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Poros consists of two islands: Sphairia in the south which is of volcanic origin and where today’s city is located, and Kalaureia , also known as Kalavria or Calauria in the north which is the largest part of the island. A bridge connects the two islands over a narrow strait.Poros is an island with a rich flora of pine forests picturesque villages and organized beaches with crystal clear waters and small coves where you can enjoy privacy with your loved ones.

  The island has also a good road network which makes it a popular resort for short stays and holidays. On the island, you can find cozy cafes and restaurants, plenty of shops and a lively waterfront. The main attractions of the island are Temple of Poseidon (built circa 520 BC), the Archaeological and Folklore Museums of the Zoodohos , Pigi Monastery, which is one of the most impressive religious monument on the island and the Clock Tower, which stands on the hill on top of the town. Streets on the island are narrow and can offer panoramic views of the whole town.   Beaches on Poros are usually crowded and well organized.

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The busiest is Askeli beach, a couple of km from the town. Many tourist amenities are found in Askeli, including luxurious hotels and lively beach bars. The sandy shore and the crystal water attracts lots of visitors. Another beautiful beach is the Love Bay. This beach has a narrow coastline, surrounded by a lush forest of tall pine trees. There are two buses that connect the port of Poros to the entire island.

The first goes to Askeli and Monastiri and the second to Neorio, Love Bay, and the Russian Bay. The bus schedule is very frequent.  Beaches  Askeli Beach- the beach is located on one side of the village of Askeli and the beach is a beautiful long with golden sand and deep crystal clear waters. It is also one of the busiest beaches in Poros Island and you can find bars, shops, and taverns alongside the beach. You can reach the beach by local bus or taxis from Poros Town. Love Bay Beach- this small beach and bay is a paradise on earth. The beach is adorable and charming where you can find white pebbles, golden sand, and crystal clear waters. The superb beach is surrounded by pine trees and is located under the shadow of the verdant vegetation.

 Russian Bay Beach- The charming bay, the golden sand, the calm sea water and overall calmness and quietness that surround the beach, makes the Russian Bay, probably, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.  Mikro Neorio Beach- This beach is located north-west of Poros Town and here you can find long sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and high pine trees which follow the beach meeting the sea. Many restaurants, taverns, and hotels can be found near the beach.  Monastiri Beach- The beach is located northeast of Poros Town.

Crystal-clear waters and the amazing views make this beach a small paradise on earth. You can enjoy water sports and underwater diving too.  Kanali Beach- Alongside the crystalline waters of Poros Town you can find beautiful, long, sandy beaches, neighbored by lively taverns with amazing views over the open sea.  Vayionia Beach- The beach is located north of Poros Town and is rarely visited by tourists. The sandy and pebble beach stretches along the bottom of a beautiful valley full of vegetation and citrus trees. You can also see the ruins of an ancient city under the sea a few meters from the shoreline.

You can reach the beach by private transport as there is no bus service. Kalavria Beach- The beach is located on the eastern coast of Poros and has a wonderful pebble beach with clean and calm waters. The beach is rarely visited by tourists. You can find a small tavern where you can enjoy traditional food or cocktails. You can reach the beach by bus or private transport from Poros Town.   You can get around the island either by public buses, taxis or you can use the services of a rental company. Transport connections are good, only a few beaches being accessible solitary by private transport.