The job that the constabulary sections are confronting is that these sections don’t have the right fiscal support to do a metro constabulary section. The job of the tube amalgamation is that constabulary officers would be demoted from head and would be brought down to the captain rank. Another job is that there’s a job with make up one’s minding who’s traveling to run the whole tube constabulary section. Another job is how’s the support for the metro constabulary section traveling to take topographic point.

In the paper there are traveling to be multiple jobs that are traveling to be discussed.The county executive Joel A. Giumbra wants to turn up the city’s constabulary force into the sheriff’s section to salvage money.

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chiefly through labour cost decreases. The job is that the sheriff’s section wouldn’t be financially stable if they merge. A solution to the job is by cut downing adult male power. If police sections cut down down to one-person autos so there might be adequate economy for one metropolis to jump the amalgamation. To halt this job from reoccurring once more you would do certain that the constabulary section doesn’t do anything they can’t afford.

Besides they should concentrate on the one-person auto patrols to salvage money.The state of affairs that sections are confronting is that the sections are holding jobs with overtime. The job is that the sections are paying excessively much out to overtime. The ground why this job occurs is that when constabulary officers are traveling to retire they ask for overtime so that it builds up there pension. They ask for they overtime because it builds up their one-year wage and the pension goes off the best 3 old ages of an officers bearer and it determines on how much they earn on their pension after they retire. A manner to work out this job is that they get proper staffing. If the sections get proper staffing so they wouldn’t have to pay these officers who are due to retire overtime if they have an officer who they could pay at set hourly pay.

The following job is the proper support for the amalgamation. The job is non cognizing were the support is traveling to come from for the amalgamation. This is a job with the amalgamation because there is so many county and metropoliss that are traveling to be involved and non cognizing who or how to acquire the support for the amalgamation. The manner to repair the cardinal jobs is by taxing the metropoliss. towns. and single county’s. If they do this by taxing society for protection and aid for the society there should be adequate money for the section.In decision there are multiple jobs that are traveling to happen if this amalgamation were to go on.

The intent of this paper is to inform society on the jobs that would be faced if the amalgamation were to go on. The information is of import to cognize because if a individual were to travel into the field of condemnable justness that individual would be informed on the possible option of a amalgamation. A strong recommendation for the people is making more research and happen pros and cons of a amalgamation. This recommendation would be of a moderate trouble it genuinely depends on how much research you put into happening the pros and cons.