Last updated: August 27, 2019
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Professionalism is very important in the workplace, and to succeed in the professional world we have to be able to communicate competently and proficiently, as well as exercise good judgement when providing service to a patient or client. We, as individuals providing specialized service care, need to be approachable, amicable and accessible. An endearing personality will not only illuminate a smile on a client’s face, it will also make them feel more valued, respected and appreciated.In addition, being well groomed and paying attention to one’s personal hygiene speaks volumes about an individual, and relates to the societal declaration, “A first impression is a lasting impression”. As a healthcare provider, I would want my professional appearance and demeanor to be one of the key attributes recognized by my clients as their reassurance that I am capable of providing exceptional service and consultation to them.Having a welcoming, cordial personality, coupled with an empathetic and sympathetic “bedside manner” always seems to be an extremely favourable combination.

Unfortunately, there are some instances whereby a healthcare professional may have an amazing personality and an approachable manner, but lacks when it comes to their professional appearance. Personally, I feel “dressing the part” is part of the job.If you take care to do this well, it will make you feel empowered, which encourages you to conduct yourself professionally and provide the best service you can. In many circumstances, this sense of professional pride can often lead you to going beyond the call of duty.

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Being approachable plays a vital role in professionalism, as it goes hand-in-hand with professional appearance. If a healthcare professional does not look like they fit the role that they play, the client may feel uncomfortable asking them questions, or even approaching them.Being courteous, even when the client is so irate, or having that smile in your voice each time you address a client either by phone or in person, can make a client feel more at ease and that in its self can maybe open up a different conversation advising or persuading to the client/patient to please try and have their annual checkup booked with their Physician as soon as possible (you need to have your health checked annually). In just that one conversation you are able to build rapport with a client, which in most cases will be a long lasting one.

No matter what the situation is, or its outcome, you have to keep a rofessional frame of mind at all times. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but at the end of it all, with a bit of patience, understanding, communication, tolerance and care it can be done. Again, I strongly believe that professionalism is one of the attributes that should truly be focused on in any form of work environment, it such a vital tool. As an individual, if professionalism is one of your main attributes, I really do believe that some of the other attributes e. g.

Good Judgement and Approachable Manner can fall in sync, and maybe with continuous practice one can mold themselves to become a great Professional.