Poor Boys Blimp Essay, Research PaperPoor Boys BlimpThere one time was a small male child that grew up in the Brooklyn undertakings. He washighly hapless. Some how he managed to hold some of the better things of life like atreadmill and an disused computing machine from the 80? s. His life long dream was to have a $ 650Lead Zeppelin remote controlled Colonel Blimp. He asked his parents every twelvemonth for six old ages ifhe could hold it and every clip they would state no they couldn? T afford it. So on the male childs14th birthday he went and applied for a occupation at the local Nathaniel? s.

After speaking tothe director Steve and acquiring the occupation he ran place and told his parents that he started theoccupation tomorrow. The following twenty-four hours the when he got to work he looked about and noticed Stevewas gone. He asked another worker where Steve was.

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The worker responded he was firedfor being excessively stupid. The male child laughed and returned back to work. After hebdomads of difficultwork he eventually made $ 600 of the $ 650 he needed for the Colonel Blimp.

On his manner place onetwenty-four hours he noticed a new shop. He read the shops name? Iraqi Pete Discount Pu andtheoretical accounts? . So merely being human he walked in to look around. The minute he walked in he wassurrounded be a green freshness that was so bright it would set a chopper? s searchlights toshame.

After his eyes adjusted to the freshness he saw the storeowner eating Ananas comosuss andwatching Television in black and white. The proprietor of the shop heard the door shut and went tothe male child and said hullo. The male child being polite said hullo every bit good. The proprietor asked if therewas a certain point he was looking for. The male child asked if he had a Led Zeppelin remotecontrol Colonel Blimp. The adult male said yes we do right at that place in the corner. So the male child thanked himand walked to the corner and his eyes lit up brightEr than the radiation from thePu. It was the Colonel Blimp for $ 600 tax-exempt.

The male child asked if the Colonel Blimp was truly $ 600the proprietor said yes why wouldn? t it be. The male child grabbed it, bought it, and left the shop.Quickly he ran place and saw his male parent. Daddy, dada he said look what I bought. Thefather yelled shut up. I merely worked dual clip ternary clip at the infirmary I need javaand slumber. Not affected by his male parent? s modus operandi shouting the male child went to his 5th narrativewindow and read the waies and so started the Colonel Blimp.

The sound of the engine thrilled the male child.Now the clip had come for the first flight the male child flew it out the window and outsidewhere everyone could see it. He was holding the clip of his life until it happened. TheColonel Blimp for no evident ground went putt, putt and started on its first and last decent.Crashing into the courtyard in a loud fire muss the male child about passed out.

He randown the stepss fast to see how bad the harm was. It was totaled the Colonel Blimp would ne’erfly once more. He started to shout when he noticed something he didn? T odor gas.

He dipped hisfinger in the gas armored combat vehicle and tasted it. It was watered down desil he was swindled by Pete.Angry, sad and confused he ran back to the shop he walked in shriek and weeping.Then all of a sudden he noticed something at that place where 10 INS agents in Pete? s shop. Hebesides saw Pete in handlocks. One of the agents saw him and rapidly took him out of theshop and drove him place.

When he got home the male child walked easy up the stepss like alifeless living dead. When he eventually got back to his flat he sat in forepart of the windowand watched the birds believing to himself why couldn? T I have merely waited.The lesson of the narrative is if it seems to good to be true it likely is.