Last updated: February 21, 2019
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To some people, studying the past has little value in the modern world. Why do you think it is important to do so? What will be the effect if children are not taught history. Nowadays there is a reluctant attitude towards the study of the historic facts since people are not interested in learning the past. Our modern world is different from the past and for that reason at present we need to study some new subjects to develop our earth or where we live. However it must be explained the causes and consequences of this problem, as many children grow up without even knowing about anything about past episodes of their country.

History enlightens us on why the present conditions happen and what will befall in the future generations. We should learn history, our ancestors life with the purpose of teaching us how not to repeat their mistakes. For instance, when builders build a house they pay attention to the fundamental part of the house. If the fundamental part is not built strong, the house will not even survive the wind. Our life is like a house which we build in its process. It consists of history, present and future. History is fundamental part of our life. If we do not learn history, our life will be destroyed.

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For that reason we have to study past and modern subjects at the same time, and teach them to our future generations. If children are taught history, it will give good results. During studying history they can learn their ancestors, inventions, how scientists invented things which we use they every day in every field of our life and they might be encouraged by studying. Past events will be incentive of the future inventions. Indeed, we should study the past and teach it to our children, in order to get certain information about the past life and not repeat the errors of the people who lived before us.

Overall, children really need to understand and analyze the preceding actions which occurred in the past. It must be a work in which are in charge teachers and families in the present time. At school, teachers must teach bearing in mind learners’ needs and their own interests. If not, kids will become in individuals will be easily dragged by others’ ideas and without being worried about the decisions that take other people. In the end, we should always bear in our minds that history teaches us to live better in the present by learning to build a better tomorrow.