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Pre-Marital Sexual Abstinence Essay, Research Paper

With all the accent on the importance of utilizing rubbers and birth control to guarantee safer sex, I feel an intelligent pick is being overlooked. What is this pick? Well, it is sometimes looked at as old-fashion or non as a plausible determination. I feel, though, that it is really possible, and I am populating cogent evidence that it is. This determination that I have made is pre-marital sexual abstention.

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First of all, I want to state that I feel that people should be educated about rubbers and other signifiers of birth control. Being responsible plenty to take those steps when covering with sex is of import in and outside matrimony. Besides, I would wish to state that I am non looking down on anyone who chooses to prosecute in pre-marital sex. Many of my closest friends have chosen to hold sex, and I have and ever will be at that place for them no affair what determinations they make. I can speak to them about sex and give advice cognizing that their beliefs are non mine.

So, why have I made this determination? Well, the root of my determination is from my faith. I am a converted Christian, and God tells us in the bible that it is incorrect to hold sex outside of matrimony. When I was in junior high, I made a batch of promises that I swore I wouldn & # 8217 ; t interruption. They included such things as non imbibing and non holding sex until I was married. Well, I managed to interrupt most of those promises in high school, but I ever have kept my promise of abstention. It wasn & # 8217 ; t a determination that I made to be a & # 8220 ; good & # 8221 ; miss, it was a manner of life. Every issue I saw that dealt with sex in high school made my determination even stronger. I was scared that me desiring to be a virgin would have a batch of irony and gags, but I alternatively received the exact antonym. Boys that found out would believe it was fantastic and say such things as & # 8220 ; You & # 8217 ; re the type of miss I want to get married! & # 8221 ; One of my best friends wrote in my yearbook & # 8220 ; I will ever look up to you for your ability to state no in the most intense, heat of the minute. Always stick to what you believe. You & # 8217 ; ll cognize when its right! & # 8221 ; I was besides afraid that I would ne’er hold a fellow who would accept me for my beliefs. On the contrary, I had a really serious relationship for a twelvemonth without holding sex. My ex-boyfriend has even made the pick of abstention for himself. Some of my closest friends have besides made the same determination, which helps because we can be at that place to back up each other.

Besides me being a Christian, I feel that there are many good grounds to take to be abstentious. Probably the most evident grounds are forestalling an unwanted gestation or undertaking an infective disease. If I became pregnant, I feel that many

of my hereafter programs could be really difficult to carry through. The HIV virus is besides a chilling issue that is really existent. Contracting a disease or going pregnant could earnestly change or alter my life.

In add-on, I feel that society & # 8217 ; s position of matrimony is manner out of proportion. Marriage is supposed to be a fantastic bond that two people vow to ne’er interrupt. I can & # 8217 ; t believe of a better manner to do a matrimony sacred than to maintain sex inside that matrimony. Sexual activity is the most cherished act of familiarity that shows your love for the individual with which you are traveling to pass the remainder of your life. Even if a twosome is engaged to be married, I feel they should non hold sex. Anything could go on while the twosome is engaged, and they might ne’er acquire married. Therefore, when a twosome is engaged, trust and regard is built when a adult male and a adult female choose non to hold sex, and they both survive the battles of self-denial. I besides see my virginity as a gift to my hubby. I love him so much now without even cognizing who he is that I will salvage this gift for him.

Sexual activity is besides excessively emotional of an experience to hold with another individual besides your partner. I know that my most serious relationship was hard plenty to acquire over after interrupting up without of all time holding sex. I can & # 8217 ; t conceive of what the break-up would hold been like if we had had sex. At points in that relationship, I felt like he was the 1 with which I wanted to pass the remainder of my life, and I even contemplated holding sex. Now that I know that things didn & # 8217 ; t work out, I am so glad that I didn & # 8217 ; t stop up losing my virginity. Many people feel that sex is needed to hold an confidant and loving relationship, but there are many options to demo a boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them.

When I started college, I was afraid that my friends and I were the lone 1s who saw the benefits of abstention. I lucked out, though, and I have met many people who have made the same determination. I have even met many cats that are non afraid to state people that they are proud of their virginity. Sometimes people assume that merely misss can hold the self-denial to remain abstentious, but that is so untrue. Work force might move like they need sex more than adult females, but the fact is that we all have the same sexual desires. Having sex should be a really of import determination for anyone whether they choose to salvage it for matrimony or non.

This determination of abstention is non any easy one. Sometimes I even wonder if it is worth it, but merely for a 2nd. Then I think about how particular my matrimony will be. I might non happen a virgin for a hubby, but at least he will cognize what I saved for him. I & # 8217 ; m glad I know precisely why God wishes us to salvage sex for matrimony.