their actions. When the kids inquire why did you allow yourself travel and where are you traveling, they are truly seeking to state how can you go forth us without rectifying what you have done and why are yougo forthing us here entirely to cover with your catastrophe. The universe is a wreck there are bombs all over the topographic point there s no H2O the Fieldss are poisoned, is the ocular image of the awful result of war. Why did you leave things like this? begs an reply. The whole verse form trades with, irrespective of what happens, how does one coevals explicate what they did to the coevalss to come? What has happened is that the kids of the people who allowed the war to take topographic point, are conveying home their kids merely to happen devastation and no account.

The verse form can be summed up in the last sentence, Where can we travel said the kids, what can we state to our kids.Life is a battle. Life is non easy. The three verse forms show and define the infirmity of adult male and his environment. We strive to populate the good life, be the good individual, and do the right things, but, more frequently than non, we fail.

There are no easy, if any, replies. We go through life by populating one twenty-four hours at a clip, and hopefully we will larn from our errors.