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Fluoxetine: Mania Essay, Research Paper

Fluoxetine: Mania

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& # 8220 ; Yeah, I & # 8217 ; m on Prozac, & # 8221 ; I hear rather frequently, said as if the talker had

merely received a new Porsche. I frequently do catch myself reacting with, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m on

Zoloft International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t modern medical specialty great? & # 8221 ; In a manner, this exchange is a manner of

adhering. In another, more distorted manner, it is a manner of having a cast of

blessing from my equals, for antidepressants have become highly widespread and

widely accepted. & # 8220 ; Prozac & # 8230 ; has entered pop civilization & # 8230 ; going the material of

sketchs and stand-up comedy modus operandis & # 8221 ; ? and, of class, truly bad gags by

people who do non take the drug. ( Chisholm and Nichols 36 ) .

These yearss, being prescribed an antidepressant carries less stigma than

in the yesteryear. & # 8220 ; Prozac has attained the acquaintance of Kleenex and the societal

position of spring H2O & # 8221 ; ( Cowley 41 ) . Gone are the yearss when the label & # 8220 ; loony & # 8221 ;

is slapped upon a individual taking these drugs. Antidepressants have become about

every bit platitude as Tylenol. Prozac is being prescribed for much more than

clinical depression. Some of the other unwellnesss that are treatable by Prozac

include binge-eating syndrome, obsessive-compulsive upset, and dysthymic depression, which is chronic

low-grade depression. In some instances, it is even prescribed for anxiousness or low

self-pride ( Chisholm and Nichols 38 ) .

Part of the popularity of Prozac stems from worsening wellness attention. & # 8220 ; As

medical programs cut back on coverage for psychotherapeutics, says [ Dr. Robert ] Birnbaum

of Boston & # 8217 ; s Beth Israel, psychiatrists feel force per unit area merely to? medicate and

so supervise side effects & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( Cowley 42 ) . General practicians, nevertheless, compose

the bulk of Prozac prescriptions. Both of these scenarios raise concerns,

as some head-shrinkers province that it can be unsafe for antidepressants to be

used without coincident psychotherapeutics Sessionss ( Chisholm and Nichols 38 ) . When

I discontinued my therapy Sessionss after two old ages, yet still continued to take

my antidepressants, I felt as if something was losing from my life. Therapy

has been a really of import portion of my intervention, and I would non hold recovered

every bit good if I had non attended regular psychotherapeutics Sessionss.

With the common usage of Prozac and other antidepressants, another

consideration arises: are these drugs going a replacement for truly get bying

with jobs? Prozac and the related antidepressants, such as Paxil and Zoloft,

are known as selective 5-hydroxytryptamine reuptake inhibitors ( SSRIs ) . They prevent

encephalon cells from re-absorbing used 5-hydroxytryptamine, which can promote the tempers and

ideas of people enduring from depression ( 37 ) . But & # 8220 ; no disease can be

blamed entirely on a 5-hydroxytryptamine instability & # 8221 ; ( Watson 86 ) . External factors and

genetic sciences frequently affect depression. As a biennial receiver of Zoloft, I

discovered that, during the class of my intervention, my interludes of depression

would return at nerve-racking times, despite the medicine. Mental unwellness besides

tallies in my household. On my male parent & # 8217 ; s side of the household, my great-grandmother

suffered from dementedness, and on the maternal subdivision of the household tree, my female parent

shows marks of dysthymic depression.

This, of class, does non intend that clinical depression is non caused by

a serotonin instability. The truth is, research workers are still looking for the

causes of emotional unwellnesss in order to plan more specific solutions ( 86 ) .

In the interim, many people are having Prozac and related

medicines for fiddling personality upsets, and a stigma remains steadfastly

attached to people with echt mental unwellness. & # 8220 ; Mental unwellness is still frequently

idea of as something you or your parents did incorrectly, & # 8221 ; which is another ground

why many patients are merely taking the medicine alternatively of besides seeing a

healer ( Marrou ) . I will readily admit that I am on Zoloft, but I normally

maintain my & # 8220 ; shrivel & # 8221 ; appointments a secret from all but my closest friends.

Of class, the dad civilization references merely function to rise the overall

disdain toward younger people on antidepressants, and the glamor of taking

them. In the recent Kids in the Hall film, & # 8220 ; we [ were ] offered a cockamamie

dystopian vision of a universe Prozaced out of its marbless & # 8221 ; ( Ansen ) . This refers to

the broad use of antidepressants to handle fiddling upsets. & # 8220 ; Happy pills for

every juncture & # 8221 ; ? physicians are still looking for the perfect manner to handle minor

personality upsets ( Chisholm and Nichols 40 ) . It seems that taking Prozac is

& # 8220 ; cool, & # 8221 ; particularly among immature people, who can turn out that they, excessively, are angst-

ridden and rich plenty to take these apparently interior decorator drugs.

Yet, where would Sylvia Plath be if she had taken an antidepressant?

True, she would be alive, but her work would non hold been so introverted or

traveling. She would besides hold been easy forgettable. Prozac is said to cut down

penetration and emotions ( Cowley 42 ) . As a receiver of Zoloft, I can certify to

that statement. My tempers have been dulled. I one time possessed a great trade of

emotions, and now merely experience two: & # 8220 ; bummed out & # 8221 ; ( somewhat depressed and extremely

cranky ) and overactive. I have besides noticed that my poesy is non as traveling

as it was when I was medication-free.

Recently, I have thought of stoping my medicine. The societal

stigma does annoy me ; after the first five Prozac gags, I stopped express joying.

That is non my ground for wanting an terminal to the medicine, nevertheless. I want to

quit because I do non experience like, well, me. I do non shout or laugh usually ; it

all seems as if I am watching person else call or laugh for me.

Technically, I am non even clinicall

Y depressed. I have been diagnosed

with dysthymic depression, a mild yet chronic signifier of depression, which I know was caused

by utmost stress several old ages ago. I continue to see a great trade of

emphasis in my life, but I would wish to larn how to get by with it alternatively of

simply starting a small xanthous pill. What happens if I lose my wellness

insurance? I would non be able to afford medicine, and would hold to larn

anyhow. As it is, my most recent healer decided that I no longer necessitate

psychotherapeutics, so why am I still taking this medicine? It has become a crutch

for me. I agree with Kurt Cobain when he sings, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m so happy/ cause today I & # 8217 ; ve

found my friends/ in my head. & # 8221 ; My ain emotions are ever better than drug-

induced feelings.

Even the wordss by Cobain turn out merely how mainstream antidepressants have

become, even though Cobain sings about Lithium, which is used to handle manic-

depressive patients. An full computing machine bulletin board is devoted to Prozac

entirely, and eternal resources exist on the World Wide Web ( Cowley 41 ) . As we

gag about Prozac and urge it to our friends, though, it is going excessively

widespread to be ignored.

In ten old ages, we might wholly be taking some signifier of medicine to

stabilise our tempers and & # 8220 ; fine-tune the behaviour of a given individual. We may be

able to about modulate personality & # 8221 ; ( Chisholm and Nichols 40 ) . There is

something genuinely creepy about an full state walking about with what my friend

Joy calls & # 8220 ; perma-smiles, & # 8221 ; the alleged felicity found in antidepressants. Is it

even ethical to make a society where cipher feels their ain emotions? & # 8220 ; The

ultimate inquiry, presuming that the new antidepressants can safely ostracize

unpleasant feelings, is whether we truly want to be rid of them & # 8221 ; ( Cowley 42 ) .

And make we all want to be happy all the clip? If you cease to experience hurting, so

your felicity seems dulled.

More alarming is the sum of people I know that have been on some

antidepressant or another by the age of 18. It seems that normal teenage

temper swings are being diagnosed as depression, and medicine is readily

prescribed. While some experts say that & # 8220 ; treatable psychiatric jobs are far

more common than most people realize, & # 8221 ; why has medicine become so popular as a

intervention? ( 42 ) . Another friend of mine likes to cleaving to the & # 8220 ; confederacy & # 8221 ;

theory: the medicine is being used to lull us into complacence. I sometimes

admiration about this myself. Annually, Prozac & # 8217 ; s worldwide gross revenues reach about $ 1.2

billion ( 41 ) . Millions of people take some signifier of an antidepressant ( Marrou ) .

It is ill, in a manner.

Still, physicians and patients likewise have nil but congratulations for these

drugs that make handling a debilitating unwellness so much easier ( Chisholm and

Nichols 36 ) . The side effects are fewer than the older antidepressants, and

they do non last that long. I experienced merely three yearss of sickness,

GI jobs, and a dry oral cavity when I foremost started taking Zoloft.

Now I experience no side effects. The absence of these side effects seems to

contribute to the popularity of the drugs. After all, who would desire to take a

pill that makes them ill, particularly if the individual is merely sing anxiousness

or little depression?

This all contributes to the full civilization behind Prozac and other

antidepressants. The civilization that I have observed extends from successful

pupils to clove-smoking, sour-faced poets sitting in upbeat cafes.

Antidepressants have become drugs for everyone, the & # 8220 ; feel-good & # 8221 ; drugs of the

1890ss, it seems.

Yet the broad use of Prozac raises another, more of import concern.

Prozac may hold many unanticipated effects, and is being compared to Valium,

which was on the market for 10 old ages before physicians discovered merely how

habit-forming it was in the mid-1970s. Some say that Prozac has become the Diazepam

of the 1890ss ( 38 ) . Since its release in 1988 by Eli Lilly and Co. of

Indianapolis, it has been prescribed to legion patients. But what side

effects and dangers will we detect in the hereafter? Apparently, persons

taking Prozac are guinea hogs.

The glamor of antidepressants slices when factors such as possible side

or after-effects, dulled emotions, and the necessity of therapy is taken into

consideration. However, the usage of Prozac will go on merely every bit strongly as

of all time. Doctors will go on to medicate patients for every bit long as wellness programs

cut back psychotherapy benefits. The pop civilization mentions will stay steadfastly

in topographic point as more people begin to take Prozac, including the unfunny gags. And

where will we be in 10 old ages? Hopefully, we will non be diagnosed with malignant neoplastic disease

or some other antidepressant-induced unwellness. For some ground, I doubt we will

be jesting approximately that every bit liberally as we do our antidepressants.

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