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Executive Summary

This proposal discusses the benefits of conveying Jamba juice into Palm Beach International’s ( “PBIA” ) Terminal M. Opening a Jamba Juice franchise in Terminal M will assist maximise PBIA’s net incomes and besides give the clients an overall better experience.

Proposal to Bring Jamba Juice to Terminal M

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Jamba Juice is a great option for the travellers that want to bask our in dining experience as they await their flight. Besides. for those travellers running buttocks and necessitate a speedy bite to eat they can transport on board. PBIA needs to give those travellers the option to hold the ability to happen healthy options on the spell.

Environmentally Friendly

Jamba Juice is cognizant of the environmental alterations that have been happening over the old ages. Society has been easy making a more environmentally friendly life style. Since society has changed their mentality on the environment. so have we. Our company is careful when picking certain merchandises. because we understand the impact we have on the environment. ”Jamba has been working with a assortment of organisations analyzing alternate options for taking polystyrene and other waste from their waste watercourse. spread outing their usage of more sustainable packaging. and pull offing energy consumption” ( JambaJuice. 2012 ) .

Benefits of holding a Jamba Juice

Along with being a healthy company. we besides give our clients our best service. Sing runing in an airdrome. our clients will ever be on the spell. Our order system times the employees and qui vives when they have passed three proceedingss on one order. The system is a great manner to maintain the flow of people traveling. and making shorter lines. Shorter lines tend to pull more people. particularly those in a haste.

Committedness to Palm Beach County

At Jamba Juice one of our chief precedences is to be able to give back to the community. Our committedness with Palm Beach county is to interact every bit much as possible with the occupants. by supplying chances to larn about the good factors of nutrition. Opening our shop in terminal M would give the thenar beach community options for employment chances they can turn in.


Jamba Juice is pleased to hear about the new redevelopments at the Palm Beach International Airport ( “PBIA” ) . We have been informed the PBIA will be making the new Terminal M. We would wish to suggest opening a Jamba Juice in Terminal M as a healthy juice and bite saloon for the riders.

Jamba Juice is ever looking for exciting new chances to portion its pleasurably healthy and bracing repasts with more clients. Along with smoothies we will supply PBIA clients with tasty bites. fresh-squeezed juices. javas and teas and frozen yoghurt commotion. Jamba Juice is healthy made simple ™ . We believe its singularity as a healthy option to other eating houses is a certain manner to heighten the overall experience of PBIA’s travellers.

The smoothies and baked goods are the perfect travel repast. It is the on-the-go. better-for-you option. The clients we so easy please are the 1s populating in a fast paced environment. such as those patronizing the PBIA. While our service is fast. there is besides the good factor of being able to complete your repast while waiting to board. or conveying it along without holding to worry about a muss. Jamba Juice steadfastly believes that employee satisfaction finally leads to deriving client satisfaction.

Within the proposal we will discourse the clip needed to setup Jamba Juice in Terminal M. If you accept the proposal our designer. Lippincott. will supply a floor program for your reappraisal. We did nevertheless supply measurings for the terminus within the proposal.

In the undermentioned pages we will cover the costs of apparatus. a specific work program. and our makings.

Is Jamba Juice the Right Opportunity for Us?

Jamba Juice Company is a taking restaurant retail merchant of better-for-you. forte drink and nutrient offerings. which include great tasting. whole fruit smoothies. fresh squeezed juices and juice blends. hot java and teas. hot burgoo. breakfast wraps. sandwiches and mini-wraps. California Flatbreads™ . frozen yoghurt. and a assortment of adust goods and bites. These will carry through your travelers’ gustatory sensation fluctuations. comply with the environmental criterions and give back to the Palm Beach County community. PBIA should supply its travellers with a concern that offers them fresh and alimentary ingredients. first-class speedy service and provides travellers with a healthy set of fibre values. Jamba Juice has great client service that provides enviromentally friendly on-the-go repasts and smoothies.

Benefits to the Travelers

Travelers that have really small clip to save before. in between. or after flights can be confident that Jamba Juice will supply promptly. tasty. alimentary. and alien repasts and drinks for any temper or season. Jamba Juice is a lively eating house where single travellers can catch a alimentary smoothy with an improbably tasty repast or dine in a colorful. wellbeing. vivacious environment with fellow Jamba Juice clients.

Our. one of a sort. eating house concatenation prides itself on friendly energized client service. 100 % fresh ingredients. nutrition and client satisfaction. Jamba Juice’s mission statement is to “be the taking healthy lifestyle trade name offering consumers great-tasting and better-for-you products” ( Jamba Juice 2012 ) and continued satisfactory service to new and preexistent clients. We provide a bill of fare focused on the wellness of our consumers with a assortment of smoothies. light flavourful sandwiches. tasty bites. hot drinks. fresh-squeezed juices. encouragements. shootings and yoghurt. We have a assortment of gustatory sensation buds we need to run into. Below. are a few selected merchandises that represents our assortment of spirit.

• Caribbean Passion® Smoothie- Strawberries. Peaches. Passion Fruit-Mango Juice and Orange Sherbet

Mega Mango™ Smoothie- Strawberries. Alien Juices and Mangos

• Apple ‘N Greens™ Smoothie- Apple-Strawberry and Green Vegetable Juices. Peaches. Mangos and Bananas

• Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie- Orange and Carrot Juices. Mangos and Bananas

• Southwestern Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Wrap- Scrambled Egg Whites. Chicken Chorizo. Spiced Corn. Black Beans. Cheese and Zesty Salsa

Fresh Banana Oatmeal- Ripe Bananas. Brown Sugar and Steel-Cut Oatmeal

• Brie. Apple & A ; Sweet Fig Sandwich- Brie Cheese. Apple Pieces and Fig Spread on Sliced Raisin Bread

• Blueberry Pomegranate Peaks Whirl’ns™ Frozen Yogurt- Nonfat Tart Frozen Yogurt. Pomegranate Juice and Blueberries

• Chocolate Strawberry Temptation Talbott Teas™- Strawberries and Dark Coca

Benefits to the Environment

Jamba Juice has late enhanced its “comprehensive eco-sustainability scheme by organizing a strategic relationship with the Global Green USA’s Coalition of Resource Recovery. an industry working group dedicated to speed uping waste recreation programs” ( ? ) . This confederation means we will hold the support we need to cut down waste and energy consumption plus increase the usage of more environmentally friendly stuffs. ( ? ) Susan Shields. senior frailty president and main invention officer at Jamba Juice Company. stated that. “Whether back uping the enlargement of gardens through our grant plan. cut downing waste through composting and recycling enterprises. or researching the usage of new stuffs for our cups. Jamba is committed to happening advanced and meaningful ways to back up the wellness and health of the vicinities in which we live. work. and drama. ” ( ? )

Jamba Juice is dedicated to going more environmentally friendly at all locations and is teaming up with the best to do certain the occupation gets done right. We have been working on a figure of things and seeking different plans. Lily Kelly. Director. Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery says. “There is a rapid motion toward more sustainable solutions for merchandise packaging. in peculiar relentless waste watercourses. such as polystyrene. that are non normally recycled. With this plan. Jamba is non merely bettering the recoverability of its ain merchandise packaging. but raising the saloon for their eating house industry equals and spurring them to make the same” ( ? ) .

Benefits to the Community

Jamba Juice is an active portion of the community and offers support. solutions and aid when needed. We provide the community with sponsorships. scholarships and support for charities or other community events. All of our attempts have a positive healthy influence on the community and Palm Beach County. Local husbandmans. manufacturers and distributers will besides profit from Jamba Juice’s operation in terminal M.

Jamba is a proud patron of “Team Up for a Healthy America” in the battle against childhood fleshiness and encourages fans to fall in the Team Up community of famous persons. jocks and other leaders committed to acquiring childs active and involved. Jamba Juice sponsors the National PTA to make and fund a year-around school fund-raising chance. This plan is called the Jamba School Appreciation Program ( JambaJuice 2012 ) .

Palm Beach County husbandmans. manufacturers and distributers can supply merely about all of our stuffs. We use 100 % existent fruits in the bulk of our merchandises. low fat milk and whole wheat loaves of a assortment of staff of life. We are positive that Palm Beach County husbandmans will run into our outlook for first-class quality fresh fruits and veggies and supply natural merchandises. Local distribution will be used for efficiency and to cut costs.

Statement of Qualifications

The Palm Beach International Airport’s. ( “PBIA” ) . Terminal M would greatly profit from Jamba Juice’s concern. We are dedicated to supplying superior service and merchandises to our clients. Throughout the past old ages. Jamba Juice has been acknowledged with legion awards and acknowledgment for its outstanding service and merchandises. Jamba Juice has been awarded the followers:

“Workforce Award” – The National Restaurant Association. Educational Foundation and Coca-Cola – 2004 “Silver Health at Work™” – The Bay Area’s Healthiest Employers for the Second year- 2012 “First MenuMasters Healthful Choice” – Menu Masters – 1999

PBIA would profit from Jamba Juice because we have the makings to raise gross in the terminus. Our makings include: experience. great forces. and committedness to our clients. Jamba Juice’s long-run success proves we our a safe investing for PBIA.


Jamba Juice has been runing for 20 old ages. and has expanded internationally. Jamba Juice laminitis. Kirk Perron. opened his first shop in 1990 in San Luis Obispo. California. The big success from one shop has led to 752 others. Our gross revenues for 2011 were $ 263 million. taging an addition in gross by 15. 3 % from the twelvemonth earlier.

Jamba Juice’s other locations include Canada. South Korea. Bahamas. and Philippines. In the United States there are 310 corporately owned shops. 442 franchises. of those 10 are international. Indeed. Jamba Juice continues to spread out. and awaits the gap of 28 new shops scheduled for this twelvemonth around the United States.

Although we are a franchise and this will be our first experience. we are confident in executing the necessary responsibilities to make a successful concern. Whenever there is a new Jamba Juice franchise planning to open. Jamba Juice requires one of their operating spouses or general directors to go to the store’s gap for six hebdomads full clip. He/She provides a unit preparation plan that will learn the staff the daily operations. In add-on to Jamba Juice’s developing plan. there is besides an orientation plan.

The orientation plan encourages the workers to take advantage of Jamba Juice’s support centre affecting countries such as selling. existent estate and development. and IT and supply concatenation. The support centre is critical for a successful franchise. Below are some of the many benefits the supply centre provides ;

Access to a strong relationship Jamba Juice has made with sellers. This means our franchise will hold already negotiated volume price reductions that will make nest eggs. In bend we will increase gross for both parties. by maintaining our costs low. The Region Franchise Manager ( “RFM” ) supports our franchise by helping us in our operations and patterns. RFM guarantees we are working at our full potency by making regular visits to our franchise. RFM besides markets for all the franchises. This will maintain our selling disbursals really low.


Our forces must run into minimal demands to work at our shop. In order to be a general director the employee must hold a bachelor’s grade or important experience taking similar companies. We keep our staff motivated by holding a great squad member plan. This includes benefits. tonss of coverage for a low monetary value. and a 401 ( K ) plan.

The staff at Jamba Juice is ever vivacious. We look for employees that love Jamba Juice and bask the work. It is our carefully selected staff that makes Jamba Juice great.

“At Jamba Juice. we ever talk about how our trade name comes to life through its people. The success throughout our shops is a perfect presentation of the importance of authorising every squad member to take ownership in accomplishing our company’s ends. By supplying the right tools and holding merriment with our preparation plans. we can assist our squad members deliver a “wow” experience for our clients every clip. ” says CEO Paul Clayton.

Our high criterions for quality employees guarentees that clients have an above satisfactory visit to Jamba Juice. We are cognizant of the importance our experience has on the travelers’ sentiment of PBIA. We are confident our staff will merely add value to their clip at the airdrome.


Jamba Juice believes the quality of their merchandises is straight related to their customers’ and employees’ satisfaction. Therefore. we are ever runing at our fullest potency. Our employees’ feelings towards their workplace plays a critical function in client satisfaction. We have gathered a few remarks employees and client have said about our concern.

At the clip. Bradley was developing to be store director at a local Jamba Juice. It is employees like him that genuinely conveying a great experience to the clients.

“I love working at Jamba because my difficult work and passion ne’er goes unnoticed. I truly experience that Jamba has invested in me and attentions for my personal and professional development. I’m lucky that I have a company I love traveling to work for. The vibration. from the Support Center squad all the manner
down to the portion clip squad member. is one of support. We are all in this together. and it genuinely feels like that. ”

Below is a client who appreciates Jamba Juice’s healthy alimentary repasts. and their low monetary values compared to fast nutrient eating houses.

“When I foremost tried Jamba Juice I was imbibing them as a bite or in add-on to my tiffin or breakfast. This was a error. Jamba Juice. I shortly realized. is decidedly a repast. And what’s great is that now they have a smaller size ( “sixteen” ) for those yearss when you don’t experience hungry plenty for a full 24 ounces. I have noticed a batch of people kicking about the monetary value of a Jamba Juice smoothy. but when you think of your smoothy as breakfast. tiffin or dinner it truly is pretty inexpensive ( particularly for fast nutrient ) ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. epinions. com/reviews/rest-Chain_Restaurants-All-Jamba_Juice? sb=1 )

Architecture and Design

Jamba Juice’s installations was designed by Lippincott. Lippincott was founded in 1990. Their first undertaking was making a cardinal subject to portray Jamba Juice’s committedness to healthy life. Lippincott is responsible for planing our inside and exterior architecture. pass oning our trade name to clients. expecting client flow and our bill of fare system.

Lippincott’s Customer Experience Mapping ( “CEM’ ) technique allowed clients a to experience that “wow” affect when inside Jamba Juice. CEM uses architecture to promote impulse purchases. bill of fare comprehension and a healthy nutrient scene.

Through the CEM technique. Lippincott created three macro-themed design constructs. Health and health. guilt-free pleasance and energy-on-the-go are the chief topics Jamba Juice was founded on. When put to deathing the macro-theme. Lippincott depended on millwork. colourss and stuff. cloths and environmental subjects to show our vision.

Our carefully designed shops are besides taking functions that helped us make success. We believe PBIA travellers will be drawn to our shop because of vivacious colourss and intuitive design.

Spacing Requirements

Jamba Juice offers different spacing options depending on the type of shop that is being opened. There are the traditional shops which need 1. 200 to 1. 400 square footage of spacing. Then. there are the smaller formats. or the non-traditional locales. these can be set up within 180 to 230 square footage. Depending on the concluding measurings of PBIA’s Terminal M we can so make up one’s mind which is more appropriate.


After 20 old ages of service and gross making $ 263 million at the terminal of 2010 financial twelvemonth. we are confident in the success we can convey to Terminal M. Our broad assortment of fruit smoothies and hot repasts will supply an easy on-the-go healthy option to any fast nutrient concatenation for your PBIA travelers. Our long standing organisation is an illustration of our ability to run a successful franchise in your airdrome. We will be looking frontward to a response one time you have reviewed our proposal. Thank you for your clip on our behalf. Please experience free to reach us at any clip utilizing our direct line ( 786 ) 863-7007. Request to talk with these indviduals Jessica Aiello. Maria Nieto. Starr Fain or Reinaldo Valles. They are the leaders behind this concern venture. Besides. if there is a demand for elucidation we will be happy to direct any absent information over.

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