, Research PaperPolice Report of the Munich Putsch 8th November1923, Otto von Lossow ( commanding officer of the Reichswehr ) and State CommissionerGustav von Kahr were turn toing a meeting of 2,000 rightist protagonists in theMunich beer-hall. A adult male named Adolf Hitler, a pro-active rightist leader,burst into the hall with armed storm cavalrymans and declared a nationalrevolution. Hitler, gun in manus, forces the State Commissioner and the ArmyCommander, Lossow, into a side room of the beer-hall. Hitler coheres? bothLossow and Kahr to province their support for a March on Berlin to enforce a newauthorities, with General Ludendorff as the new Commander-in-Chief.

During thesenegotiations 1000s of storm cavalrymans were terrorizing other members of theBavarian authorities and doing complete pandemonium, but the storm cavalrymans failureto derive control of the ground forces barracks and because of the cunctation of therevolutionists control and order were restored. 9th November1923, President Ebert declares a national province of exigency. General Seecktorders Lossow to oppress the rebellion. Lossow and Kahr shortly announce a proclomationdenouncing the coup d’etat. Adolf Hitler was said to be really upset by the proclamationof Lossow and Kahr? s announcement and becomes really dying about transporting onwith the rebellion. General Ludendorff persuades Hitler to transport on and at noon 2,000-armedNazi storm cavalrymans march into a military base in Munich. Our armed constabularyunits and the Bavarian ground forces run into them at the military base. The first shootingswere fired by the Nazi military personnels.

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14 Nazi military personnels were killed in the rebellion, GeneralLudendorff marched up to the constabulary units and was arrested, and Hitler fled thescene and was found and arrested on the 11th November. As a consequenceof the Putsch General Seeckt bans the Nazi party. The purposes of the Putsch wasto basically take over Germany and replace the bing authorities with a new? provisional? travelvernment dwelling of people such as General Ludendorff andHitler. Posters were posted around the metropolis stating the people about the freshlydevised probationary authorities even before anyone had really agreed toparticipate in this rebel authorities.

Another ground for this rebellion by theright flying groups of Germany was the intuition that the Communist parties werebesides traveling to revolt and the right wing groups needed to acquire at that place foremost, whichis why the revolution was so ill planed. The Munich Putsch failed fora figure of grounds many members of the public thought it was a gag andsomething that wasn? T to be taken earnestly one bystander called it a? AmusingOpera? . A major turning point was the abjuration of support for the Putsch byLossow and Kahr, this stemmed many other jobs for the leaders of the Putschit was even said that Hitler had a nervous interruption down when Kahr and Lossow renouncedtheir support for the cause. The Putsch was besides non planed decently there wasa haste to crush the Communists and the program had non been thought throughdecently which hindered the whole rebellion.

The governments were good informedand took particular steps to do certain that the Nazis had no arms and thatground forces officers stayed loyal to the authorities. Lossow? s subordinates in the ground forceshad refused to assist the Nazis and so it would be impossible for Lossow to holdhad the support of the ground forces when steps were taken to maintain ground forces membersloyal. The grade of menace thatthe Nazi party perpetuated was minimum, they hadn? t the support nor the powerto command a full blown revolution. The governments were good prepared for themand merely 14 people were killed, Hitler? s followings were in little Numberss, withmerely about 50,000 members. General Seeckt has now banned the party and thereforcut downing the hazard of any other rebellion. Hitler has been jailed for his offensesand the party should disband with out his leading.