1. Introduction.

The development of this assignment will be based on/and harmonizing with the work arrangements in eating houses that we had ; one at Strada More London and the other at Chutney Mary.

Throughout this work the development of a SWOT and a PESTLE analysis will be done sing besides the market place of each concern.After finalising the analysis above a study comparison and contrasting both of the concern against each other will be done. The competitory analysis to be realized will be backed up by secondary research worker to accomplish a higher degree of professionalism and educational.

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2. Organizations` places.

Before develop any sort of analysis focused on Strada More London eating house and Chutney Mary mulct dining eating house, it is highly necessary to understand where those two concerns have on the market topographic point.Strada More London eating house is located on a concern building/area every bit good as a touristry location as good, with a beautiful position of Tower Bridge. Strada More London belongs to an Italian high street concatenation of eating houses, called Strada, with more than 68 units in the UK. The insouciant dining concatenation with a modern-day design and reliable Italian nutrient belongs to Tragus Holdings Company.

( www.strada.co.uk )Chutney Mary is a all right dining Indian eating house located in Chelsea near the celebrated Chelsea Football Club. The eating house belongs to Masala World – The Group, which has under its umbrella some of the oldest and good known Indian eating houses in London, such as Veeraswamy and Amaya. Chutney Mary brings reliable Indian formulas from different parts of the state and adding the eating house environment sophisticated and maintaining it stylish.


Competitive analysis.

There are many different manner to execute a competitory analysis nevertheless on this work will be emphasizing merely SWOT and PESTLE analysis. SWOT stand to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This analysis is more focal point on the on the whole concern strategic its milieus, analyzing internal and external facts. PESTLE is an abbreviation for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. This analysis focuses more on the external factors that might impact the concern somehow. ( www.tutor2u.

net )Before comparing and contrasting Strada More London against Chutney Mary their SWOT and PESTLE analysis were developed following.3.1. Strada Restaurant SWOT analysis.


Strada is the lone Italian eating house on the country and with accessible monetary values offering good value for money in most of the dishes.It has merely being refurnished increasing 30 % of its helping capacity, plus updated its design for a more modern-day and Italian environment.The turnover of the concern was addition to five 1000 clients per hebdomad.

Bing a large company the eating house has great support in preparation and enchiridion.Great calling developments with the company grow.Selling is a strong tool used as verifiers, trueness cards and speedy publicity are offered.

Ad is done via electronic mails and postings on site.The direction squad of the eating house is great, really client focussed, quality control and staff development.On the paper the company has great doctrine and values that are exposed to clients and staff.


There more than 12 direct/indirect rivals around Strada More London. They vary from take away constitutions, saloons, oriental eating houses to canteens and java houses.

Offers from rivals can be really crisp and affect weekdays lunch clip.Even though the director is really client focused and staff development he was fighting to demo good consequences. The old general director was really strong and provided with great numbers/results which raised the ‘bar ‘ and force per unit area on the current general director.The country director is non an illustration for the staff where the values and doctrine of the company seems to be forgotten.Extreme IT exposure where the support offered to repair any job used to take up to 4 yearss.The concern is really reasonable to the conditions and the current economic system.


Follow up the Italian nutrient tendencies, maintaining up with the best concern in the sector.Create some sort of nine trueness for the man of affairs bing in the five executives constructing around the eating house.The inaugurating of a new executive edifice for 2011.Invest in a better and efficient ordination system where servers have an electronic tablet.With a dramatic location and possible clients working merely following door, premium events or private parties should be offered to the companies around the eating house country.


The changing of visa Torahs such as for pupils.The addition of VAT which happened in 2010 and 2011. Increasing from 2009 until now 5 % .Ascent of licencing to function nutrient on the eating house patio has been a challenge.The deficiency of existent environmental and sustainability policies in the concern.

There is a recycling system in topographic point but that is non plenty.Highly bad conditions such as snow and rain ‘make ‘ clients stay home alternatively of coming to the eating house.Not updating the eating house system after 5 old agesmust be hazard as the service can go slowerand the opportunity to the system break down it ishigher.The new and highly successful Jamies` Italian high street concatenation where eating house has the turnover of about three million per twelvemonth.

( www.bighospitality.co.uk )Even though the company looks like to look after the staff, the labor turnover is really high.( www.businessball.

com )3.2. Chutney Mary SWOT analysis.


The eating house has over 200 screens.All formulas are reliable and imported from India. The bill of fare besides follows the nutrient tendencies in India.

Restaurant atmosphere and theme really alone.One of the most traditional Indian eating houses in London.Greater location near Chelsea Football Club.It has good value for money on set-menus wise.

Even though it is the most expensive eating house in the country it offers great quality in nutrient and service plus societal position.It has been awarded twice the Best Indian Restaurant in the UK from the important Good Curry Guide.It is a famous person eating house normally frequented by Chelsea football participants and Gordon Ramsay.


When the eating house is to the full booked in a manner to increase gross without an organized system of booking the eating house service about prostration. There is nutrient hold and the quality of service is non what the invitees expect and pay for.Most of the ingredients are depend on Indian providers.

If the provider has any hold most of the eating house bill of fare gets highly affect.Unlimited intoxicant to be order. Guest over drink and disturb others clients.The eating house does non put on care or renovation even though it has been necessary for a piece.The IT system implemented is really weak and slow.Lack of direction support and staff authorization.


The company is opening more eating houses around the UK, making more calling chance and convey more gross for investings.Lack of awards and acknowledgment from the Indian eating houses around.

The bill of fare is influenced by the Indian culinary art tendencies go oning in India.Friendly lucifer agenda out of the football season.If the conditions is highly cold the eating house tends to be to the full booked as people are seeking to eat spicy/ hot nutrient.Opportunity to convey different new nutrients from India.Bing well-known in London, a batch of tourers use to travel to Chutney Mary.


Change of visa demand as 70 % of staffs are under pupil visa.After football games people on the streets tend to be really intoxicated and aggressive and some clip they target the eating house. Last February a window was broken after a game.

Small capacity during busy periods/holidays, such as Easter.Airport closings due to endure.Lack of engineering update.( www.

businessball.com )

3.3. Strada More London PESTLE analysis.


New Torahs such as theA Smoke-free ( Premises and Enforcement ) Regulations and Smoke-free ( Signs ) Regulation foremost implemented in 1st July 2007. It certainly affected the concern in a positive manner, increasing the figure of twosomes and households and as a effect the gross. ( www.smokefreeengland.

co.uk )Bring new large companies near to the constitution. As the eating house is at More London Place, a concern country with 5 executives edifice and it is establishing the figure six later this twelvemonth which will convey new companies and possible new hereafter clients.The VAT addition. The revenue enhancement rise certainly affected the concern on a weekday footing as people start to salvage and cut down every bit much as they can nevertheless the weekend ‘buzz ‘ it is still the same. ( www.hmrc.

gov.uk )Hosting immense events such as the Olympics Games decidedly affected the eating house positively as about half million people will be expected to come to London earlier, during and after the Olympics Games 2012. ( www.HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //city-of-london.com/ ” city-of-london.

com )London is between the top terrorist act marks, as the eating house is cited on a really of import concern location, the staffs are trained how to forestall and move in terrorist act state of affairss. ( www.dailymail.co.uk )


As discussed under Political, the VAT addition did impact the concern.

Addition of petrol monetary value. With the rise the gasoline monetary value the eating house is anticipating the monetary values to be readjusted as ingredients will be more due to logistics monetary value addition. ( www.thisismoney.co.

uk )Addition of energy monetary value. With the energy monetary value updated this twelvemonth it did affected the eating house measure nevertheless the constitution decided to absorb it and make non impact the clients. ( www.ukpower.co.uk )Economic crises certainly affected the concern and 2010 has been a large recession twelvemonth as the eating house struggles to crush Budge and last old ages figures nevertheless the concern is still making net income. ( www.globalissues.

org )The new authorities program for retrieving from the crises cutting outgos and making unemployed people. It is unknown if that will impact positively or non he concern as there will be more people to take from when enrolling but will them be willing to work with passion and proud or merely for the money and endurance? ( www.ft.com )


As consumers are looking for more sustainable and green companies, merchandises and services, Strada started to develop a recycle strategy inside the constitution to follow the tendency and publicize the new environmental actions. This action surely brought a new image of the concern as it was making a societal good will and accordingly new clients and client ‘s keeping. ( www.iknow-uk.

com )With the fast grow of engineering and client looking for better technological support from the companies, such wireless connexion, brought a disadvantage to Strada. Being cited in a executive country and make non offering wireless connexion to its clients it is a cockamamie mistake but with immense impact on clients ‘ demands. ( www.letsgowifi.co.uk )Demographic wise, during weekdays the clients profile are chiefly executives necessitating a more fast, distinct and formal service nevertheless during weekends the profile are twosomes, tourers and households where the service can be more insouciant, relaxed and client interact.Labour turnover is high due to small competitory wage.

As the company includes service charge in the measure the clients seldom leave tips and as the company do non offer a quiet competitory wage to counterbalance the included service charge the employee tend no to remain that long. ( www.tutor2u.net )


Strada has a Micro system which has non been updated on the past 4 old ages bring slow connexion between the computing machine and boulder claies plus some periods where the system gets frozen. This world can impact straight the client satisfaction with hold in service and nutrient.Positively the company Strada updates its web site on a regular footing and besides follows the seasons maintaining it ‘new ‘ all the clip.

The concern besides invest in electronic mail selling directing new and offers for the eating house for those who subscribed in the web site. This stragegy is simple, non expensive and put on regular clients. ( www.strada.co.

uk )


As Strada More London is situated in one of the edifice of More London executive country, any renovation or ocular alterations ( such as the usage of postings and ocular advertisement at the forepart of the eating house ) need the More London build director blessing. This affects the velocity of implementing any sort of publicity, advertizement or even a existent complete eating house renovation ( 2010 ) .As discussed under Political factors, the VAT besides affected Strada More London.The last fiscal crises besides hit the concern as it was stressed under Economic factors.


The constitution has a recycle system in the eating house which brings a better image to the clients and it is eco-friendly, as it was cited under societal facets.With the smoke-free act implemented in 2007, clients ended up using more clip inside the eating houses where the environment is more clean and comfy to remain.

The smoke-free act was cited above in the political subdivision.

3.4. Chutney Mary PESTLE analysis


As about 70 % of forepart of house employee is under a pupil visa, the alteration of its demands can impact negatively the eating house. Having to beginning new non Indian man-labour can perchance be more on enlisting and preparation plus besides affect the client service from deficiency of cognition from the bill of fare and the Indian civilization. ( www.

migrantsrights.org.uk )The addition of VAT did non impact the eating house.

Queerly due to its up market place its clients did non draw back on outgos. ( www.hmrc.

gov.uk )


The economic/financial universe crises 2008 truly affected the concern as the UK was extremely hit, coercing the economic be on recession. ( www.news.

bbc.co.uk )The addition of the gasoline monetary value besides might impact the eating house as the ingredients logistics will go more expensive specially when imported signifier India. ( www.

thisismoney.co.uk )Current Inflation as most merchandises are imported and the VAT addition. ( www.statistics.gov.uk )


As London is traveling to be hosting the Olympics Games 2012, pulling 500.000 people is certainly will increase the restaurant gross during the event.

( www.HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //city-of-london.com/ ” city-of-london.com )Sustainability and travel green has become a immense tendency in all sort of concern and that is non merely on eating houses. As Chutney Mary has a recycle plan in topographic point it helps to demo to the client that the concern attention about this issue. ( www.iknow-uk.com )


The deficiency of engineering update in the eating house affects negatively the concern.

With it system being frozen on a regular footing the service suffers delays impacting as a effect the client satisfaction.The old manner manner of the web site reflects the restaurant deficiency of involvement in engineering being less attract to clients. ( www.chutneymary.co.

uk )


As cited under Political factor, in-migration Torahs can impact the concern negatively.The fume free jurisprudence implemented in 2007 affected positively the eating house as


As cited under Social factors, the concern has a recycle system in topographic point which works out positively for the eating house and its imageLack of usage of local ingredients might impact its freshness and besides rise merchandises monetary value.As a eating house has a classy Indian design, the usage of fancy old manner lamps increase the use of energy and measures every bit good plus the fact that is non a eco-friendly attitude. ( www.ecofriendlyhouses.net )clients started to pass more clip inside the constitution. ( www.

smokefreeengland.co.uk )



When analyzing the SWOT and PESTLE from both eating house it is possible to happen similarities and differences between both establishment even though on is topographic point in the high street market and the other in the up-market.Get downing from political facets both of the concerns were positively affect with the smoke-free act placed in 2007 on the other manus hazard of terrorist act is a world merely at Strada along with lessening of gross after the VAT rise, 2011. Chutney Mary does non endure from the two factors cited above nevertheless the new alterations of pupils visa demand might impact negatively the eating house.The economic occurrences affect both constitution in really similar facets, get downing with the fiscal crisis of 2008 followed by the gasoline rise. Even though both constitutions belongs to different markets, both of them suffer from a deficiency in engineering or even the demand of regular updates to acquire the most of the system to supply a better service. However this world where old systems are in topographic point has been impacting the client experience and satisfaction.

Possibly this engineering is excessively expensive or most likely greed of ever doing more money becomes more of import than the clients experience in the constitution, nevertheless will a clients with low satisfaction come back?It is possible to analyze every bit good that both of the eating house are really aroused with the Olympics Games 2012 in London as half million people will be expected to this period conveying in more money into the metropolis. Another facet that both concerns are walking side by side is the sustainable/go green, with recycling system placed in the premises making a better image to the client nevertheless there is much more to make to go truly sustainable and lone recycling will non be plenty nevertheless at least it is a start.Analyzing the internal facet shows that the two concern clearly has different strengths and failing such as Chutney Mary holding Chelsea football participants and famous persons as regular clients and Strada being situated between six executive edifices. Chutney Mary besides suffers with the logistics from its fresh ingredients coming from India while Strada is affected by the high degrees of labor turnover.

The eating houses are situated in different markets and as a consequence different facets may impact on and non another, e.g. the VAT rise affected enormously Strada but non Chutney Mary. However it is interesting to analyze that both eating house are affect positively or negatively by the same factors even though they do hold different market location.

Most likely that internal factors are generated by the direction squad with the same type of outlook, such as the deficiency of engineering.

5. Decision.