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Mario Jimenez a young an immature boy with no experience in life started his career at age seventeen as a post man to the famous poet Pablo Neruda. Both characters have very similar but yet very different experiences throughout the book, Pablo and Mario became good friends along the plot of the story. When Mario got hired to be Pablo’s postman he was very well excited about the job even though that would be his only client but that did not bother Mario. He would deliver the mail and telegrams but did not have a conversation with the poet at all.

Mario wanted the poet to sign one of his books (Elemental odes) that Mario bought to get girls. Intimated and shy Mario did not have the nerves to ask the poet to sign his book after reciting how he would ask for a while. One day after delivering the mail and a letter from Sweden Mario hoped that he could get the poet to sign his book but instead they had a good conversation over metaphors. Later on Mario found his way to the tavern and discovered his beautiful beloved Beatriz Gonzalez soon he realized he was in love with her; it was love at first sight.

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He went on to tell Neruda about his love and the way he felt when he saw her, this is when he took the interest in poetry. Neruda told Mario about a poet named Dante Alighieri he as well fell in love with a women named Beatriz. Neruda told Mario that Dante had fallen with the women’s provocative loves, just like Mario was describing his situation to Neruda. Mario started making up metaphors just like Neruda in his poems. Both character faced a problem in the story for Mario it was Rosa Gonzalez, Beatriz’s mother and for Don Pablo Neruda the nomination of him becoming the president of Chile.

In an encounter with deputy labbe (who had won the last election), Mario told him that he was voting for Neruda labbe tried to bribe young Mario with a blank note book. With this book Mario would write down his finish works so he could recite them to Beatriz. Quickly Beatriz fell in love with charm-full poems and metaphors of her beauty. Rosas hard ship in trying to separate Mario from Beatriz was in vain. With difficulty in trying to convince Rosa Gonzalez of the love that Mario had for her daughter, Neruda achieves his goal.

Soon the marriage of Beatriz and Mario took place with the help of his match maker Pablo Neruda. At this point both of them are married Neruda with his wife Matilde and Mario with his newlywed Beatriz. Neruda had to leave to Paris but before he leaves Pablo asks him to become his sons Pablo Neftali Jimenez godfather. Pablo Neruda resigns to the presidency as he gave a great speech in front of many people. He withdrew from the race leaving Salvador Allende in the candidacy.

On September 4th Salvador Allende had won the election and became the first Marxist government with democratically power, Allende government became an epic fail. Pablo missed his mother country so much that he decided to send Mario a tape recorder, so that Mario would record the sounds that he long missed and send them to him back to Paris. Mario did not waste a second and went on in the fulfillment that Neruda had asked him to do. Mario was saving money to get away from Chile and go visit his old missed friend in Paris and in the other hand Neruda could not wait to come back to Chile.

Mario had to spend his money on taking his baby Pablo Neftali to the doctor all the time as he got sick from German measles, bronchitis, and second degree burns. Neruda did not have any kids with his wife Matilde so there for he did not have to deal with the problem of a kid. Neruda finally came back to Chile after being absent for a while now but he came back very ill. Mario in hopes of seeing Neruda but could not reach him, Matilde did not want to the postman to know what was wrong with her husband.

Finally Mario got inside the poets house with difficulty since there were so many soldiers guarding his house, this is where both friends had their last words before taking Neruda to the hospital. Don Pablo Neruda would recite his last poem to Mario. Pablo and Mario despaired at the end of the story both of them were never seen but in different ways, Pablo dies in on September 23, 1973 in the Santa Maria clinic in Santiago from a bad fever. Unlike Mario, two men came to look for him in the middle of the night after finding that Neruda had died. The men asked him if he was Mario Jimenez and took him inside a car and was never seen again.