Every politician makes promises of what he or she will make when elected president and many of them do non see their promises through. President Barrack Obama is no exclusion and he made more than 500 promises to the people of United States of America if elected president. Peoples should non demur that promises politicians make to be a 100 % fulfilled. However. president Barrack Obama has fulfilled a figure of the promises he made to the people while others are to be fulfilled.The paper focuses on some of the promises the president promised during his runs for presidential term and their province in the present twenty-four hours. a treatment if Obama would occupy Iran and the new Arizona Immigrant Bill and whether he should acquire involved.

How good does President Barrack Obama live to the outlooks of the people? President Barrack Obama Barrack Obama is the forty-fourth president of America and won the elections on 4th November. 2008 by a landslide win of 52. 9 % against his opposition from the Republican Party. John McCain who acquired 45. 7 % popular ballot.During his run. president Barrack Obama made more than 500 promises to the people which were to be fulfilled after he was elected president.

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It has been one twelvemonth and seven months since his startup on January 20. 2009. Albeit guesss about his promises as run tools for presidential term.

president Barrack Obama has undergone both positive and negative unfavorable judgments based on the same promises that defined him during his run and has managed to carry through some of the promises he made to the people of the United States of America. while others stand to be fulfilled ( Janny. 2008 ) .

I would state that the Obama reign and administration still has clip to carry through the promises it made to the people of the United States of America. Either manner. critics would still be made about him either transporting out Bush patterns to his disposal and of being a president who used obscure promises to the people of the United States in order to be elected president. Some believe that president Obama is the most widely criticized president of the United States of America for all times.All in all. the president deserves a rap on the dorsum for the promises he has managed to carry through.

the promises he is still carry throughing and the promises he is to carry through. Time would state if his promises were simply run tools by the terminal of his epoch. which boulder clay so. president Obama has a batch to populate to the outlooks of the people of the United States of America. the people who elected him believing that he was the new morning for America. an epoch of the young persons to govern ( Janny. 2008 ) .Some may reason that president Obama has continued to transport on the patterns in the retired president shrub government while others believe that Obama has carried out recommendable attempts to alter the state.

President Obama made promises to the people of the United States. but the people should non anticipate the promises to be fulfilled nightlong. Some of the things he promised are going harder and harder to carry through for case the promise of the united provinces authorities being transparent. accountable and leting the imperativeness to hold entree to authorities records.He promised to stop the cover of secretiveness the Bush government operated under by doing the authorities act responsibly and go more accountable to the people it is functioning and thereby doing him the most broad president of the U. S. ( Janny.

2008 ) . The promise of openness was signed during his first twenty-four hours in office and to show twenty-four hours still remains doing it easier for the Americans to size up the authorities for there is no secretiveness that has been typical of past American authoritiess.However. this promise has been challenged after the high tribunal ruled out publication of anguish article for the Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The place for non publication is because the information. if it were to be published would do United Kingdom inquiries the intelligence of sharing information with the U. S.

This has added to the uncertainties as to whether president’s Obama promises were simply run tools ( Stolberg. 2010 ) . In the article “Barrack Obama on the issues: what would be your top three precedences if elected?” ( 2008 ) . during his runs. he made one of his major promises to retreat the United States troops from Iraq and stop the Iraq war.

Many citizens embraced the thought with unfastened weaponries for they believed that the U. S. intervention with Iraq was bing the state a batch of money which could be used to salve other countries’ precedences. He promised the people that he was traveling to do certain that United States troop’s combats were traveling to be out of Iraq within six months since his election as president.The promise to take military personnels from Iraq came to go through during his first yearss as president of the United States of America when he ordered that United States military to get down fixing to go forth Iraq. Today. the president’s promise is acquiring closer to be fulfilled for he has already set the deadline for backdown of the military personnels as 31st August.

2010 for the promise to be executed on agenda. Alongside with the directives he issued in his first yearss as president. for the U. S. military to retreat from Iraq. he believe that by retreating the United States military military personnels. the U.S.

would be giving Iraq authorities liberty and independency over the hereafter of its people and state. Iraq authorities will hold to cover with terrorist menaces themselves and organize their ain authorities. This he said because he believed in the diplomatic manner of work outing struggles and the U. S. as a go-between between the states surrounding Iraq for peace to be attained in the part. In the article “Barrack Obama on the issues: what would be your top three precedences if elected?” ( 2008 ) . President Obama intended to shut down the Guantanamo detainment cantonment instantly he took over as president but this was hindered by a figure of factors. The cantonment was to be closed within one twelvemonth and terrorist suspects were no longer to be interrogated utilizing anguish methods.

In add-on. it was made illegal for the U. S. to hold secret detainment cantonments in other states or for such cantonments to be built in the hereafter. This involved the closing of CIA secret detainment centres. farther closing of the Afghanistan and Iraq detainment installations in the hereafter.President barrack Obama. said that by shuting the detainment cantonment.

it would let the detainees who have been help up in the cantonments without just test the chance of just test or release. This was to guarantee that the United States of America authorities practiced more ethical values of covering with force and terrorist act other that the cold methods employed by the Bush disposal. The promise still remains to be fulfilled as many states have shown reluctance to having terrorists in their states.

Issues are still originating as to whether the terrorist after being delivered to other states will be tortured.Arguably. some people believe that the terrorists are excessively unsafe to be released and hence the promise stands to be fulfilled within the clip that president Obama is in power. President Obama besides promised that there would be no revenue enhancement hikings for those people with an one-year income of less than $ 250.

000 which comprises of a big figure of people because most of them hardly make $ 100. 000 along side his wellness attention reform promise to include more people being insured. In the article “Barrack Obama on the issues: what would be your top three precedences if elected?” ( 2008 ) . nevertheless.

when revenue enhancement on coffin nail was increased. it made the promise during the run unrealistic because bulk of those who use coffin nails hardly make more than $ 250. 000. Many people interpreted his promises otherwise for it is really unrealistic non to revenue enhancement anything that the hapless adult male uses. In add-on. addition in revenue enhancement on coffin nails leads to a diminution on those people who use them particularly the under aged since they can non afford it. For a non dictator president like Barrack Obama non to dogmatically enforce his thoughts on the people. I tend to believe that people are being unjust to him and are judging him excessively harshly.

He has done a batch in visible radiation of the promises ; he is being pushed from all sides by people who are wishing that he fails in his reign as president and besides compressed to run into both the Republicans and democrats demands of the authorities. When pushed excessively much. both internationally and domestically. Obama has ended up non making anything and this has contributed to the down autumn of the United States economic system but there is clip for him to rectify his errors and carry on with the promises. What the United States of America people and politicians should be making is to impart him a manus and non anticipate him to set the state on path individual handedly.President Barrack Obama is besides working with people who did non assure anything to the people of the United States of America and hence they do non experience compelled to assist him achieve his ends ( Janny. 2008 ) .

Guesss arise as to whether president Obama could occupy Iran after it announced that it has started change overing U into gas. It is believed that Iran is a measure off from doing atomic bomb even after the suspension of such activities in Iran by the International Atomic Energy Agency.President Obama has considered inquiring other states to bespeak Iran into giving up through international community and solidarity into coercing Iran give up its atomic involvements.

When diplomatic attempts fails to do Iran discontinue its atomic attempts. I think president Obama will ensue into occupying the state through the military striking the productions sites of atomic in Iran. Invading Iran will no doubt make bad dealingss of the U. S. with the Arab Emirates but president Obama considers it better than holding a broad Muslim province possess atomic arms.

In add-on to his country’s military personnels been in Iraq. Obama is left with no pick than to occupy Iran if international countenance do non oblige the state to halt its quest for atomic arms ( Janny. 2008 ) . The new Arizona Immigrant Bill is believed to be one of the toughest measures on immigrants. Upon the passage of the measure.

immigrants will be identified. prosecuted and deported back to their place state if suspected to be in Arizona illicitly. Immigrants in Arizona are to transport in-migration paperss which make it an discourtesy non to hold the in-migration paperss in the state.The constabulary will hold the power to collar and confine those people who are in the state illicitly. Many people are opposed to it experiencing that it opens up the right to torment of aliens and any individual suspected of being a alien thereby sabotaging the rights of people. Others are for the measure to be enacted and rigorous punishments be imposed on employers who hire illegal immigrants imposed. This is in line with the belief that most immigrants are taking up the rights of Americans in the workplace while Native Americans continue to endure for they lack occupation chances which have been grabbed by the illegal immigrants.

The measure is besides anticipated to construct a batch of racism and cultural lineation. Furthermore immigrants will fear describing anything to the authorization for fright of being deported to their state. which is non in line with battling offense in Arizona. Assorted organisations are opposed to the in-migration measure and calls for its revoking for fright that it may distribute from Arizona to other provinces and hence endangering public safety.

President barrack Obama is opposed to the in-migration measure in Arizona terming it as misguided and ill conceived.I think the president should acquire involved in coming up with in-migration reforms but merely when he conjures up the Democrats together with the republicans into seting in topographic point in-migration Torahs that are non unethical ( Janny. 2008 ) .

President Obama wellness attention program was among the promises he delivered during his run. He sought to stop the manner insurance companies abuse the rights of the citizens of America. In the measure. the president aimed at making and ordaining regulations that saw everybody being treated reasonably when it came to wellness attention and making wellness attention insurances for the people which are low-cost.It was a concern for the president that many Americans could non afford wellness attention insurance and thereby incorporated a promise on wellness attention to broaden the figure of people under insurance in the state particularly those who are hapless. One of the ways that low-cost insurance is being maintained is through the revenue enhancement addition on coffin nails. A big per centum of the money is being channeled to hapless households specifically those households that have been victims of baccy and could non afford wellness attention insurance ( Stolberg. 2010 ) .

I strongly agree with president Obama’s wellness attention program.Through his program more and more people are assured of obtaining medical screen. The move to supply the in-between category with revenue enhancement cuts ensures that those people who were ne’er covered will be covered and afford wellness attention in the united provinces of America. In every bit much as critics are originating as to whether cosmopolitan wellness attention is possible. what Obama is making to supply low-cost medical services low-cost is applaudable.

Insurance companies will besides be more accountable for they will hold regulations that are regulating them non to deny wellness coverage to the people of America.The epoch where hapless American could non afford the similar picks of medical insurance with outstanding members of parliament are long gone through the Obama wellness attention program. The program aims at supplying purchase in footings of insurance with competitory monetary values of wellness attention insurance and no longer will Americans be discriminated in visible radiation of proviso of wellness attention. With such propositions. it would be really unwise non to to the full hold with what president Barrack Obama is making for his state ( Stolberg. 2010 ) .

“Yes We Can” was the motto during the runs for presidential term which saw Obama licking McCain and go the 44th president of America. Bing a immature presidential campaigner. many young persons believed in him and they voted him to convey about reforms in America. Obama widely campaigned and made more than 500 promises to the people of America. Some of the promises have been attained ; others are in advancement while others may look to hold been forgotten. It is nevertheless nearsighted to discredit what the president has done for his state and what he is seeking to make.President Obama has many promises to carry through and this is worsened by the manner he is being judged on a day-to-day footing.

It is as if he is walking through the hawk eyes of a people that is loosen uping and watching what one adult male entirely can make for his state. By the mere fact that he promised to convey about reforms in the authorities and travel off from patterns that were during the Bush epoch. it does non intend that he will make it entirely. The slogan “Yes We Can” I tend to believe incorporated every person who is an American citizen to work together to convey about alterations in the state.

In add-on. his clip as the president of America is non yet over and the president will make the best he can to carry through his promises to the state for the promises are geared towards the development of America and its citizens ( Janny. 2008 ) . References Janny. S. : “The narrative of Obama.

written by Obama” . ( 2008. May 18 ) . The New York Times.

p. 1. “Barrack Obama on the issues: what would be your top three precedences if elected? ” ( 2008. April 14 ) : Washington station. Stolberg. S. “Obama Signs Landmark Health Care Bill” : ( 2010. March 23 ) : The New York Times.