Juwan Howard contract was ending and it was time to enter into negotiations with the Bullets.

Juwan’s loyalty was to the Bullets, and he liked living in Washington. Juwan had anticipated an offer from The Washington Bullets. He hoped the offer would be enough to stay where his heart was. The Miami Heat leaked a rumor they would sign Juwan for his $100 million asking price.

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When Washington offered $78. 4 million, the negotiations started.The Washington Bullets, General Manager Wes Unseld was cautious about the negotiations, keeping in mind the salary cap. Unseld’s first offer of $78. 4 million was the amount the franchise could manage to pay for without manipulating salaries and bonuses. Unseld viewed the offer of $78. 4 million as a fair offer and hoped for loyalty Juwan Howard proved to be valuable to any team he might choose to play for, by looking at his previous season.

Juwan, right out of college, which seemed worked to his favor. He was in the prime of his life and would without doubt improve his game in the coming years. Juwan was a fan favorite, and had a good reputation. The Bullet’s cost benefit of resigning him to a $105 million contract would maintain Howard’s fan base and help lead the Bullets to a much needed championship.

The tangible element that Juwan received was $100. 8 million dollars and an additional $4. million dollars to cover taxes in Maryland, which he would not have to pay in Florida because they do not have an income tax.

The Bullets refused to match the offer by the opposing team for limo rides and a hotel suite for each away game because it would possibly create friction between Juwan and his team mates. Juwan also did not have to move, he could keep his status among his fans in Washington, and he did not have to feel like he was leaving the team that put him in the spot light.