Polar Bear Essay, Research PaperPolar BearSPECIES- Ursus Maritimus, Polar Bear, Godhead of the Arctic. Lives in an country of five million square stat mis of snow and ice.

From Siberia to Alaska and across Canada, Greenland and the Islands North of Norway, he is the maestro of all living things except adult male. It lives in the barbarous cold, ice, and snow. The temperature can immerse down often to -40 grades and sometimes even lower but that does non trouble oneself the polar bear because of its color-less tegument and bed of insularity fat.

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Its scope widening around the northern polar part.Necessities of Life The polar bear chows largely seals which he has to run. His fast one is to wait by a external respiration in the ice and when a seal comes up by that external respiration hole, he grabs it so fast it knocks it unconscious and so he eats it. Other pray is a walrus calf or a musk ox stuck in snow, birds, eggs, fish, and dead giants. And sometimes in the summer it eats berries and grass. The polar bear has no H2O to imbibe so it merely eats the tegument and blubber, avoiding the meat.

So by eating the blubber and go forthing the meat the male bear is assisting maintain his organic structure in balance with the environing environment. The bear would normally remain in a lair or bury it self in the snow to avoid the suns extremist violent beams. Normally the pregnant female polar bear corsets in the lair.Food Chain-The polar bear finds its manner on the top of its nutrient concatenation. No marauder on Earth approaches the bear in size.

The polar Bear towers over everything else in his nutrient concatenation. The lone thing that could halt him is a human with a gun.Super Amazing Facts-The polar bear is good adapted to its particular unrecorded manner. The hairs of its midst coat are hollow, giving excess insularity against the acrimonious north-polar cold. It besides has an excess bed of insulating fat under its tegument and the hairs on the polar bear are colour less, when the Sun hits them they look white. Polar bears are twice every bit large as king of beastss or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, a typical grownup male weighs half a ton and is five pess high at the shoulder. His paws are a fool broad. When he stands up directly, he can look an elephant in the oculus.

Explain- My species was endangered bad back in 1965 with no more than 5,000 left in the universe. Almost a thousand to two 1000s were killed a twelvemonth by runing. Now the universe population is approximately 25,000 to 30,000 polar bears. Hunters From 1965 to now used aeroplanes to kill the bear. It was done by utilizing two planes, one plane would set down near the bear and the other would frighten and trail the bear to the work forces on the land.

And when the bear gets at that place they shoot it and clamber it.Salvaging the Species-The polar bear can be saved by halting the people who hunt it for its tegument. Hunters kill so many of the polar bear and merely take its tegument and leave the remainder. The polar bear is non that far off from extinction, there is still a good figure of them left. Although there should be more.

The polar bear can be saved by halting the people who hunt it.