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The organization that I have chosen to concentrate on throughout this class is the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. The purpose of this organization is to reduce the amount of trauma and other effects that domestic violence may have on one. The organization ultimately focuses on helping the victims of domestic violence to become strong again and learn to overcome their battles and continue to live a normal productive life. The goal of this organization in detail is to help young men, women and children affected by domestic violence in hope that the community will become a less violent place to live in.

Program Planning and Program Evaluation Program planning is used to create the basic concept of how the program will be ran. Within program planning the organizers of the program PEACE will come up with the basic operation method of the program by laying out the steps and programs that are necessary to get the abuse victims to come into their own. With every situation there are basic ways to go about building the victims confidence back up but there is also the need for special individual attention that each victim will need and require.

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Program evaluation is important to the organization because it allows the employees and management within the organization to evaluate exactly what type of services are considered helpful and which ones are not as necessary or are not having as great of an outcome as what would be wished for. Within the evaluation period employees can provide feedback as to how their clients have responded to the program that has been offered. In doing that if one method is favored then maybe the other can be decreased to accommodate for the program that is in more demand.

I believe that program planning and program evaluation definitely interrelate with each other for many reasons. If a program such as PEACE is new within a community there is definitely a trial time. Each community is different and requires different attention. So the initial planning of the program might have to be changed after the evaluation period to accommodate for what the community will better be receptive to. I believe that program evaluation is actually better for the end result then program planning but only because when an organization plans on how to present a new program to a community they are heading in to the community blind.

By doing this they need to interact with the community to find out what is the best way to get the people of the community especially domestic violence victims to open up and accept the help that is being offered. Technical and Political Aspects Technical aspects of program planning that might occur are finding the funding and correct equipment to properly run the organization. For example Funding to be able to properly run the organization is of great importance. The funding is needed for computers, operating systems, employees and the building in which the organization will be held.

Other than getting the proper equipment I do not see too many technical issues that will be presented within the organization. Political aspects of program planning would be to create an in detail planning of the program in which will be presented for government grants or funding. With an organization like PEACE it can also be important to have the mayor or governor on the side of the organization to help want to minimize the domestic violence within the community. By doing this it helps to have someone of power in your corner to support the cause of the organization.

Within every organization there is the occasional problem that might occur while trying to become an important factor within the community. I believe one problem that may arise is getting domestic violence victims to trust the organization to be there for them mentally and physically. Domestic violence victims often do not trust many people do mainly to fear or embarrassment. There is not much that could be done about this situation accept the word of mouth and the power of one wanting to get help, us helping them and them recommending a friend or family member to come to the organization.

The other problem that I would take into consideration and hope to overcome would be the victim that comes in asks for help we help them and their children and at the end of it all they put their selves and their children back in the same situation. This is often a problem do the abusive party returning into the victim’s life promising that things have changed and will be different. This is another form of abuse due to the fact that if the victim returns it plays into the control factor of abuse.

The way that these issues would affect the program planning and evaluation is that we need to keep in mind that some of these victims are not ready to let go just yet they might come in and explore their options but may return to the abusive party. However, is knowing the domestic violence is such a sensitive subject for many especially those one’s who have been involved with it for so long, it might take a few times of showing them that we are there no matter what in order to gain their trust.

But I think with the evaluation process the best way to look at that is simply what the victims seem to like and open up to. Domestic violence is on the rise in our country and it is of vital importance for the organization to never give up on helping these victims. Domestic violence is such a sensitive subject within our culture due to the role that women and children have played compared to men throughout history, in knowing this I believe that it is of great importance to have people out there fighting for these victims and to show them that we care and we are here to help and support you in any way possible.