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Poseidon Research Paper


Poseidon is a God of many names. He is most celebrated as the God of the sea. The boy of Cronus and Rhea, Poseidon is one of six siblings who finally & # 8220 ; divided the power of the world. & # 8221 ; His brothers and sisters include: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Zeus. The division of the universe involved him and his brothers, Zeus and Hades. Poseidon became swayer of the sea, Zeus ruled the sky, and Hades got the underworld. The other deities attributed to Poseidon affect the God of temblors and the God of Equus caballuss. The symbols associated with Poseidon include: mahimahis, tridents, and three-pronged fish lances.

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Poseidon was relied upon by crewmans for a safe ocean trip on the sea. Many work forces drowned Equus caballuss in forfeit of his award. He lived on the ocean floor in a castle made of coral and treasures, and drove a chariot pulled by Equus caballuss. However, Poseidon was a really dark deity, and his disposition could sometimes ensue in force. When he was in a good temper, Poseidon created new lands in the H2O and a unagitated sea. In contrast, when he was in a bad temper, Poseidon would strike the land with a trident and cause boisterous springs and temblors, ship wrecks, and drownings.

Poseidon was similar to his brother Zeus in exercising his power on adult females and in exteriorizing maleness. He had many love personal businesss and fathered legion kids. Poseidon one time married a Nereid, Amphitrite, and produced Triton who was half-human and half-fish. He besides impregnated the Gorgon Medusa to gestate Chrysaor and Pegasus, the winging Equus caballus. The colza of Aethra by Poseidon resulted in the birth of Theseus ; and he turned Caeneus into a adult male, at her petition, after ravishing her. Another colza in

volved Amymone when she tried to get away from a lecher and Poseidon saved her. Other progeny of Poseidon include: Eumolpus, the Giant Sinis, Polyphemus, Orion, King Amycus, Proteus, Agenor and Belus from Europa, Pelias, and the King of Egypt, Busiris.

One of the most ill-famed love personal businesss of Poseidon involves his sister, Demeter. Poseidon pursued Demeter and to avoid him she turned herself into a female horse. In his lecherousness for her, Poseidon transformed himself into a entire and captured her. Their reproduction resulted in a Equus caballus, Arion. Poseidon is Greek for & # 8220 ; Husband & # 8221 ; ( perchance of wheat ) , and therefore it is thought that he and Demeter ( goddess of wheat ) are a good lucifer because they reign as the God and goddess of birthrate.

Another ill-famed narrative of Poseidon involves the competition between him and the goddess of war, Athena, for the metropolis of Athens. To win the people of the metropolis over, Poseidon threw a lance at the land and produced the Spring at the Acropolis. However, Athena won as the consequence of giving the people of Athens the olive tree. In his choler over the determination, Poseidon flooded the Attic Plain. Finally, Athena and Poseidon worked together by uniting their powers. Even though Poseidon was the God of Equus caballuss, Athena built the first chariot. Athena besides built the first ship to sail on the sea over which Poseidon ruled.

Poseidon frequently used his powers of temblors, H2O, and Equus caballuss to bring down fright and penalty on people as retaliation. Though he could be hard and asseverate his powers over the Gods and persons, Poseidon could be concerted and it was he who helped the Greeks during the Trojan War. Poseidon is an indispensable character in the survey of Greek mythology.