Last updated: June 11, 2019
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Most of the Filipino shoppers are looking for innovative and affordable products for corporate and personal giveaways especially Christmas seasons. Christmas gift ideas flock to various bazaars in the Philippines especially at World Trade Center, Metro Manila. The great thing about shopping in these most bazaars is that you will find number of clothes, toys, shirts, blouses, and other wonderful gifts at cheaper prices compare to malls. December 16, 2010, on this day I and my fellow classmates went to World Trade Center, Metro Manila.

We are assigned to visits and ask some exhibitors, guest, from some Christmas Bazaars. And we decided to be at World Trade Centre. Because we all know that every year, the management was holding Christmas Bazaars. And some of the exhibitors are artists from different network. But unfortunately we didn’t go there to buy clothes, shirts, blouses, toys for kids, accessories and other products that can be use as a gift for Christmas. Instead we are asked by our professor to asked some people around there,

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When we are there, we didn’t expect that there will be an entrance fee. As far as I remember and if I’m not mistaken somebody told us that it is free entrance. That’s why we have a little hesitation. So we hesitated for awhile if we will go inside or not, and we will just find other place. But because we don’t need to waste our time and we are already there we pursue to go inside and do the task. As we enter inside, the first that catch my attention was the handicrafts. I was about to but nobody was there. So I decided to roamed around and see other products.

While I wandering roughly I noticed that people are busy looking for the best gift that they can have. For me, there are three key points regarding the World Trade Center Christmas Bazaar Festival. First, is the demonstration and workshops of products starting from simple crafts to simple hi-fi gadgets. Another is the arrival of some important personalities such as the CEOs of some well-known companies. Lastly, is sharing of thoughts and ideas with honorable chief guests and various celebrities such as actors and actresses from different TV Networks.

Many of the products that are selling in the bazaar were proudly Pinoy made. Some are handmade and the exhibitors are also the one who made their own products. And their products are only in the Philippines you can see. And of course the materials they are using are also in the Philippines you can only find it. Products that are included are accessories, holiday decor, books, music products, house ware, kitchenware, handicrafts, novelty, clothing, jewelry, toys, sporting goods, office and school supplies, home and office furnishing, footwear, perfume and other plastics products. . Among all entire booth there, I allotted my all attention to the booths where there products are beautiful artworks. It’s so nice to see those beautiful artworks that are made in our own country. Examples of these artworks are paintings. Painting which are proudly made by our “kababayans”. And some products are made by hand, which you wouldn’t believe that those products are only made by hand, without the help of machineries and nothing else. Sample products are baskets which came from different sizes. Take note that those are not ordinary baskets.

It can be use when you’re having picnics and other outings. Because they are products were came from Cainta and the materials they used are Abaca. Other products which the Filipino will be proud is that the accessories that are proudly made in Cebu. And the materials they are using were also coming from Cebu. I asked one of the exhibitors there and found out that one out of the materials they are using is what they call Mother Pearl. Mother Pearl is the most expensive pearl in the Philippines and it is hard to find in the sea because its placed is in the deepest part of the sea.

That’s why their product is also expensive but worth it. Because it’s really beautiful and the only word you can say when you see it is “WOW!!! ” . You will be amazed. But of course we can’t stop to have hindrance for us to become successful. There are always disadvantages. One of it is that because of the high prices of their product, it is difficult for them to sell lots of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. Only few buyers can afford to have their product such as actresses like Kris Aquino.

Imagine their customers are not only ordinary people but also have well-known names in the country. Another disadvantage is that they are investing large amount of money for their capital but they only acquire small amount of money for their profit. But despite of these disadvantages they still joining and participating the Christmas Bazaar Festival for six years. Their most expensive product is worth five thousand which is a vest and is made up of Mother Pearl and beads. And the cheapest products are bangles worth one hundred pesos.