This essay will advert two really of import pre-Columbian civilizations in South America, the Mayan and Tihuanacotas and it would be important to cognize briefly why these two civilizations attract tourers and are the most of import for Mexico and Bolivia in their economic system and hence influence both states ‘ societies.

The Mayans are sedentary people who are geographically located in the district of southern Mexico, Guatemala and other Cardinal American countries. Their presence is peculiarly of import their presence and influence in the districts of present Guatemala and Belize, with a rich history of 3,000 old ages ( Delgado, 1999 ) . Nowadays, tourers find the Mayan civilization intriguing with features such as their 30 native linguistic communications, their traditions which are still preserved although with some differences to the ancient 1s, as is the instance of the rites that are now combined with some traditions of the Catholic faith. Their manmade vesture and traditional nutrient are besides an attractive force non merely for tourers but for local people from other parts ( Peren,2007 ) . Mayan civilization contributes with 6 % of the economic system in Mexico, money that is today added to the money gained by other touristic topographic points and natural resources for it to be distributed to all the provinces in Mexico. ( Rojas,2008 ) .

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Tiahuanaco is the most of import archeological site in the Highlandss at an height of 4000 metres above sea degree. This civilization was one of the greatest civilizations of South America, as many things remain to be explored. It ‘s called civilisation of “ Los hijos del colloidal suspension ” which in English is translated as “ the boies of the Sun ” , since their biggest inspiration was the Sun. ( Suarez, 1995 ) While the Sun was their biggest inspiration, the Moon could non stay in limbo. It is believed that both were of great importance since they built two doors of big heavy rocks.

It is believed that merely approximately 30 % of Tiahuanaco ‘s civilisation has been discovered. ( Olivera,2009 ) .It is of import to advert that “ Tiahuanaco contributes 9 % of the economic system of Bolivia and this money is straight reinvested in things such as instruction and wellness attention in La Paz, capital metropolis of Bolivia.

” ( Olivera, 2009 ) .In relation to their medical specialty, many people from Mexico and Bolivia are influenced by this ancients believing. Presents, in Mexico, around 9 million people use traditional medical specialty. A ( OMS, 2008 ) LA ESTRATEGIA MUNDIAL SOBRE MEDICINA TRADICIONAL ( MT ) This Traditional medical specialty is portion of the attractive forces for tourers, stand foring a portion of the past and present behavior on local people, speaking about the Mayan ‘s as a community and Mexican people being influenced daily by this sort of medical specialty. The Mayan ‘s medical specialties theoretical account is based on universe position and spiritualty. These elements, besides being the footing of their design, are besides anchors in their pattern means the wellness and disease, in footings of balance and instability between organic structure, psyche, Mother Nature and the existence as a whole.

Health is the balance and the disease is the instability, this means the balance of energy, a balance that has to make with human existences and their relationship with nature and with the other elements of the universe and hence this means that this should be understood as that wellness goes beyond the physical. ( Eder, Karin & A ; Garcia, 2007 ) Another dimension of wellness from this position is the corporate relationship, which besides has of import relationships with other human existences. It is non plenty merely to experience good as an person, but besides in to be in harmoniousness with others and to accomplish complete well-being. In this sense, the mechanisms for accomplishing balance ( mending ) trades with assorted elements such as the usage of medicative workss, transporting offerings, behavior ceremonials, traveling to the autochthonal therapists such as accoucheuses, therapists, religious leaders and Mayan priests. ( Aqarib’al, 2002 ) “ The Mayan civilization has been studied for several old ages and been a ground of investing of many authoritiess in Mexico and has been the topographic point of work for many people from all the states ” ( Jimenez, 1995 )In the other manus, the attractive force that the Aymara ‘s curative system has, includes a assortment of of import aetiologic constructs sing the beginning and the causes of diseases and afflictions of human existences.

The choice of the appropriate curative theoretical account, in each instance depends on how the unwellness is culturally defined and contextualized. In this manner Aymara ‘s therapists can aggressively separate the diseases which are contagious and have been caught from another individual and from those who have developed the disease. ( Suarez. 1995 ) People get ill due to assorted grounds and motivations, some ailments have to make chiefly with the patient ‘s organic structure, others involve the psyche. It is exactly the patient ‘s psyche that is privileged in the aymaran medical specialty in the intervention of diseases and complaints that affect non merely the organic structure of the individual, but besides to their household and societal environment. ( Albo , 2000 )The economic sciences is a really of import consideration in touristry, as to the being of an inflow of people in the resort ; it should pull people ‘s attending with its good substructure and good service of the workers in the resort for tourers. The economic investing is big non merely on installations for tourers but besides, before sing advancing a tourer finish, on some research so that they can detect new attractive forces in the topographic point, such as pyramids or trades that characterize this civilization.

The investing that must be done is high, but that is how the addition in a hereafter is high and it supports the promotion of the touristry concern, helping greatly with the economic system of a state. Sing this subject, harmonizing to informations released by the Mexican most important organisation related to touristry FONATUR ( 2010 ) about touristry tendencies, “ it is estimated that by the twelvemonth 2020, international tourer reachings are above 1.560 million, while touristry grosss reached two billion dollars. These international tourer reachings observed an mean one-year growing rate of 4.1 % , while grosss increased 7.1 % yearly.

”Concerned about political relations in this subject, the authorities of Mexico and Bolivia, have already spoken sing the issue before, taking into history that one of their higher incomes in both states are the touristry with civilizations like the Mayan in Mexico and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. Felipe Calderon, current president of Mexico said that touristry is a cardinal sector for the economic system of his state and regional development of it, bring forthing many occupations, ( Sectur,2006 ) and that ‘s because each resort must engage many people so they can cover every demand of it, such as scanners, receptionists, tourer ushers or drivers of coachs for transit to the topographic point and that is a local benefit to the society because it generates as said the president of Mexico, many occupations for people populating in this state.An of import map of authorities is to make an administrative construction to plan touristry merchandises based on cardinal inputs such as natural resources and man-made, such as traditions, imposts, culinary art, folklore, among others, and every bit good this encourages the publicity, the development, the funding and the survey of touristry. The President of Bolivia Evo Morales spoke on the subject and said that to demo what Bolivia as a state has to offer, it must put a strong economic capital and advance touristry internationally utilizing international relationships with other states in all continents. ( Ministerio de culturas, 2011 ) . One of their duties in the cultural field, Elliot ( 1997 ) says in his book Suitable touristry II, is recognize that if the authorities is involved in touristry it is non merely to see it as a moneymaking industry, but besides as educational and cultural experience for both tourers and host community. Tourism has non merely economic influence, but besides environmental and in the local civilization ” .

The cultural meetings generated by this concern causes an exchange of civilizations, where participants live together and seek to be accepted while blending their imposts. Besides in this sense the authorities should move, non merely for economic additions generated by touristry, but besides the qualitative benefits that entails, to hold a better consequence and image to tourers, as a tourer finish and to be easy offered for the tourer market in the universe. It is every bit good as the Mexican president is get downing new diplomatic steps for Mexico to be promoted as a touristic topographic point in other states around the universe, one of these steps is make the visa procedure faster, for tourers to be able to acquire a tourer visa without holding to use months in progress. ( Sectur, 2006 ) Furthermore, the Bolivian authorities of Evo Morales, plans to construct more airdromes in different metropoliss in Bolivia as there is assorted tourist attractive forces in Bolivia, so besides wants to make an understanding with an Irish air hose operating in Bolivia for publicities that may be in different flights so that tourers can come from the U.S. or Europe, without major disbursement big amounts of money merely in the transitions of flight. ( Ministerio de culturas,2011 ) . It is truly of import to advance ethno touristries in those states, which largely depend on the concern, because their society benefits from the beginnings gain from it.

Therefore, ethno touristry as a concern needs to considered in many facets, it needs to be organized for it to be harmonizing to the outlooks of the tourer, after the tourer has been benefited with all the cognition and comfort of the touristic topographic point, this benefit will be transmitted to the society with non merely the money that a tourer would pass in the state but besides with the cultural exchange between the tourers and host community, furthermore profit the environment with new finds and protection for this valuable substructure.