Pope John Paul has made a big impact in today’s world and throughout the course of history. Impacts have been made by his contributions and his major movements throughout the world. He has also led tremendous amounts of people on the right path and has been a great role model.

I strongly believe Pope John Paul II should be in the History Hall of Fame because he has made a big difference in history, he has assisted many people in his lifetime, and he has started many powerful movements and events.Pope John Paul II was born May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, Poland. When he was born he was given the name Karol Jozef Wojtyla. In his early ages Karol was very interested in the art of literature. He wanted to pursue a career in it, but his mother wanted him to become a priest. One day his hometown was invaded by a German Nazi Army. His parents then died and he felt alone.

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In Pope John Paul’s later life he listened to God after the invasion, and took on the calling to become a priest. He became a priest in 1946 and took on his vocation farther by becoming the bishop of Ombi in 1958. Going even farther in his priesthood he then became the archbishop of Krakow in 1964, and then becoming a cardinal in 1967. Karol then chose the name Pope John Paul II when he became pope in 1978.Although there were many great things in Pope John’s life he also faced challenges. He faced a tremendous challenge when he was young when his country has invaded by the German Nazi Army.

Therefore it caused him and his family were all driven out of their hometown. Another challenge he faced was when he was shot in “St. Peter’s Square.” While being pope he was shot in the shoulder, arm, and stomach, but thankfully and by the grace of God he survived. He then continued on and eleven months later went to the prison and forgave the man who shot him.

Pope John Paul II also had many contributions. While working as the Pope he canonized more saints than all of the other Popes in the past one thousand years. He also traveled a lot evangelizing people and bringing them together to solve world peace. While traveling the world he changed the fight against communism from only a small group of people to millions of people. Another contribution he made around the world was that he helped certain countries/ people fight against dictatorship. Pope John Paul II also did a great role in helping people escape poverty.

Pope John Paul II’s Religious ideals were mainly based off of the Catholic faith. He was born in a Catholic family and was a very strong believer. He also “looked to developing countries in church leadership. Pope John Paul also had many views on politics. He dealt with issues facing women’s rights and he also strongly disagreed with communism.

Pope John Paul II was also very big on charity work. He spent plenty of time being involved in helping those in need of finding jobs, and wealth. He was also involved in many charities dealing with more poverty. Culture was also another idea that he affected. John Paul created enormous movements to move toward world peace.

He also made a powerful and moving event known as “World Youth Day.”