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Professional Sports Essay, Research Paper

Due to the hoggishness of athleticss figures, professional jocks are non punished in the same mode as other professionals are. It is like they are in a wholly different group that uses an wholly different set of ethical motives. Team proprietors care more about doing their money than they do about puting a good illustration for immature childs and doing pro athleticss merriment once more instead than a concern. Three good illustrations of this hoggishness are Roberto Alomar, Warren Sapp, and Dennis Rodman. Team proprietors and their several conferences need to make something to turn this state of affairs around before they have liquidators and rapers playing athleticss for 1000000s of dollars a twelvemonth.

Roberto Alomar makes 5.5 million dollars a twelvemonth due to his five Gold Gloves. He is one of big leagues? best all-around participants and destined for the Hall of Fame. In a 1996 divisional playoff game, Alomar was up to bat. Umpire John Hirschbeck called Alomar out on work stoppages. Alomar went back to the dugout where he started to reason the call with Hirschbeck. The umpire eventually tossed Alomar. Orioles director Davey Johnson along with Alomar went rushing to place home base to reason the expulsion. As Alomar was being pushed away by Johnson, he spit at Hirschbeck. Alomar was suspended for five games which was to be served at the beginning of the 1997 season, so he could go on to play in the playoffs. In my sentiment, this act was untenable and warranted a stiffer punishment than a five-game suspension. Major conference umpires threatened to strike during the playoffs due to Alomar? s behaviour and unequal penalty. I believe that the conference did non suspend Alomar during the playoffs because he is such a high profile participant that he brings in adequate money for the conference that functionaries felt they could warrant their actions.

Warren Sapp was one of the best defensive participants in the 1995 NFL Draft. Sapp had tested positive for drugs, chiefly marihuana, seven times while playing college football at Miami, including one time for cocaine ( Wolff 49 ) . In the beginning Sapp called the studies, ? a entire fiction, ? but subsequently changed his narrative and said he did fail one drug trial at Miami ( Wolff 49 ) . Even after this admittance of guilt, the NFL, still desiring to let him to play so h

vitamin E could do them money, tried to lighten up his image by stating that Sapp did non prove positive for cocaine, curiously excluding any reference of marihuana ( Price 48 ) . In any other workplace, person who had tested positive for drugs that many times would non be hired.

Dennis Rodman, the National Basketball Association? s bad male child, is ill-famed for acquiring in problem. In a January 15, 1997, game, Rodman lost his balance after traveling for a recoil. He fell into a row of lensmans where he kicked Eugene Amos in the inguen. Amos, who doubled over in hurting, was removed on a stretcher and taken to a Minneapolis infirmary. Rodman merely received an eleven-game suspension, was fined $ 25,000 by the conference, and ordered to acquire guidance ( Rodman? s 22 ) . Compared with 6.3 million he is paid a twelvemonth for playing hoops that mulct is merely a bead in the pail ( Micheals 12 ) . That all right is less than one per centum of his one-year wage. Person who makes $ 30,000 a twelvemonth would be fined more for littering. Attorney Fred Wiesman compared Rodman? s behaviour to that of Major League Baseball participant, Albert Belle, when he said, ? It? s the same intimidation, chesty, objectionable behaviour. This is non the manner sensible people should carry on themselves? ( ? Rodman? s? 22 ) .

All of the state of affairss mentioned turn out one point. Professional athleticss are corrupted and need to hold a serious face lift when it comes to punishment. Roberto Alomar should hold at least been suspended instantly instead than the proprietors leting him to go on playing, decreasing the badness of his actions. Warren Sapp would do a better function theoretical account for kids if he made anti-drug postings, alternatively the NFL feels it is all right to let a known and admitted drug-user to play football and do it look to kids that even if you do utilize drugs you can still do 1000000s of dollars a twelvemonth. Not in the existent universe. Last Dennis Rodman should be the ground the NBA does non let violent people into their conference. In my sentiment Dennis Rodman does non make anything but degrade professional hoops and himself with his actions. If something is non done shortly, professional sports will crumple due to miss of support and former squad proprietors will hold to turn to illegal activities like some of their participants to do money.