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I want to speak about the thing that strives many teens have to be popular in schools.

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It seems as though that popularity is a chief issue to teens. The demand to experience accepted by others in order to be the centre of attending, and the demand to be distinguished greatly from everyone else is a strong force that exposes itself to about all teens at school. We spend most of our old ages at school, and get down well-known can about look to finish an emptyness that we feel.

Popularity may non ever in fact be every bit fulfilling as it may look. I do hold that we all have the demand to experience wanted yet when is adequate, plenty? Personally, I? ve seen many state of affairss when the lift of popularity brought upon many other issues. Popular pupils usally have to make a certain personality that is diverse from their ain, and they must ever hold that peculiar personality all the clip to maintain up their prevailing focal point from others. This can be normally seen as the popular athletic squad captain or the optimistic cheerleader. During the procedure in going more recognized, some end up aching others for their ain agencies of making that point.

I remember a clip a few old ages back when I had a group of reasonably close friends. We would ever hang out with eachother and we would expect the twenty-four hours at which we were to come in high school together. When we eventually reached high school, there where now a whole new group of people that were older than I. I still had my group of friends, but bit by bit I started to lose one of them. My friend was traveling against my other classmate, and before I knew it I was hurtling the same abuses as they were. It was all portion of a procedure ; a procedure, I thought, Washington

s traveling to do me popular. I thought that if I could do person expression lower than I was, I would derive assurance and go more popular.

As it turned out it was non the instance. I had lost a good friend, all for a selfish ground to acquire a good reputaion at school. In the terminal I ended up merely aching myself. I couldn? T carry the luggage I had, cognizing I had hurt person who was near to me.

There shouldn? T be a demand to go popular, there may be a few benefits, but it ne’er lasts for long. I find that the many? unpopular? pupils in schools feel really content with how they are because they know that people are interested in them for who they truly are, and they don? Ts have to set on a? face? for anyone. It is better to hold person who likes you for who you are so traveling about feigning to be something you aren? T.

The undertaking to going popular should non be an act of the bogus fun-loving cheerleader or the strong jock. It reminds me of mounting a immature, thin tree. The manner up can look easy, yet at some points a subdivision can interrupt. Once you get to the top there is no where else to travel but down. The journey down the tree is harder since the subdivisions you one time had to tilt on ; you had broke on the manner up. Now, there? s nil left to make but leap down with hazards of aching yourself.

One should go popular for who they are, and what they represent. Bing yourself can be the lone freedom you have to accomplishing true popularity. It dosen? T involve being good known, or good looking, or amusing. Rather it includes holding faith in who you are, those that realise merely how great you are, are the lone people that affair. One dosen? Ts have to be the centre of attending to be the centre of few people? s Black Marias.