Whose responsibility should it be to complete those reports? It is Bob’s Job to clean up and complete any reports he can until the end of the day or until his last day of work. That is only fair to the real people and children who are represented by the cases that he carries.

After that however, it is Harrier’s Job or whoever Melville Middle School appoints to clean up and organize and take over the cases that Bob has open. Is Bob right was he really doing his Job? Bob may have been doing his Job but part of any Job is being able to communicate tit coworkers and bosses.Because Bob was not keeping up on the company information in the newsletter or replying to e-mails that he did not deem important, he was not completely doing his Job. He also did not properly communicate the work or case load that he was handling to his supervisors which left room for them to question what really was going on. Describe what Bob should have done differently. What Bob needed to do most was communicate with the other people at the middle school.

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Most importantly he did not communicate with the administration by doing simple things like filling out workload reports.These are the ways that managers in the company keep a clear picture on what is going on in each department. If Bob had kept better communication about his workload and made time to complete workload reports then the administration would have a better idea of what kind of staffing they really need in his department. Did Harriet handle this termination properly? Yes, I believe she did. She was calm and compassionate and she gave clear reasoning and examples to Bob on how they came to the decision to terminate his position.What part did Harriet play in this scenario? Is she a good manager? The termination conversation was handled properly by Harriet, however, there are things she could have done better also. The major thing that Harriet could have done is counseled Bob on the areas that he was lacking in long before it came to termination. If Bob was missing filling out important reports then she should have been standing in his office sooner letting him know that it was not k to not be completing those reports even if he was very overwhelmed with his caseload.

She also could have taken it upon herself to find out why it is that Bob was not able to complete such important parts of is Job and given him time to rectify the situation. I do not believe that Harriet is a good manager because she did not visit Bob’s office very often even though there were concerns about his Job performance. Case study #2 pig. 386 What is the clinic’s responsibility in these types of situations Even if the clinic feels that this is a private matter it is their responsibility to create a safe working environment.Things that can be done are first to address that the parking lot is dimly lit. Proper lighting in the parking lot will not only keep things safer for employees but also for patients.

Another thing that can be addressed is the clinic can trespass the individual from their premises. This will allow the police to act if the By expect out for her best interests. The last thing that they can do is make sure that the security guard walks her to her car every night so she is not alone and there’s someone there to call 911 should that be needed.What could the clinic do to remedy the situation? As stated above the major things I think the clinic can do to remedy the situation is to do what they can to maintain a safe working environment for the employee. Some examples of this would be to make sure the parking lot is well lit. They need to trespass the boyfriend from the premises to make sure that if he shows up the police can be called and have cause to make the man leave.

Security needs to be vigilant about the man and keep their eyes out for him lurking around the building or the employees car.A security guard should also be available to walk the patient to her car at night, since they already have security on staff. What do you recommend Nancy do above and beyond what has already been done? Nancy needs to continue o communicate with the clinic administration when any new incident occurs. She also needs to go ahead and file the restraining order and keep in touch with the police so that they can be of help to her. Nancy needs to make sure that she is parked close to the building and in as well lit of an area as possible. She also needs to continue to keep no communication with the ex-boyfriend.Do you think Nancy is wise in considering a gun to the clinic? In my personal opinion I do not believe this is a good idea.

The gun makes it possible for an already intense situation to become even more aggressive. I do not believe Nancy should bring a gun unless she is prepared to use it and the chances are that he will surprise her before she even has a chance to get the gun out. There is a security guard available and she has notified the police the best thing to do is have the local police patrol drive by her car before it is time for her to leave and make sure that he is not lurking around her car. Ease study #3 pig. 399 In light of the committee’s agreement on the cause of the high employee turnover, why should upper management give attention to the concepts of employee motivation and empowerment? The concepts of employee motivation and empowerment help people feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their individual Job. Do this by making sure they know and have access to the organization’s overall mission, vision, and strategic plans.

When possible, involving employees in goal setting and planning helps them to feel like they add value, knowledge, ideas, insight and experience.At the very least, involving them in goal setting on the department level and sharing the most important goals and direction will help the employees to be more motivated. If you share a picture and share meaning, you have agreed upon what constitutes a successful and acceptable deliverable. Empowered employees can then chart their course without close supervision. What are the costs and benefits of high turnover and of reducing it? Reducing turnover lessens recruiting costs.

When an employee leaves a company, the company incurs a cost in filling the open position.Actual recruitment cost filled and the size of the base of candidates for the Job to be filled. More specialized jobs can cost more to fill because specialists are generally paid more. Recruitment cost elements can include employment advertising and search or employment agency fees. Administrative costs will be lower with a more stable workforce composed of long-tenured employees. When turnover is high, administrative costs such as paycheck discontinuance, health-care service notifications, exit interviewing and employee orientation and training costs will increase.How might Hillcrest develop and implement an employee program that encompasses employee motivation and empowerment? Upper management should give attention to the concepts of employee motivation and empowerment because they could lose the hole business if they don’t give it attention. Cost vs.

. Benefits analysis should be taken into consideration. Upper management needs to understand that some of the reason for high turnover is their lack of management and strictness in the lower levels and with the workers. How could the committee ensure success of such a program?Managers will have to get involved in the process and have more responsibility. The hospital CEO will have to delegate some of his power to managers.

Managers need training in how to motivate their staff. Should the committee consider other strategies and opportunities to help Hillcrest overcome the issue of high employee turnover? Yes, because the reasons for high employee turnover were because of the lack of motivation that is given to the employee’s. The employees did not feel like they had any room to be autonomous.Sometimes employees need to feel like they have a little freedom. The committee should consider ideas that can give the employee’s more motivation and a better sense of autonomy.

They should consider the Couches Z theory. Theory Z focused on increasing employee loyalty to the company by providing a Job for life with a strong Ochs on the well-being of the employee, both on and off the Job Should you be updating your resume in case the CEO doesn’t like your recommendations? In any Job I am always ready to look for another opportunity.However I would not be handing out my resume Just yet.

A lot of Coo’s are about the bottom line and employee happiness does help increase revenue. Hopefully the CEO would at least give some time for a plan to be put into place. If the CEO had concerns about my proposal then I would listen to the concerns and see if I can find a middle ground that everyone mainly the CEO and employees can be happy with. Case Study # 4 pig. 406 What specific steps should the board take to create an executive team to manage the newly created organization?To follow the merger plan, the transitional executive team including the previous CEO of PRM and the newly elected 15 member hospital board, should be given interim positions for the next 3 years to effectively facilitate and complete the merger. The team will deal with management changes and employee benefits packages. They will hold these positions until their new titles and job descriptions for the newly consolidated hospital are defined.

This executive team should create strategic plan for the merger process and communicate it to the staff placement, seniority, compensation etc. , is really important as well.The Vice President of the new Human Resources department is Dale Miller, recruited from a Catholic healthcare system. Compensation and benefits specialists will be separate roles, which will work closely with HER. The transitional team will create the initial policies and strategic plan.

But as HER fills new management positions, two-way communication becomes extremely important in the consolidated hospital. Lower- ND mid-level managers should be involved in the decision making process. -Bylaws, rules and regulations that reflect Joint-decision-making efforts should be followed by the new, consolidated medical staff.Given the diversity of cultures embedded in the merged organization, what should the management team do to facilitate a working culture in the new organization? Changing an organization’s culture does depend on having a common framework. The framework can be used in various ways to get people to share stories about how people across the organization deliver exceptional performance.

Organizations have en developing competency frameworks, which are sets of words and phrases that outline the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that the organization respects and that employees need to perform their Jobs well.How should management deal with the physical structures at the time of the consolidation? The hospitals should consolidate into the PRM building for the simple reason that the building was built in 1990 and is larger vs.. The BRIM building which was originally built in 1951. That would leave the budget of $20 million dollars for renovations to be able to be used elsewhere as needed during the merger of the two hospitals.