Policies Essay, Research PaperSocialSabah Al-Hayr will hold demands on adolescent instruction. Every original Sabah Al-Hayrian citizen will be required to graduate from high school. Public instructions will be provided for any adolescents up to the age of 18. Any citizen that does non graduate high school at the age of 18, so they will be required to pay for their high school instruction until they graduate. After high school, public colleges and scholarships will be offered to pupils who would wish to go on their instruction. This method will assist promote striplings to complete their instruction while they are immature.

This method is most likely to work because the demand might do the pupils think I need to complete high school anyways, I should complete it now alternatively of stay longer and pay for it. Besides, if the state is able to graduate high school, so they will hold a better opportunity of populating entirely in the society.PoliticalExecutive:The Executive Branch will be made up with a president. He is so traveling to subscribe if a jurisprudence is traveling to be passed or non. The president will hold a term bound of two old ages. After each two old ages, the president can be reelected with no bounds.

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This manner would be good because if the adult male being president is making a good occupation so he should hold the ability to be reelected without any bounds.Judicial:The Judicial Branch will be made up with the Supreme Court Judge. The justice is the 1 who interpret the Torahs. The 1 who makes the jurisprudence operate right. The justice will hold no term bounds. The justice will be a justice until he has retired.

The justice can lose their term if he is asked to step down by the vote of the National Assembly.Legislative:The Legislative Branch will hold the National Assembly in power. The National Assembly will hold 85 members. Having the ballots of 27 three-seat prefectures and one four place capital will be elected as one of the members.

The National Assembly will be the 1s who create the Torahs for the better society. The term bound for each member is three old ages. The member can be reelected with no bounds.

EconomicSabah Al-Hayr will be holding lower involvement rate. The sum of involvement depends on how much money is owed or borrowed. The more money borrowed the lower involvement rate you will acquire. For illustration, a adult male borrows money to purchase a auto and another adult male borrows money topurchase a house. The adult male with auto borrows fifty thousand dollars, and his involvement rate is about one and seven hundredths per centum. The adult male with the house borrows one hundred thousand dollars and he gets the involvement rate of eight-hundredths per centum. This method of involvement rates will assist people who need a shelter, car, and people who want to get down concerns, or expand their concerns.MilitaryThe Sabah Al-Hayr military will dwell of three chief subdivisions.

The first subdivision is the ground forces for the land force. The 2nd subdivision is the naval forces for the protection of the state s coastline. The 3rd subdivision is the air force for all the aerial onslaughts. Our military size is dependent on our peace in the state.

If the state is peaceable, so the armed forces is non required to be immense to contend for more land, but plenty to be protected. If any defect starts to come in the state, so the armed forces will hold to enroll for more work forces or adult females. The ends in my state from the armed forces is merely to maintain the state peaceful and pleasant. This is my end because I do non desire to hold any struggles with other states. It will interrupt the manner my state is running.

PoliticalSabah Al-Hayr will be an expansionist state. The state will seek to acquire along with its neighbour. Sabah Al-Hayr will subscribe pacts with other states.

The state will seek to acquire in contact with other states that are thought to be worthy of being friends with. It is of import to spread out with other states because if the each of us needs aid, we can collaborate and assist each other.EconomicSabah Al-Hayr will hold trade dealingss with other states because we would desire other states imports. The state will set protective duties on their points though. Sabah Al-Hayr is making this so points sold by the Sabah Al-Hayrnian people would acquire a better opportunity of acquiring their merchandises sold before the imports does. The imports would non sell as fast because most people will wish the Sabah Al-Hayr made merchandise more than anything else ; the import is the same merchandise. Besides, Sabah Al-Hayr will do money off the revenue enhancement and utilize it to do their state better.

1. The name of my state is Sabah Al-Hayr.2. The Land of All Colors is my state s slogans.The Sabah Al-Hayr national animate being is the African Elephant.The flag is the Sabah Al-Hayr Flag.

3. The currency that my state uses is the South African Rand.