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 Print Review Senses Magazine is an English quarterly publication by TM4 Media. It is distributed in bookstores and over newsstands across metropolitan areas in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates for $7.99. Readers can also opt to subscribe for a copy and have it mailed directly to their address for their convenience.

Shoky Monfared, manager of business operations at TM4 Media, said in an interview that Senses Magazine first came out in the winter of 2006. When asked why the magazine was published quarterly, Shoky Monfared, cited two reasons, first, Senses Magazine mostly has employees who are working part time which takes them a longer time to have an issue ready for publishing. Second, their advertising revenue is not yet enough to allow them to publish more frequently.

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Aside from these reasons, it takes longer to publish a single issue of Sense Magazine than the typical monthly magazine because of the effort involved in its creation.Sense Magazine did not immediately appear the way it does now. It was only until the fifth issue that the people in Senses Magazine finally achieved the format that they deemed is appropriate for the magazine.

This went out in the summer of 2006. Each issue of the magazine comes out in almost 100pages of high quality color, exemplifying the kind of technical attention that the beautiful photography requires.Senses magazine contains seven sections which is not a usual magazine format and each section begins with a feature on an artist’s painting. It also features professionally taken photographs found in almost every article. The pictures appear complete with the name of the distinguished photographer who took them which shows to what lengths this magazine is willing to go for the sake of high quality and excellent taste. Same as another popular magazine, the last page of Senses Magazine also has an Astrology and Numerology section.

One of the notable articles found in one of the issues of Sense Magazine was “Destination” by Kelly Dunleavy. This feature article showcased the Coral Coast of Western Australia. With sufficient beautifully taken pictures and very informative facts about how much one would spend for a vacation in the resorts featured, a lot of readers became really interested in traveling to Australia.Surprisingly, the magazine contains only a few advertisements. However, most of these advertisements are for high class brands.

Companies like Neiman Marcus, one of the high class shopping departments, and Diamond Developers, a luxury apartment company since the magazine targets wealthy people are among its constant advertisers. It is already evident from these advertisements that this magazine is not intended for the general public.Senses Magazine caters to 60,000 readers and according to their website (, their readers are among well educated internationally savvy individuals, with an upper class income: 64% of readers are 45 to 60 years old, 68% of readers are female, 50% of readers are college graduate and 71% of readers maintain a house hold income of $500,000 and above.Despite that Sense Magazine is not very popular; it has its own unique style and exceptional vision.

Driven by passion and creativity Sense Magazine is definitely a successful magazine in its own right.