Population Essay, Research PaperPopulationThroughout history, the idea of overpopulation has ever concerned scientists. There have been rather a few theories about what would go on to the universe if the population were to turn to a size interrupting Earth s transporting capacity. Of these theories, the two most likely are the Malthusian Theory and the Demographic Transition Theory.Thomas Malthus, an English reverend, wrote an essay in 1798, which is the footing of the Malthusian Theory. Malthus wrote that the rate of population growing additions at a geometric rate: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & # 8230 ; while the Earth s apparently infinite supply of nutrient is truly rather finite, increasing at an arithmetic rate: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 He believed that as our supply of nutrient decreased, civilization and Torahs would fall. Famine, decease and war would predominate. Two things that will impact these events are positive cheques and preventative cheques. Positive cheques such as war, dearth and disease have an immediate consequence in cut downing the size of the population.

On the other manus, preventative cheques such as late matrimony, abstention, and selflessness halt or decelerate positive cheques. The job with this theory is that Malthus did non take into consideration the impact that civilization has on the population. He besides lacked the engineering and statistics that are available today. Another theory that has late developed is the Demographic Transition Theory.This theory holds that there are three phases of population.

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Two of them havvitamin E zero population growing ( ZPG ) . The first phase is the Traditional Phase in which they are a high decease rate which cancels out a high birth rate, ensuing in ZPG. The 2nd is the Transitional Stage in which there is a high birth rate and a low decease rate, ensuing in a growing in the population. This is a consequence of better engineering. Finally, there is the Stable Population Stage, which the U.S.

is in presently. In this phase, there is non a high demand for a big atomic household because no 1 farms any longer and holding many kids is no longer necessary. This consequences in a low birth rate bing the low decease rate of the Transitional Stage. Consequently, this phase has ZPG.It is possible that the Malthusian Theory can bind into the Transitional Stage of the Demographic Transition Theory, the consequence being either the Traditional or Stable Population Stage.The Malthusian Theory is a really pessimistic manner to see the issue of population. If you dissect the name Malthus you see mal, which is Latin for bad, and a equivalent word for therefore is a consequence. ( Possibly Malthus was preordained to be a pessimist ) .

In the Malthusian Theory the lower category population will finally decease off, ensuing in smaller population. This will salvage the human race. This would be a authoritative instance of endurance of the fittest. In the Demographic Transition Theory, the civilizations in the Traditional and Transitional Stages will hold to accommodate to ensue in the Stable Population Stage or everyone will finally decease from overpopulation.