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Portia, The Ideal Woman. Essay, Research PaperPortia, The Ideal Woman.When one thinks of something ideal one may believe of things in their ideal signifier instead than as they truly are.

In Shakespeare? s drama, The Merchant Of Venice, one of the major subjects is appearance poetries world. In the drama Portia is portrayed as the ideal adult female. In the gap scene, Bassanio describes her as the Golden Fleece. Portia is genuinely the Aureate Fleece: she is extremely intelligent ; she has a great sense of temper and she is able to maintain her good values through the full class of the drama.Portia? s intelligence is her most distinguishing feature. she has wisdom that has come early to her. In the beginning of the drama when Nerissa says:Your male parent was of all time virtuous, and holy work forces atTheir decease have good inspirations ; hence, the lotteryThat he hath devised in these three thoraxs of gold,Silver, and lead, whereof who chooses his significanceChooses you will no uncertainty, ne’er be chosen by anyRightly but one who you shall justly love. ( 1.

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2:27-33 )She suggests that the lottery of the coffins is non merely a game of opportunity. This means that Portia must hold been wise plenty to see that her male parent? s lottery would see that merely the right adult male would be able to get married her. Therefore Portia decides to follow her male parents advice and abide by the regulations of his will. Furthermore, when Portia devises the program for herself and Nerissa to mask themselves as work forces, she shows the extent of her intelligence.

For a individual of her clip to dress up in work forces? s vesture and travel into the tribunal of jurisprudence it took much bravery and wisdom. When Portia arrives at the tribunal she shows everyone merely how superb she is. When she says & # 8220 ; It is entacted in the Torahs of Venice, /if it be prov? vitamin D against an alien/that by direct or indirect attempts/he seek the life of any citizen, /the party? gainst he doth contrive/ shall prehend one half his goods. & # 8221 ; ( 4.

2:346-351 ) it is obvious, by her pick of words, that she has done a great trade of research.As good, throughoutthe drama, Portia? s character adds a sense of high temper. Portia? s temper is really dry, which is clear through her actions in the ring secret plan. The full secret plan is based on dramatic sarcasm. After the test when Portia asks Bassanio for his pealing the audience knows that the attorney is Portia, but Bassanio does non. In the last scene when she is call on the carpeting Bassanio for giving off the ring and says “I will go every bit broad as you –/I? ll non deny him anything I have [ because he has the ring ] , /no, non my organic structure, nor my hubby? s bed” ( 5.1: 226-229 ) the audience finds this screaming because Portia is stating she slept with the attorney, but we know that she is the attorney herself.

Another point in Portia? s temper is the manner she mocks her suers. When she says to the Prince of Morocco, “Yourself renowned prince, so stood every bit fair/ as any corner I have look? vitamin D on yet/ for my affection” ( 2.1:20-22 ) the audience knows that she has hated all her other suers, so for the Prince to stand merely every bit high as them isn? t really high at all.Last, Portia is a well-bred person ; ever generous and sort. Portia is really charitable towards Antonio and Bassanio. When she hears that Bassanio? s friend is in problem, she is ready to give up all she has to travel and assist him. She disguises herself as a adult male and pretends to be a attorney in order to assist Antonio, a individual she has ne’er met. In her clemency address Portia says, & # 8220 ; The quality of clemency is non strain? vitamin D ; / it droppeth as a soft rain from heaven/ upon the topographic point beneath it is twice blessed ; /it blesseth him that gives and him that takes & # 8221 ; ( 4.

1:182-185 ) , which shows how sort and gentle-hearted she is.Throughout the drama through her intelligence, sense of temper and good values, the audience sees that Portia genuinely is the Golden Fleece. She is beautiful on the exterior every bit good as on the interior. The drama would non be complete without Portia, the genuinely ideal adult female.Plants CitedKales. Shakspere: The Merchant of Venice Notes. Toronto: Kales Printing Company Limited, 1986.

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