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, Research PaperPoor ol JakeLove in LA a narrative by Dagoberto Gilb, provides a glance of a immature adult males superficial position of what is of import in life.

Jake the immature adult male in the narrative, is so caught up in his dreams, he ne’er takes the clip to happen out what is of import in his life. His position of the universe is really superficial. For illustration, when he is involved in an car accident he is more concerned about lead oning a miss than being a responsible grownup.

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Jake besides wants the material things in life but wasn T willing to work to acquire them. Jake s state of affairs is farther complicated when his demand to affect people, consequences in prevarications and fraudulence.While woolgathering about fancy autos, FM wirelesss, sail control, laid-back talkers and his certainty that he did non desire to be involved in life s day-to-day swot, his head wanders from world and he causes a auto accident. Jake has no purpose of being honest with the adult female involved in the accident. His purpose is to deflect her from acquiring of import insurance information so that he doesn t acquire caught. When she asks to see his driver s license his response is, One small job, he said. I didn t conveying it. I merely forgot it this forenoon.

I m a instrumentalist, he exaggerated greatly, and, good, I dunno, I left my billfold in my bloomerss I was have oning last dark. If you have some paper and a pen I will give you my reference and all that. Jake knows in front of clip that he will give her a false name, reference and telephone figure. As Jake sits in his auto, he must fight with his assorted feelings, about whether or non he was more happy or sad about what merely occurred.Jake s desire in life to hold the material things is complicated by the fact that he is non willing to work for them. Jake had no job of believing about sexy adult females in tequila ads or fancy aromas but struggled greatly with the world of how to get these material things. The job for Jake is that he would hold to change his whole life style in order for these things to go on. As Jake sits stuck in traffic he inquiries how his life would be better if he maintained a steady occupation.

He didn t truly mind because he knew how much worse it could be seeking to do a left onto the onramp. He surely didn Ts do that everyday of his life, and he d assure anyone who d ask that he ne’er would either. A steady business had its advantages and he couldn t deny believing about that excessively.

The quotation mark illustrates, how Jake was stuck. He knows the reply to his jobs is work but he can t commit to the duties of holding a day-to-day occupation. When faced with this world he retreats into his reverie instead than making the work.

While Jake is seeking to calculate a manner out of his job he begins to detect his attractive force to Mariana. He realizes that if he continues to lie that he will ne’er acquire the opportunity to acquire to cognize her and this makes him experience uneasy. When Jake gave Mariana the sham phone figure he told her that he was an histrion excessively.

Jake hoped this would heighten the prevarication even more. So how about your phone figure? He was bouncing maturely. She gave it to him.

Mariana you are beautiful he said in his most sincere voice. Name me she said shyly. Jake beamed. Well see you Mariana he said while keeping out his manus.

Her manus felt so warm and soft he felt like he had been kissed. Back in his auto he took a minute or two to experience both proud and sad at his public presentation. Jake was successful in lead oning Marianna but in lead oning her he lost any opportunity of them holding a relationship.Jake s ethical motives and moralss are really deformed. His reverie has helped him to avoid covering with the serious jobs he has encountered in this narrative.

Jake is more sad and concerned about non holding a illusion auto than interrupting the jurisprudence and dumping an expensive fix measure on an guiltless adult female. His compulsion with material goods is a go oning obstruction in his journey to accomplish his ends.