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Princess Leia is the most interesting character in the Star Wars saga. She was first introduced to audiences everywhere in the epic tale with the release of a movie called Star Wars IV: A New Hope in 1977. It was written and directed by George Lucas. It starts out with the princess recording a message to a droid, named R2D2, requesting help from a man called Obi-Wan Kenobi to fight for the Rebel Alliance against the empire. She also puts into the droid the layout of Death Star, which is a giant battle station that also contains a weapon that can destroy planets.

After sending R2D2 to a distant planet, she is captured by Darth Vader who is one of the leaders of the empire. The droid ends up in the hands of a young man, named Luke Skywalker. He finds a part of the message shortly after coming into possession of the robot. He then sets out to find Obi-Wan, and discovers the man used to be a Jedi-knight. After discovering his aunt and uncle murdered by Darth Vader’s men, he sets out with Obi-Wan to help in the fight against the empire.

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They hire Hans Solo and his sidekick Chewbacca to fly them to rescue the princess and then continue on to aid the alliance in destroying the Death Star. Princess Leia is a spirited, compassionate, and courageous young woman. She grew up on the peaceful planet Alderaan. She is most well known for wearing her hair in buns that are on both sides of her head, and for wearing white floor-length gowns. Her role is that of a leader of the Rebel Alliance in their fight to restore the republic, a member of the Imperial Senate, and as a former member of the senate.

You find out about her character right at the beginning of the movie, and all throughout the film. Audiences can learn a lot about her character based both on her words and in her actions. For instance, when her home planet was being threatened of being destroyed by the Death Star, she refused to give the location of the hidden Rebel base or the layouts she had stolen. She also has a sharp tongue and doesn’t care who she insults; like when she greets Governor Tarkin once Darth Vader has brought her to him by saying “I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board. As for her actions, you can tell she is a capable woman, able to handle situations with a clear head. For example, she’ll pick up any weapon within reach and is able to fight off many stormtroopers just as good as any one of the men. Then again shows courage when there’s no escape but to go down a garbage chute. I like Princess Leia most of all the other characters for many reasons. As I’ve mentioned before, she is a capable woman, who doesn’t sit back and let others fight, she’s willing to get her hands dirty too.

She’s level headed and doesn’t complain or cry that they might die or not be able to escape. I liked that she’s not a typical princess; she’s very humble from most princesses you read or hear about who act as spoiled, whinny little girls. She also cares a lot for other people. She also looks down on those who would choose money over doing something that she sees is right. Like when Hans Solo tells her he’s not there to fight, he just wants his reward, then he’s out of there, she tells him that if money’s all he loves then that’s what he’ll receive.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about the princess, other than how she wore her hair all the time. I thought she could have changed styles like most women of today do. Otherwise, I didn’t find any faults with the character. I think she was strongly motivated by fairness, loyalty, and compassion. People trying to use others for their own gain or were only influenced by what they could gain in materialistic ways really made her angry. The actress Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia. She brought the character to life by emoting her character’s feelings through her voice and actions.

I’m not exactly sure how or if my perception of Carrie’s portrayal of the character would change had any other actress performed it. If it had been someone who can’t emote any feeling with her words and was stiff in her actions, I probably wouldn’t have cared for Princess Leia’s character. Otherwise, if it was another actress with the same talent or better, then my opinion wouldn’t change. I think if Carrie Fisher was more famous, I would like her even more, depending on how well her other films were, of course. I don’t think she could have given a better performance.

All in all, Princess Leia is by far, the most interesting character in the first Star Wars movie. She is a head strong but compassionate woman. She won’t stop at nothing to defeat the empire and regain order to the republic. She’s also quite capable of handling herself in a battle or in the hands of her enemy. Princess Leia is most known for the way she wears her hair, and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. She’s heavily motivated by what’s right, and puts down anyone she feels isn’t. She is portrayed very well by the actress Carrie Fisher.