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Porche Or Pony Essay, Research Paper

Will that be a Porsche or a Pony?

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by Scott Carpenter

Possibly I & # 8217 ; m acquiring misanthropic in my old age but it seems to me that the primary difference between most political political orientations, chiefly conservativism and liberalism, is rate of velocity. Indeed, the lone difference may be that one moves faster than the other towards the death of our being as a free people. The platforms put forth by either side reflect less and less a concrete difference in rule and more and more a differing in sentiment sing merely how rapidly the ironss of bondage should be fastened.

Canada is an first-class illustration of this phenomena as political relations can best be summed up in one manner: The progressives believe that the route to hell is best traveled in a Porsche at top velocity ; the conservativists prefer to acquire at that place in a pony. The job is they are both on the same darn route.

See a recent town forum in a distant community in Northern British Columbia where the provincial justness critic comes to listen to the occupant & # 8217 ; s frights sing Canada & # 8217 ; s new gun control statute law. & # 8220 ; This statute law is a waste of taxpayers money! & # 8221 ; provinces Geoff Plant ( provincial justness critic and Liberal MLA ) . He continues: & # 8220 ; Now I agree that we need some sort of gun control but this statute law goes excessively far and it & # 8217 ; s merely excessively damn expensive. & # 8221 ;

Sounds agreeable doesn & # 8217 ; t it? It & # 8217 ; s true that this statute law is excessively expensive to implement and it is besides true that it is intrusive and immoral but if we function back the clock a spot we & # 8217 ; ll happen something really interesting: This statement is similar to the 1 that opponents of private pieces ownership used thirty old ages ago. Back so we all knew that gun control Torahs were fatuous. They do nil except infringe on belongings rights, limit our ability to support ourselves and penalize the good cats. The statement used against gun proprietors was simple: & # 8220 ; We need something to control the offense rate & # 8230 ; anything & # 8230 ; something simple and cost effectual. The least you uncaring indurate assholes can make is give us that! & # 8221 ; Isn & # 8217 ; t it unusual that we are now reasoning the place our oppositions took all those old ages ago? Does anyone non see a job with this?

The spine, as one person pointed out to our friendly justness critic, is that all political parties have basically divorced basic rules from the political procedure. All political dockets now lead to the same topographic point: moral nihilism.

When cornered on the issue our justness critic was evasive: & # 8220 ; You have to be careful when you mix principle with political relations & # 8230 ; . & # 8221 ; he lectures, & # 8220 ; What if person doesn & # 8217 ; t agree with your rules? How do you utilize the revenue enhancement remunerators money for one thing when you have another group of people who want it used for another? & # 8221 ; A really deep and distressing inquiry so. For a adult male with an Hedera helix conference instruction and experience as a constitutional attorney you & # 8217 ; vitamin D think he & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds have seen the obvious job with it. You see, he should hold asked: & # 8220 ; Why is revenue enhancement remunerator money being used to carry through anyone & # 8217 ; s political docket? & # 8221 ; Wouldn & # 8217 ; t it do more sense to go forth people an

d their money entirely to take how, when and where it should be spent? Doesn’t this eliminate the job of particular involvements competing for revenue enhancement dollars they didn’t gain? The inquiry shouldn’t be “Who gets what money? ” , but instead “Why do any groups get any revenue enhancement money at all? ” This is the job with dividing rules from political relations. It leads merely to the difference between a Porsche and a pony.

Practical political relations divorced from cardinal philosophical premises reduces political relations to nil more than a bad gag with a invariably altering punch line. If a politician does non stand on any rules so how does he cognize the difference between right and wrong? How does he cognize which manner to vote when new statute law is introduced? The lone tool available to him is public sentiment and the last clip I looked holding the bulk backup you does non connote that your stance is instantly the right 1. If it were, so Hitler & # 8217 ; s intervention of minorities would hold been considered moral & # 8211 ; he did after all have the bulk of the German people behind him. This is the ground we are on this nihilistic route to get down with ; gratifying to the bulk or those with the money does non intend that the picks politicians make are the right 1s. Furthermore, it creates such a muss of contradictions within the political system that unknoting the tangle and starting over is about impossible. Frankly, I don & # 8217 ; Ts know which is worse: A system of pure leftist rules or one of no rules at all? At least with collectivism/communism there is a definable enemy which 1 may prosecute and debate. The lone thing that is non left to inquiry is the common effect of both systems: Tyranny.

Ultimately, this brings into inquiry the legitimacy of the electoral procedure itself. I do non vote for the intent of taking how crisp a knife I would wish to cut my ain pharynx with. Allowing persons office does non intend that I have given them permission to go against my rights, steal my money and impound my belongings. What is the point of voting one time every four old ages merely to alter my maestro? One dictator is basically every bit bad as the following ; whether I am commanded by one adult male, Liberals, New Democrats or Conservatives the job remains the same: I am commanded.

The system in which we live is entrenched. At this point it would look that working within it is a fools game. In the terminal, we can non anticipate politicians and administrative officials who have garnered their power through a corrupt and nihilistic system to alter things merely because we ask them. Geoff Plant said himself during this town forum that it was extremely improbable that the pieces jurisprudence would either be defeated in the supreme tribunal challenge or through any other political procedure. He even went as far to state that if the state of BC refused to collaborate with the Federals on this jurisprudence one time his party took power that it wouldn & # 8217 ; t halt Ottawa from coercing us to follow on their ain. Well & # 8230 ; at least he was honest about that.

Scott Carpenter is the editor of Liberty Free Press and a Consulting Fellow in Politics at The Center for Applied Philosophy.