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From the war-worn barrens of Europe to the alien Cairo, The English Patient, is a reader & # 8217 ; s delectation. This fresh set in the dusky phases of the Second World War was created by Michael Ondaatje. Amongst Caravaggio, Hanna, Almasy and other minor characters, Kip is the merely colored character in the dramatis personae. Almasy, is the ill patient while Hana nurses him. Caravaggio is a stealer who used to work for the Allies while Kip forages through the war lacerate parts of Europe, disabling undischarged bombs. The narrative revolves around a few persons and reflects upon the metabolism of their lives, brought about by the war. However, while the narrative vitally revolves around Almasy and the destiny of his love in face of the war, Ondaatje, an East Asian, glorifies Kip ( an East Indian ) , as the ideal male while chastising the Caucasic race.

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Born in a household of tradition and values, Kirpal was the 2nd kid. The household imposts dictated the first boy to fall in the ground forces, while the 2nd would go a physician and the 3rd, a man of affairs ( Ondaatje,1992 ) .

& # 8220 ; He was the 2nd boy. The oldest boy would travel into the ground forces, the following brother would be a physician, a brother after that would go a man of affairs. An old tradition in his household & # 8221 ;

( Ondaatje, 1992, # 201 )

The tradition nevertheless, was transgressed due to conflicting leanings of the eldest brother who chose to defy the autochthonal British regulation instead than contend on their side. In visible radiation of the ensuing imprisonment of his brother, Kirpal chose to make full the nothingness by enlisting in the ground forces. Following his hitch, Kip chose to fall in the bomb-squad whose responsibilities were to invalidate the undischarged jeopardies and extinguish dumbbell traps, therefore salvaging guiltless lives. Fully cognizant of the fact that the field of bomb disposal was in its babyhood, and that the mean life anticipation of bomb experts was pegged at 10 hebdomads, he still proffered himself for the cause. While the physician & # 8217 ; s responsibilities are to mend the ill and prevent the loss of lives ; Kip so became the physician in the position of the fact that he was so rejuvenating the stricken land and salvaging guiltless civilians from traumatic disfigurements and decease. Kip, hence, fulfilled the traditions of his household, foremost by enlisting in the ground forces and so by forestalling the loss of lives, in making so displayed the qualities of contemplation and dauntlessness.

While the Germans brazenly acknowledged their end of racial cleaning and annihilated guiltless people of Judaic beginnings, the Allies asserted clip and once more that they were contending to hinder racial cleaning and salvaging guiltless lives. The bombardment of Hiroshima and

Nagasaki, nevertheless, aligned the motivations of the Allies with that of the Nazi.

& # 8220 ; One bomb. Then another. Hiroshima. Nagasaki & # 8221 ;

( Ondaatje, 1992, page # 284 )

Admiting that the Allies could hold warranted the bombardment of Hiroshima, Nagasaki was an extremely undue and cold act, bing 1000s of guiltless Nipponese the ultimate monetary value. One could besides consider on the fact that the Allies would desisted from bombing Europe since it was chiefly inhabited by Caucasians. This signifier of premeditated manslaughter caused Kip to reconsider his commitment since it opposed everything that he was contending for. In acute mental convulsion, Kip considered killing the English Patient to lenify his torment, nevertheless, he let him exist. The momentousness of this act is that he simply degraded the white adult male instead than killing him, in making so turn outing to the Caucasians as to who is the better race while attesting the qualities of forgiveness and temperateness.

Following the bombardment, Kip repudiated his commitment to the Alliess and returned back to his fatherland. He becomes a physician back place and leads a comfortable and contented being amongst his frolicing married woman and his two scions.

& # 8220 ; He is a physician, has two kids and a riant married woman. He is for good busy in this metropolis & # 8221 ;

( Ondaatje, 1992, page # 299 )

Hana, on the other manus, still muses about Kip, longs for him and craves for his company. While Kip knows where he belongs, Hana wants to be belonged.

& # 8221 ; Even at this age, thirty-four, she has still non found her ain company she wanted. & # 8221 ;

( Ondaatje, 1992, page # 301 )

The intension of this fact is that Kip is shown to be an built-in adult male, true to his sensitivity and his rules while still Hanna wanders around, seeking.

The preponderantly quiescent character of Kip does non play a important function in this novel, yet his qualities are that of the supporter. On synthesising the qualities displayed by Kip, one would happen that Ondaatje has contrived the & # 8216 ; ideal & # 8217 ; male in his character: thoughtful, brave, caring, true to his ethical motives, forgiving and self-disciplined. A preponderance of his qualities become obvious in fortunes where white characters are affected in a powerful mode. In many a state of affairs, Kip emerges the master, be it at spreading bombs, capturing adult females, or in emotional conflicts, while white characters are left feeling remorseful ( in Almasy & # 8217 ; s instance ) or hankering for him ( in Hana & # 8217 ; s instance ) . This is clearly the manifestation of Ondaatje & # 8217 ; s strength of strong beliefs in his beginnings, and in a really sharp yet powerful mode.