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Poverty In The South Essay, Research Paper

Appalachian Poverty

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Poverty is a planetary job, and it has existed from the beginning

of civilisation. Hunger, homelessness, and deficiency of wellness attention are major

facets of this global

quandary. Many states are in complete poorness and a bulk are

third-world states. Within the United States of America, a land of

plentifulness, there are besides pockets of utmost poorness. Governments around the

universe are seeking to work out this immense job. Third universe poorness and

Appalachian poorness, which occurred in the United States of America, have

developed for assorted grounds, and these state of affairss have led to a great

trade of jobs.

Throughout the universe, poorness has plagued all states. In smaller,

under-developed states many people die from famishment. These states

can non afford to back up their citizens. Due to their fiscal jobs,

the people lack proper shelter and vesture to maintain themselves warm during

cold months. Since they lack equal shelter and vesture, diseases occur

all over. These diseases develop a batch easier with hapless nutrition. Once

once more with more fiscal jobs, wellness attention is limited to none.

Lawrence Senesh, the subscriber of & # 8220 ; Poverty as a Social Problem & # 8221 ; from

World Book, says poorness is normally caused by the trouble in keeping and

even acquiring a occupation ( 650 ) . Ability, instruction, and accomplishments help find the

sort of occupation an single gets ( 650 ) .

Horten 2

Everyone does non hold the same physical abilities and mental abilities.

Poor wellness and abilities prevent some people from keeping a occupation. Through

scientific discipline people have been able to keep onto occupations a batch easier ( 650 ) . It has

increased the demand for professional workers and lowered the demand for the

unskilled ( 650 ) . So, the people with higher instruction will acquire paid a

higher income, and people with lower instruction will acquire paid a lower

income. Changes in economic slacks can frequently convey poorness. When

concerns drop off and production diminutions people lose occupations without

warning ( 650 ) . Poverty is besides caused by societal conditions, such as racial

favoritism ( Blacks, Asians, and Mexicans ) ( 650 ) . White persons are normally

the 1s who do the discriminating ( 650 ) .

There are a assortment of third-world states in the universe. A 3rd

universe state is a state that is economically down and continues to

grieve. Examples of 3rd universe states are Bosnia, Hungary, Austria,

Romania, and Somalia. The United States of

America, the richest state in the universe, has its portion of poorness

( Senesh650a ) . Granted, American poorness is no lucifer to 3rd universe

poorness, but for such a comfortable state it is pretty sad. Most 3rd

universe states do non hold societal security or public assistance ( 650a ) . So, the

people of those states have no income to maintain themselves traveling. Even


America does hold both societal security and public assistance, this state still has

many homeless and hungering people.

Horten 3

Appalachia includes 13 provinces, runing from southern New York to

eastern Mississippi ( 650a ) . About 18 million people live in

Appalachia. In March, 1965, the

United States Congress passed the Appalachian Regional Redevelopment Act.

The statute law was designed chiefly to make more occupations by pulling

tourers and industries. It provided financess and made the country more

accessible. Fundss besides were made available

for new schools and wellness installations, land and mine renewal, and

lumber and H2O preservation.

The poorness in America will non be solved all at one time ( 650a ) .

Simply making occupations will non assist extinguish poorness because there are some

people who are handicapped and merely can non work ( 650a ) . The authorities

societal public assistance plans help to add income to many people ( 650a ) . These

people could be the retired, unemployed, handicapped, or widowed ( 650a ) . In

order to assist the less fortunate, the people that are employed are taxed to

raise money to pay for societal security and other benefits ( 650a ) . For the

higher income workers revenue enhancements are higher, and for lower income workers revenue enhancements

are lower. Michael Winerip stated in & # 8220 ; What & # 8217 ; s a Nice Jewish Lawyer Like

John Rosenberg Doing in Appalachia? & # 8221 ; from New York Times Magazine, that

Rosenberg left Washington to travel to Kentucky ; he rapidly realized that the

land was barren. A land that was one time big

Horten 4

for its clip is now a huge measure of nil ( Winerip25 ) . In the picture

tape & # 8220 ; Applachian Poverty & # 8221 ; directed by Susan Jones, she shows how runned down

Applachia truly is.

The authorities has been seeking to extinguish poorness for decennaries. In

1946 an employment act was passed ( Senesh 650a ) . This act charges the

federal authorities to

maintain the economic stableness of the United States of America ( Senesh 650a ) .

The manner the authorities has tried to diminish the poorness degree is by

increasing in goods and

services ( 650a ) . Since the mid-1940 & # 8217 ; s, poorness has been reduced about one

per cent a twelvemonth, which is a normal growing rate ( 650a ) . Some other ways

that could assist this huge country is for the people to get down refarming the

land, which is stated in the book Justice Catholic Faith at Work in the

World by Gustatson and Wilkins ( 42 ) . Sandra Decosta provinces in & # 8220 ; Head Start

Restarts hope in Rural W. Virginia & # 8221 ; from Children Today that schools are

being built and instruction is being spread. Although Applachia is plumeting

economically, the psyche and hope of the people are still booming, which is

found in the article & # 8220 ; In the Heart of Applachia & # 8221 ; from National Geographic

By Jeannie Ralston.

The United States of America is a land of plentifulness and America is known

for its freedom and advantages. With all these possibilities to win,

America has its ain shame. Sadly plenty, poorness has struck this state.

The largest pocket of poorness is found in a part called Appalachia. As

written by D. McGraw in & # 8220 ; Signs of hope in Appalachia & # 8221 ;

Horten 5

from U.S. News and World Report. Although Appalachian poorness is a large

issue in the United States, it was a batch worse about thirty-years ago ( 62 ) .

The United

States authorities has pumped 14 million dollars into Appalachia ( 63 ) .

Majority of the money is used to repair up run down edifices, communities,

and main roads ( Senesh 650a ) . In the beginning of the 1960 & # 8217 ; s, 30 per centum

of Appalachia was in poorness. Thankss to the authorities support, poorness

has decreased from 30 per centum to fifteen per centum ( 62 ) . Although much as

changed, Ron Ellen, a adult male that McGraw inquiries, quotation marks, & # 8221 ; & # 8230 ; when you get

back into the communities that are off the beaten path, you find

conditions that have changed little from the 1960 & # 8217 ; s ( 62 ) . & # 8221 ; Another one of

the biggest jobs in

Appalachia is the unemployment. In West Virginia entirely, eight per centum of

the people are unemployed ( McGraw 63 ) . The sad thing is that it is the

best it has been in the past 20 old ages, and West Virginia is considered

to be the lowest unemployed province in Appalachia ( 63 ) . The economic

development of Appalachia is highly uneven ( Mcgraw 62 ) . Thingss that

aid these little town are attempts like Dollywood ( 62 ) . A assortment of things

were done to assist take down the unemployment rate. One of import point is the

large industries, like computing machine mills, that came into the country. The

authorities has been making a batch to diminish unemployment. They have been

making authorities occupations for the people, a plan which began in the late

1980 & # 8217 ; s. In fact, they set up a Federal Buerau of

Horten 6

Ivestigation fingerprinting edifice that employs two 1000 six hundred

people in West Virginia ( Mcgraw 63 ) . Companies have flourished in this

country. About 70 top package companies have entered the country since

1990 ( Mcgraw 63 ) . Over a 1000 occupants have been employees in

package and research ( 63 ) . Seventy Se

ven indicate nine million dollars were

used to construct 70 per centum more houses in 1994, which was raised by the

federal authorities ( 63 ) .

The primary manner to take down unemployment is to promote hereafter

coevalss to acquire an instruction. The high schools today must be upgraded

to run into the hereafter needs of our state. In high schools and colleges

across the state all pupils must be aquentied with the computing machine. Today,

the computing machine is used for many intents from simple spreadsheet to

architectural designs. Another technological progress is the cyberspace. The

cyberspace is about a compulsory trade good today. The whole universe is

connected by the cyberspace.

The cyberspace connects many big and little companies. In Virginia, seven

hundred out of eight 100s and 70 three high schools have connected

to the cyberspace as we

attack the terminal of 1997 ( McGraw63 ) . If the instruction is upgraded, people

will acquire more occupations and/or higher paying occupations ( 63 ) . The Appalachian

Regional Commission says that 70 seven per centum of 18 to

24 twelvemonth olds have completed high school ( McGraw63 ) .

Horten 7

The bishops say in article & # 8220 ; Bishops speak out on behalf of

Appalachia & # 8221 ; from Christian Century, & # 8221 ; Poverty is merely every bit bad as it was

twenty old ages ago ( Bishops6 ) . & # 8221 ; In the new pastoral, bishops say that the

natural environment and its people depend on planetary environmental alteration

( Bishops 6 ) . This alteration is holding a great impact on the Appalachian

part, from New York to Mississippi ( 6 ) . Reasons for the alteration involve

the shutting of big concern and the cutting down of woods ( 6 ) . The new

economic system is altering the Appalachian part into a more

technological country ( 6 ) . A bishop provinces:

With the diminution of excavation and other blue-collar

employment & # 8230 ; local

authoritiess are tempted to depends on refuse dumping and new

prisons as their lone beginning of gross and new

occupations & # 8230 ; Appalachia

is at a hamlets where a pick must be made between


development ( 6 ) .

The outside part is seeking do Appalachia into an out-of-state

garbage-wasteland ( 6 ) . Proposals besides have been made to set countless

prisons into the country ( 6 ) . The excavation

workers and bluish neckband employers are being dumped off like waste ( 6 ) .

Bishop Walter

Sullivan of Richmond, Virginia says, & # 8221 ; we are handling the hapless the manner we

handle the land ( 6 ) . & # 8221 ; The people of Appalachia should be treated through

engineering since they are besides

Horten 8

consumers of this land we call & # 8220 ; land of plentifulness & # 8221 ; ( 6 ) . The bishops are

assisting out the Farmers Budget and following woods to assist maintain Appalachia

a better topographic point ( 6 ) . Many besides say that the land should be used for helpful

things, non uneconomical things ( 6 ) . The bishops who all signed the statement

were: Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore, Archbishop John Donoghue of

Atlanta, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati, Archbishop Thomas Kelly

of Louisville, Bishop William Curlin of Charlotte, North Carolina, and

Bishop William Hughes of Covington, Kentucky.

Although the Appalachian country is known for its poorness job,

Jeffery Damron who wrote & # 8220 ; Traveling Back to Appalachia & # 8221 ; from Newsweek,

considers it a beautiful topographic point and something he calls place ( 16 ) . Because

of the down roads and low tally communities, it is no admiration Appalachia has

the stereotype it has ( Damron16 ) . Appalachia is non merely a hapless waste

land. It is an developing country waiting for the hereafter to get. It

has high mountains and highly soft air currents which make life there

beautiful. The wood of

Appalachia is a major centre of the United States ( 16 ) . & # 8220 ; Bark bombers and

fly minders tell a narrative of Appalachia & # 8221 ; which was written by Jeannie Ralston

in Smithsonian, states that she

notices that advancement has found the mountain country, and that the

life is easier and more romantic ( Ralston45 ) . With the broad unfastened land this

country is unfastened for the hereafter. Peoples are get downing to travel into this country,

looking for what promises to be a bright hereafter ( 16 ) . Appalachia contains

one of the biggest metropoliss in the universe. New York City is the centre of

Horten 9

universe activity. Tendencies are started and developed New York City ( 16 ) .

Despite the fact that Appalachia is high in poorness, it has one of the

lowest offense rates in the United States. It is a fantastic topographic point to populate

and raise a household ( 16 ) . With the broad unfastened Fieldss and spreads, it makes

for a peaceable topographic point to populate. When the seasons hit the Appalachian

Mountains, it is beautiful ( 16 ) . In fall the foliages turn a ruddy and gold

colourss that light up the hillsides. The mountain ranges run on forever ( 16 ) .

Political scientists say that poorness state of affairss could take to

hostile actions against the authorities ( Senesh 650 ) . The authorities is

normally blamed for the poors & # 8217 ; jobs. As quoted by anthropologists and

sociologists & # 8220 ; Poverty breeds Poverty & # 8221 ; ( 650 ) . Children that are raised in a

hapless environment are normally destined to be hapless for all their lives. Many

grownups become highly demoralized. Due to the fact that they can & # 8217 ; t keep

onto a occupation, these people lose all self-respect and self-respect ( 650-650a ) .

Finally they become associated with being hapless. This leads to their

kids desiring to stay hapless ( 650a ) .

With the younger coevalss desiring to stay hapless, it operates like a

concatenation reaction ; taking to 100s and 100s of people in poorness.

Given all of the facts mentioned above, it is easy to see that the universe

and America has a bigger job on their custodies than they realize. The

causes of poorness come from many different factors. It might be related to

the natural development of civilisation. There are ways to work out this

quandary, and it will take some clip to decide. If this job is

Horten 10

solved shortly the whole universe could thrive in the hereafter, but if non the

whole universe could go through away in dearth.

Horten 11


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Appalachian Poverty

Thesis statement: Third universe poorness and Appalachian poorness, which

occurred in the

United States of America, have come about for

assorted grounds, and

these state of affairss have led to a great trade of


I. Global poorness

A. Third universe poorness

1. Lack of Social Security

2. Lack of nutrition

3. Lack of fiscal stableness

B. First universe poorness

1. New York

2. West Virginia

II. United States of America poorness

A. Cause of poorness

1. Unemployment

2. Racial dicrimination

B. Effectss of poorness

1. National shame


2. More poorness

C. Resolution to poverty

1. Better instruction

2. Improve engineering

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