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Overview sing the current state of affairs of AWC Inc.

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The company that will be analyzed in this study is that of AWC Inc. AWC Inc. , is an aluminium fabrication company located in Southwestern Ontario. The company has been around since 1950, and was founded by Mr. Jim MacDonald, male parent of the current president Mr. Alex MacDonald. AWC specializes in the fiction of aluminium Windowss, doors, shopfronts, and curtain wall merchandises. AWC has 100 committed staff with 45 in production, and 55 in the offices. The company is good known for the high quality of it s merchandises and their competitory monetary values. AWC Inc. is confronting a determination sing air intervention in the welding part of the works, as new authorities ordinances are introduced to the industry. Presently there is a recession in the building industry, and it is projected to last another three old ages. Buying the air cleansing equipment would lay waste to the companies net incomes and hard currency flows. Fines are ever-present, nevertheless extremely improbable. The air cleansing equipment is between $ 240,000 and $ 400,000.

SWOT analysis of the current issue

Strengths with regard to the current issue are.

– Quality design and competitory monetary values.

– Popularity of the new aluminium doors.

– Highly committed employees.

– Experienced and household owned ( since 1950 ) .

– Not located where neighbours would kick ( near cement prey ) .

Failings of AWC Inc. with respect to the issue are.

– no current airing systems.

– Alex MacDonald has limited experience ( 1 twelvemonth running company ) .

– Limited money to pass due to 3 % net income borders on normal contracts.

– Contemplating dearly-won 2nd displacement for welding line.

Opportunities for AWC Inc. excessively look at externally.

– AWC can gain up to 20 % on specified contracts.

– Interest in commercial aluminium doors ( high volume ) .

– free trade understanding with U.S. ( duty free contract chances ) .

– One tierce of it s rivals are out of concern.

– Fines are extremely improbable.

Menaces externally to AWC Inc.

– Cost of cleaning equipment lay waste toing to hard currency flow, and net incomes.

– Government ordinances ( Inspectors spying about ) .

– U.S. competition ( new ) , local competition ( 37 houses in Southwestern Ontario ) .

– Recession in the building industry could last up to three old ages.

– up to $ 500,000 mulct for non-compliance.

Lashkar-e-taibas Identify The Problem

The job that AWC faces is that of conformity. Shall the company comply with the ordinances, and face the possibility of traveling belly-up, or, do nil and face possible mulcts. The job has been caused by increased public consciousness of industrial pollution. The concern of the authorities is to better worker safety. The emanations caused by welding have been linked to wellness concerns associated with the bantam atoms of metal released in the emanations. The authorities surveies have concluded that this is a malignant neoplastic disease hazard and every bit unsafe as, smoking a whole battalion of coffin nails as one authorities functionary put it. There is some inquiries as per the legitimacy of these surveies nevertheless. Alex s male parent has advised him that the authorities is non likely to come down hard on AWC, in visible radiation of the local economic system executing ill as of late.

The local functionaries would fear losing 100 occupations, and a company that provides honorable work to the local citizens. The hazard of non-compliance appears to be well low at this clip.

Options to AWC s current job

The three most feasible solutions for deciding this issue are.

– Geting a airing system and proper licensing ( get downing cost $ 240,000 ) .

– Geting a recirculating filtration system, licencing & A ; preparation, ( startup cost $ 400,000 )

– Status Quo, no new system in the current period.

It is genuinely a shame that there is no clear option to the job at this point. Which of all time one is chosen, there will be definite inquiries to be answered about AWC s hereafter.

Criteria upon which a determination will be made.

The three most of import standards to AWC Inc. are.

– Financial Stability

– Occupation Security for employees

– Keeping current production.

Fiscal stableness is evidently the top precedence in this instance. The solution must be cost effectual in order to i

nsure that AWC survives the at hand recession. Job security is besides of import. Bing a household concern, fostering long term relationships with employees is cardinal.

The company must besides be able to keep the current production, and efficiency that will be paying the measures. The company is at a really delicate province in visible radiation of the recession.

Decision Matrix ( Analysis of the Alternatives ) -Table Form

Beneath is a matrix comparing the three Options, to the determination Criteria.

Fiscal Job Security Production

Ventilation Medium Medium Medium

Recirculation Worst Worst Worst

Status Quo Best Best Best

Analysis of the Options based on the three standards

Alternate one is a Ventilation system, venting exhausts outside of the works. This system would fulfill wellness and safety ordinances, nevertheless, would be capable to Ministry of Environmental ordinances refering external emanations of byproducts. It is by no agencies cost effectual at a monetary value of $ 240,000, which would stultify AWC financially, and finally coerce the layoff of workers. It would besides be hard to keep production with such an injured cashflow, and debt incurred.

Alternate figure two is a recirculation filtration system. The cost of the system that AWC would necessitate is $ 400,000, and blessing from the Ministry of Labor. The cost of this system may potentially ruin AWC. The recirculating system would besides necessitate extra preparation in waste disposal. The two liters of toxic sludge that the system creates every hebdomad costs $ 500.00 to dispose of with a cost of $ 200 to prove. AWC is non licensed to hive away or transport toxic waste, coercing them to pay to hold it disposed of. AWC merely could non afford this system, it would be lay waste toing to the current production, and likely put one hundred people on employment insurance.

The 3rd option is Status Quo. AWC is a smaller company compared to some of it s larger rivals. Besides, the pollution that AWC creates is evidently non every bit seeable as some of these larger houses. Alex had found that a 1000 companies had been charged for let go ofing harmful emanations. Of these companies, merely one hundred were fined an norm of $ 30,000 each, and one individual incarcerated. It was estimated that 50,000 companies were affected by the jurisprudence, and 70-80 % were in misdemeanor of it. The opportunities of being caught are slender.

Recommendation and Most Likely results from this determination.

The recommendation chosen based on the available standard is, the 3rd one, Status Quo.

In order to last this recession AWC can non put on the line paying 100s of 1000s of dollars on a airing system. A new system may be executable in the hereafter, nevertheless, it presents excessively great of a fiscal hazard at this clip. The company will go on to run as normal. If force per unit areas do arise from the authorities, AWC will merely province that without fiscal aid, a air cleansing system would non be executable at this clip. There is a good opportunity of calming from the authorities. The authorities loves to maintain people working, now more than of all time. In Addition, they have ne’er seen a authorities inspector spying around the plat, why would at that place be one now.

The reaction to this determination will be limited, due to the deficiency of alteration it creates. The employees of AWC are non likely to kick, they are highly faithful. It is a good determination financially for the company, all direction should be happy. I have assurance that a cheaper option may besides demo up in the hereafter.

Action/Implementation Plan

Measure 1 Inform the employees of the ordinances and open the floor for suggestions to the job.

Measure 2 Inform the employees of the determination made, and take in feedback.

Measure 3 Get some fresh air into the welding country ( Cut Hole/ Vents ) .

Measure 4 Continue full velocity production of aluminium doors.

Measure 5 Continue to run the company at a high degree of efficiency and Lashkar-e-Taibas make it through this recession.

It is non likely or executable to make anything about the airing at this clip. This airing thought, may be saved for more comfortable times. No 1 seems to be kicking at the mill, so there is no immediate cause for dismay. AWC Inc. is a comparatively little company, and the authorities has bigger fish to fry. Besides, the opportunity of acquiring caught is following to nil. The systems would be installed in two old ages, which doesn T attach much urgency to the state of affairs either.

AWC Inc. should re-evaluate the job after the recession.