Police Brutality Essay, Research PaperPolice BrutalityThe latest indignation of constabulary ferociousness occurred on August 9 at the 70th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. At least two uniformed constabularies officers tortured a Haitian immigrant named Abner Louima by driving the wooden grip of a lavatory speculator into his rectum and puncturing his little bowel. They so placed the foul speculator in his oral cavity. During the onslaught the bull called Mr.

Louima & # 8220 ; a nigga & # 8221 ; and threatened to kill him if he reported the incident.Most people are cognizant of the recent addition in police ferociousness and slaying either from personal experience or from those instances that make the intelligence. These instances are reported by the media as single incidents and are explained as the actions of & # 8220 ; a few bad cops.

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& # 8221 ; But this generalisation fails to detect the nation-wide addition in police ferociousness and the fact that really few bulls are really prosecuted for their offenses. This addition in police force is a portion of a toughened condemnable justness system which includes the war on drugs, the edifice of new prisons, and the move toward quicker executingsWe live in a society that is being torn apart by universe economic sciences which is doing the United States to level public assistance and make a run that blames poorness on the hapless. They declare a war on immigrants claiming that immigrants steal & # 8220 ; our & # 8221 ; occupations.

Peoples of colour become carmatic suspects to be feared by all “good” Americans. The constabulary are stereotyped as hatchet mans of this docket. It is apprehensible that the force per unit areas on a constabulary officer are really great, but that still does non warrant the improper actions and sentiments of some officers towards minorities.Police ferociousness has ever been a job but in the past few old ages at that place has been a dramatic rise in constabulary slayings and brutalisation of citizens. Police ferociousness is non limited to big metropoliss, it is a national job. But police ferociousness is non the consequence of the actions of a few knave bulls as is normally portrayed.

If police ferociousness were the consequence of a few bad bulls who were seen as disloyal to their constabularies ethic, the wrongdoers would be prosecuted or at least removed from the constabulary force. So far, of the tonss of documented constabulary slayings in New York City since 1977, merely one officer has been convicted of homicide. District Attorneys seem to look the other manner and seldom prosecute constabularies even if the constabulary section finds them guilty of assault.Most victims of constabulary ferociousness are hapless and people of colour. These are the same people who are most affected by the retrenchment of the public assistance province.

The belief that these people who commit offenses are animate beings and incapable of rehabilitation, and the fact that the territory lawyers will non prosecute the constabulary for this fundamentally promotes all of this constabulary ferociousness.