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Power 2 Essay, Research PaperWhen a individual has adequate power in a society, it gives them a batch of control over certain things.

When they have this control, they can hold ownership over a individual or a thing. By calling person, or something, a individual additions an mute ownership over him or her, they are now in control of him or her and it has created a new individuality for them and erased their old individuality. Power, calling and un-naming, control and ownership and individuality are really of import elements in Mary and No Name Woman. Both essays trade with power, individuality, control and ownership, while Mary focal points more on calling and No Name Woman focuses on un-naming.One s power and place in a society can give them the right or ability to call or un-name a individual.

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Person can derive this right by his or her position socially, financially, and even racially. If it s their ain kid, of class, they have every right in the universe to call him or her. But in some civilizations, as is apparent in No Name Woman, they have the right to take away person s name if they have disgraced their household and/or community. A name is really important because it gives a individual a sense of who they are, an individuality. In No Name Woman, Kingston s aunt had no individuality except for the narrative her female parent told her and in Mary Marguerite s new foreman, Mrs. Cullinan changed her name to Mary which so, in a manner, removed Marguerite s original individuality and gave her a new one, one she didn T privation.By altering Marguerite s name, Mrs.

Cullinan proves how much power she has over a small black retainer like Marguerite. A rich white member of the society, in which Marguerite grew up, has more power and control over things than person of a hapless background or a black background. Mrs. Cullinan wasn t the first to motivate the drastic alteration of Marguerite s name, although she started it off by naming her Margaret, it was in fact, one of her friends who suggested that the name s excessively long. I d ne’er bother myself.

I d name her Mary if I was you. ( 5 ) As if demoing off to her friends, and turn outing that she truly does hold control and power over black people, she starts naming her Mary, much to Marguerite s disgust. Marguerite shortly learned that Mrs. Cullinan had changed Miss Glory s name twenty old ages ago. My name used to be Hallelujah. That s what Ma named me, but my kept woman give me Glory, and it stuck.

I likes it better excessively. ( 7 ) After larning this, Marguerite was torn between express joying at Miss. Glory s original name and weeping because she knew it wasn t the first clip Mrs. Cullinan changed a name for convenience or to turn out her power. She went to great lengths to acquire fired from working at Mrs. Cullinan s and to acquire off of the beastly horror of being called out of her name ( 6 ) . She came in late, left early, and didn t clean the dishes decently, among other things, much to no help. That is, until one twenty-four hours when her brother suggested to her a manner to truly acquire Mrs.

Cullinan for naming her Mary. Marguerite took away the most cherished thing to Mrs. Cullinan, a casserole shaped like a fish and the green glass java cups. ( 7 ) Mrs. Cullinan s female parent gave them to her, and Marguerite s female parent gave her her name, both were cherished points that meant a batch to each of them, and by taking them off from one another, it proved that they both had a batch of power. After Marguerite smashed the dishes, Mrs. Cullinan cried out Her name s Margaret, goddamn it, her name s Margaret ( 8 ) as a manner of give uping her ain power and disownment Marguerite.

Mrs. Cullinan started off with all of the power in the beginning of the essay, but she so lost it all when Marguerite smashed the dishes and regained control of her ain life.You must non state anyone, my female parent said, what I am about to state you. ( 341 ) Kingston s female parent tells her the narrative of her male parent s sister, her aunt who is the adult female with no name. She tells about how she disgraced their household by going pregnant by a adult male other than her hubby and how her household disowned her and refused to even express her name for the remainder of clip.

The first sentence of the narrative shows that a individual of the Chinese civilization holds a really high regard for their household s regulations and wants. Kingston s female parent tells her the narrative as a warning. Now that you have started to flow, what happened to her could go on to you. Don t humiliate us. You wouldn Ts like to be forgotten as if you had ne’er been born. The villagers are alert. ( 343 ) In the Chinese civilization, the work forces have all the power, aged work forces more than younger work forces, but it s still a male dominated civilization. The adult females can ne’er speak back or travel against the regulations.

They must merely make what they are told and ne’er have any ailments about it. They aren t allowed to in private kick about it either. The unit of ammunition Moon bars and unit of ammunition room accesss, the unit of ammunition tabular arraies of calibrated size that fit one rotundity inside another, unit of ammunition Windowss and rice bowls these amulets had lost their power to warn this household of the jurisprudence: a household must be whole, dependably maintaining the descent line by holding boies to feed the old and the dead, who in bend expression after the household.

( 349 ) This signifies a ceaseless connexion between the members of each community in the Chinese civilization. The community has a really rigorous set of regulations and guidelines that everyone must follow. All the married adult females blunt cut their hair in flaps about their ears or pulled it back in tight buttockss. ( 346 ) Everybody in the community followed the regulations precisely to a T, as Kingston suggests, My aunt could non hold been the lone romantic who gave up everything for sex. Womans in the old China did non take. ( 344 ) One human being flared up into force could open up a black hole, a whirlpool that pulled in the sky. ( 348-349 ) Kingston s aunt went against these guidelines and interrupted the delicate balance really harshly. Kingston s household proved their power over her aunt by taking her name from their vocabulary and moving as if she had ne’er been born.

Kingston so imagines what her aunt was truly similar, coming up with some different individualities that would accommodate her nicely, but in world, she is believing about her ain individuality, building a particular one for herself, against her parents and civilizations regulations. She is doing an individuality for herself, merely as Marguerite did in Mary. They both removed the power of the people who were in control of them and constructed individualities for themselves, irrespective of what the result would be.Kingston s parents command Kingston with rigorous regulations and guidelines. Kingston goes against these regulations, she publishes the narrative of the aunt who is mute of, and so creates an individuality for herself that she likes, irrespective of what her parents say. Mrs. Cullinan is Angelou s foreman who controls her with regulations, changes her name to Mary, and Angelou so takes off Mrs.

Cullinan s power and regains her ain individuality. Kingston and Angelou prove in their essays that power gives control, control gives ownership, which in bend can do or interrupt an individuality.