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Coca-Cola India offers a comprehensive scope of drinks.

They include Coca-Cola. Diet Coke. Thums Up. Fanta. Limca. Sprite. Maaza.

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Maaza Milky Delite. Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh. Minute Maid Mixed Fruit. Minute Maid Apple. Georgia.

Georgia Gold. Kinley. Kinley Club Soda and Burn. Some of the recent merchandise launches that have added to the company’s merchandise portfolio have been launch of Fanta Fun Times. and Nimbu Fresh. In add-on in class of researching new skylines. merchandise scope broadening and trade name extension in India.

Coca-Cola has re-entered the Rs 300 crore branded powdery ready-to-drink market. As a portion of the company’s incursion scheme and understanding the affordability of in-between category consumers. Coca Cola has chosen the Rs. 5 monetary value point taking at mass consumers.

The aim is to eat into the market portion of the class leader Rasna. Rasna claims to keep 93 % market portion in the Indian powdered soft drink market. Before the launch.

Coca Cola intends to carry on market testing of the merchandise before acquiring into pan-India launch.The fact is. India is the lone market where the company is come ining into the concentrate class under the trade name Fanta.

Besides it is the lone fifth market where a powdery offering of any of its trade names is being made available. Coca-Cola has powdered drink trade names like Eight O’ Clock juice and juice drink in Philippines. the Sunfill trade name in Hong Kong. Kenya and the US. Through such launches Coca-Cola India intends to aim the consumer section at the underside of the socio-economic pyramid and consequently the above mentioned monetary value point of Rs 5 is fixed. In line with these factors the retail merchants selected for the new merchandise are traditional FMCG outlets/kirana shops without infrigidation installation.New PULP-BASED PRODUCTS UNDER THE BRAND NAME OF MINUTE MAIDTaking advantage of 2011 summer season.

the planetary drink giant is doing readyings in progress to vie in the pure juices market dominated by its rivals PepsiCo with its trade name Tropicana. and Dabur with its Real trade name. The company intends to come in the market by coming up with market offerings which include three discrepancies of Minute Maid juices viz. . orange. apple and grape. The current fruit-based juice trade names. the mango juice-based drink Maaza and Minute Maid are non pure juices.

This is besides a portion of Hindustan Coca Cola’s scheme to widen its healthy drinks portfolio. due to increasing figure of wellness witting clients.This pulp-based section is turning yearly at 20 % in India and hasin the past given promising consequences for the bing participants. Besides this launch in add-on to late launched Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh and Pulpy Orange is intended to guarantee strong presence and competitory advantage in the high possible wellness section.

The 100 % juice class merchandise being premium requires that the company follow a different scheme. And cardinal to this is pull offing distribution good. So as to do the merchandise available to premium clients Coca-Cola India is join forcesing with Big Bazaar. the country’s top retail merchant. Besides at the start as par of their scheme.

Coca-Cola Company is aiming other such organized retail merchants. The merchandises are priced at Rs. 85 for a liter and Rs.

20 for a 200 milliliter battalion. In Indian the Rs. 700 crore juice markets can be separated into two classs. the first being the 100 % ( pure ) and sweetened juice which has Dabur’s Real taking half of the market portion and PepsiCo’s Tropicana trade name retaining about 35 % of this market portion. THE LAUNCH OF ‘NIMBU FRESH’Coca-Cola India has launched lemon juice-based drink. under the umbrella of Minute Maid juice trade name. The new ‘Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh’ is made available in twin-sized battalions.

The 400 milliliter PET battalion is priced at Rs. 15 and the one liter PET at Rs. 40.

The company claims the Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh. is made out of fresh lemon juice dressed ore. It seems that Cocacola has introduced this merchandise to vie against Pepsi trade name Nimbooz under 7’UP trade name umbrella.

Nimbooz with tag line “Ekdam Asli Indian” has positioned itself as an Indian lemon drink. Initial studies seem to propose that Nimboo Fresh from Coca Cola has failed to win in the market due to its gustatory sensation. This could besides be because of Nimbooz product’s foremost mover advantage.The calcium hydroxide drink is one in the drink section where in the clients would non be willing to pass around Rs15-20 for 500ml of the drink. and even if they do they would desire it to savor good and slake their thirst which the current calcium hydroxide drinks trade names have failed to make.

A study of clients in assorted parts of the southern India shows that 90 % of them did non like its gustatory sensation. 5 % of them were non cognizant of the merchandise and the remainder 5 % were non willing to buy a drink which can be handily made at their ain places and can be customized harmonizing to their ain gustatory sensations.Gross saless of the the calcium hydroxide trade name has non been promoting for Coca Cola. Nimbu Fresh was given for free ( as Trade Load ) to the retail merchants on purchase of two instances of RGB ( 300ml ) or one caseof the CSD pet bottles of Coke. Turns out that the retail merchants were non willing to purchase or even accept Nimbu Fresh as a trade inducement as the merchandise was non traveling and it was merely taking infinite in their iceboxs. Learning from this fiasco. Coca Cola has realized the potency of big figure of little purchasers.

In the procedure they have introduced the new 200ml discrepancy of Nimbu Fresh at Rs 5 aiming the semi-urban. semi-rural. pupils.

citizens in lower income and the rural crowd which is really a really immense market in a state like India. The mark market is such topographic point is more than 50 % of the whole population of the state. So. if the scheme succeeds the merchandise will make good and the gross revenues should pick up within no clip is what the company surmises.LAUNCH OF ‘MILKY DELITE’ AND ENTRY INTO THE DAIRY SEGMENTSing local gustatory sensation penchants Coca-Cola has farther diversified its portfolio through Maaza trade name extension. It has launched Maaza Milky Delite. which is a blend of Mangifera indica & A ; milk.

Coca-Cola India has particularly developed this merchandise for the Indian consumers in its Research & A ; Development Laboratory at Gurgaon.The merchandise is available in 200ml tetra slender battalion and moderately priced at Rs 15.Re-entry Strategy.

During the re-entry of Coca-Cola in 1993. it had acquired soft imbibe trade names like Thums up. Goldspot. Limca. Maaza. Bisleri sodium carbonate from its Godhead Parle.

This was intended to acquire bing strong client base & A ; trade name image in the Indian market.