Polish Immigrant Essay, Research Paper?? Many people have tried to make what Meriwether Lewis has done, but have failed.

? Lewiswas born Augest 18, 1774. ? His household had a history of Hipochondria ( depression ) . ? As a male child hismale parent died and he inherited a 2,000 acre plantation, 520 lbs in hard currency, 24 slaves, and 147gallons of whiskey. ? By the clip he became a adolescent Lewis had become an alcoholic. ? As hebecame older he joined the ground forces and helped set down the whisky rebelloin. ? The whiskyrebellion started because the govornment put a revenue enhancement on whisky, and many of the backwoodsmancouldnt wage it.?On Febuary 23, 1801 Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to be his secretary.

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? Theoccupation paid $ 500 a twelvemonth. This was much less than he made at the plantation but he still accepted. ? AsThomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis became friends Thomas Jefferson taught MeriwetherLewis to read. ? Thomas Jefferson wanted to research America so he asked Lewis to take anexpidition to the Pacific seashore and back.

? He agreed but he knew it would be long and difficult andthat they would necessitate many supplies. ? Meriwether bought 15 Pennsylvania Rifles, colapsableboat, tackle, lead, ink pulverization, 30 steels, mosquito gauze, and oilskin bags. ? He besides boughtmany nowadayss for the Indians: 5 lbs white glass beads, 20 lbs ruddy assorted beads, 144scissors, 288 brass thimbles, many bluish beads, silk, pigment, scarlet, and 288 knives.??On July 5, 1803 Lewis set out for Pittsburgh. ? Upon geting at Pittsburgh they discoverthe colapsable boat is non even near to being done.

? So they cant leave for the Pacific seashore yet.On August 31, 7:00 A.M. the last nail was driven into the boat. ? But by that clip the river was ata record low.

? On September 1st they left Pittsburgh and went Down the Ohio river. ? In sometopographic points the river was merely 6 inches deep. ? There were a batch of mosquitoes and fog on the mannerdown the river. ? In late October George Rogers Clark Accepted his invitation to travel along on theexpidition.

? The ocean trip picked him up at Clarksville.??On November 13 the expidition set out for garrison Mastic, on the Mississippi river. ? FromNovember 20, 1803-March 1804 the expidition stayed the winter in St. Louis. ? There they boughtmaize, flour, biscuits, salt, porc, lard, and Indian goods from local traders. ? On May 2nd theystarted their manner up the Missouri.

? At the terminal of July they had made it 640 stat mis up the river.??The expidition Met their first Indians, the Ottoes, on August 2. ? Soon after theirconfrontation they held a council on Council Bluff. ? The expidition continued on its manner andshortly met the Sioux. ? A dissension came approximately between the two parties because the Siouxwanted a canoe burden of gifts.

? This about started a battle but the Sioux eventually let the expiditioncontinue.??The Arikaras met the expidition on October 18. ? The expidition was really generous to theAricaras with gifts. ?Here Fort Mandan was built so the expidition could remain the winter. ? Theblacksmiths proved to be really valuable because they made conflict axes and sold them to theAmerican indians for corn. ? During the stay at Fort Mandan the expidition would be at that place from Dec 21,1804-April 7, 1805.

? On April 7 the expidition continued their journey on the Missouri.??The expidition came to the junction of the Marias and the Missouri river on June 3. ? Thecaptains were non certain which river was the Missouri. ? The party split up and explored a portion ofeach river. ? On June 16 they met back at the junction.

They decided the south fork was theMissouri. ? They started to construct the colapsable boat but they didnt have any pitch, so they madea sealant out of beeswax and charcoal. ? When they put it in the H2O it leaked so severely theydecided non to utilize it.

? Alternatively they made some canoes out of cottonwood trees. ? They started upthe Missouri once more on June 16.??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? They made it to the three forks of the Missouri on July 27.

? At that clip Clark had beentaking some work forces up in front of the remainder of the party. ? Clark decided to travel up the left fork, but nonbefore go forthing Lewis a message to travel up the right fork. ? Before Lewis got a opportunity to travel up theright fork Clark had come back down the river and met Lewis because he had become ill. ? Asshortly as Clark became good plenty Lewis went up the Jefferson River and Clark went up theWisdom river.

? They met back at the forks after 2 days. ? Private Shannon had been sent up theWisdom river to run but had non returned. ? The whole party went up the river to happen him. ? OnAugust 9 Shannon was found. ? They saw an Indian on August 11 but he ran away. ? On August 13they met 2 Indian adult female and an Indian adult male from a folk of Shoshones.

? They met the head andbecame friends. ? Sacagaweans, the translator, household was portion of the Indian tribe. ? This islikely the ground the Indians decided to steer the Americans over the Rocky Mountains.Many Equus caballuss were purchased from the Shoshonas.

??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? When the expidition got over the Rocky Mountains they met the Nez Pierce on September10, 1805. ? Their head, Twisted Hair, sold roots to the expidition. ? The expidition Startedfalling down the Columbia River October 7. ? On the manner down they met the Chinooks andfound out they were thieves. ? When they got to the seashore they met the Clatsop Indians and tradedwith them. ? Here they built Fort Clatsop.

? On March 23 the expidition left Fort Clatsop andstarted back up the Columbia River. ? On the manner place they met the Nez Pierce once more at the terminalof April. ? They crossed the Lolo Trail From June 10, 1806-July 2, 1806. ? The captains decided toexplore the Marias from July 3-July 28. ? During the geographic expedition of the Marias their was a strugglebetween the Blackfeet and the party and a few Indians died. ? On September 23 the party eventuallymade it back to the president.

? And that concludes my book study on the book UndauntedCourage.?