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Potato Famine Essay, Research Paper

In 1845, Ireland suffered through a murphy dearth that killed over two million Irish. History has taught us to believe that those two million died because of a fungus that caused all the murphies to be bad. The guilt doesn & # 8217 ; t rest with the fungus, but with the myriad of jobs before it. The murphies should non be blamed for those many deceases.

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Several people or organisations could hold prevented them.

The most outstanding authorities in the whole universe, at that period, was the British Government. They had the power to assist forestall this calamity from happening, but they refused to assist. They kicked the Irish off of their ain land and so gave it to wealthy British landlords. Several oppressive Torahs were enforced against the Irish excessively. The authorities enforced Torahs where merely the landlords could run on their estate for merriment while the hungering Irish could merely sit by and ticker. When the husbandmans couldn & # 8217 ; t pay the rent, Britain sent constabulary to assist the landlords evict them. Neighboring states saw aid was needed in Ireland and sent charity cargos. The British Government wouldn & # 8217 ; t let it unless it was brought on an English ship so they could do a net income out of it. They permitted the landlords to export 17 million lbs of nutrient out of Ireland while four hundred thousand Irish starved to decease.

The British landlords were besides hardhearted during this clip of great enduring. Alternatively of leting the renter husbandmans to remain on the land while the murphy harvest failed, they ejected them because the husbandmans couldn & # 8217 ; t afford to pay the rent. They allowed land to stay unplanted during the dearth because their ain net incomes would hold decreased. The Irish renter husbandmans were forced to populate on the most atrocious parts of land where merely a little sum

of murphies could hold grown. The sum of nutrient the landlords exported to England would hold been able to feed six million Irish. English philosopher George Berkeley wrote in 1736, inquiring, “whether a alien could conceive of that half of the people were hungering in a state which sent out plentifulness of provisions.”

Even the Anglican Church refused to assist during the Irish & # 8217 ; s clip of demand. God & # 8217 ; s ain representatives were merely every bit bad as everyone else. In fact, the church preached God & # 8217 ; s penalty was the dearth. An English female parent told her girl & # 8220 ; it was the manus of Providence that destroyed the murphy harvest, for all the other harvests prospered, and the really weeds in the stricken Fieldss grew strong and green. & # 8221 ; Even though the services of the Anglican Church were rendered to largely affluent Protestants, the hapless Irish were obligated to pay ten per centum of their harvests to the church. In the early 1830s, five million estates of Irish land was owned by the Anglican Church.

However there was a greater force that the authorities, landlords, and the church were all following. That force was the system of colonial capitalist economy. Without the system, there wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have been a murphy dearth. The position of capitalist economy was trade goods went to those who could afford them. Everyone was out to do money off of anything they could and the capitalist economic system encouraged that behaviour. Net incomes before people was the slogan of the system.

The full weight of incrimination can non be placed on any one ground ; every ground played an tremendous portion in the calamity of the dearth. It wasn & # 8217 ; t the murphies that caused over two million deceases, but greed. Money makes people do inexcusable Acts of the Apostless. It has ever been that manner, and will ever be that manner. You merely need to look at the Irish Potato Famine to see that money merely makes state of affairss worse.