Politicss Essay, Research PaperInaugural reference of President George W.

BushDuring this class, we have learned many things. Amidst the things that we have learned is the American Creed which include autonomy, self authorities, equality, individuality, diverseness and integrity. All these things are the nucleus value system for the people that inhabit the United States and they are the things this state was based on. So its possible that when George W. Bush sat down with his staff to compose his inaugural reference, he went back to this American Creed and decided to utilize many of the points of it in his address.Towards the beginning of address, he talks about freedom or autonomy, The narrative of a slave-holding society that became a retainer of freedom that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a opportunity, that no undistinguished individual was of all time born President Bush tries to put a town that America has come a long manner from what was but that it shouldn t halt at that place. That it should maintain on protecting those that cant protect themselves.He besides goes on to propose that the state should acquire off from the partiality and dressed ore on the good of the society alternatively of quibbling over issue.

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And sometimes our differences run so deep, it seems we portion a continent, but non a state.Another nucleus of the value system that is mentioned is individuality. America, at its best, is a topographic point where personal duty is valued and expected Encouraging duty is non a hunt for whipping boies, it is a call to scruples He is reasonably much stating that the people should non entirely relay on the authorities to give them stuff but to besides fend for themselves.

ThaT is the foundation of this society, for people to travel out and make private endeavor.Something that can be noted in his address was the fact that he made many mentions to God or the bible. A batch of things have been said that the church and the province should be kept separate because it might do a struggle of involvement. But wasn T this state founded on the bases of faith, the work forces that created this state were extremely devoted spiritual work forces.

Another President Bush does in his reference was talk about the things he plans to make while in office. Although this was non the topographic point nor the clip to acquire into specific inside informations about the programs that has while in office ( the same plans that he had been runing for for about a twelvemonth ) , he did nuance but them in at that place. We will reform Social Security and Medicare, saving our kids from battles we have the power to forestall. We will cut down revenue enhancements, to retrieve the impulse of our economic system and honor the attempt and endeavor of working AmericansIn my sentiment, the first of anything is ever the most of import.

It s a manner to acquire people attending and the manner to do a good first feeling. President Bush s inaugural reference tried to repair whatever fencings might hold been broken between the two major political parties while stating that American was traveling to endeavor to do this a better topographic point. I think that he conducted the address really good and that he merely needed to be giving a opportunity. I think people he said what Americans like to hear, that their state was great and that their people were great and that made them experience better and might hold won some people over that were disgusted with the whole electoral orgy.