While all children deserve the same chance, there are many differences between public and private school. Private school cost more money, but public school is free. Private school often focuses on faith, and is more selective. Public schools accept disabled and mentally ill students. On the other hand, if a child wants to attend a private school they must apply and meet their requirements. The quality of teaching and the expectations of the students differ from the two schools. In recent years there has been an increase in families who prefer private school but they cannot afford the fees.

The rising cost factor of private school is preventing many students from attending. Public schools should have the same standards as private schools so students would have equal opportunities. When deciding between sending your children to public or private school, there are numerous factors one needs to take into consideration. The cost of attending private school at Watertown Christian starting in kindergarten is $2,450. 00 a year. Grades 1-8 are $3965. 00 per year, whereas if your child attended public school there is no cost. Transportation is another issue for parents hoping to send their children to private school.

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Most private schools do not offer transportation, however public school offers transportation such as bus rides. Student to teacher ratio is another large influence in the debate over private or public school. It has been found that in South Dakota the student to teacher ratio for grades k -8 is about 22:1 whereas at Watertown Christian School the student to teacher ratio is 13:1. Having more one-on-one connection with the teacher and smaller class sizes greatly benefits the students. Religious emphasis is just as important to others as the learning aspect is to some.

The children that attend private school are selected based on certain standards. Each day if it’s a Christian school they are taught a different bible verse each day and often they attend church at least once during the school day. They also have one period daily dedicated to bible study. Public school has no emphasis whatsoever on religion, in fact, throughout all public schools students aren’t allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance because it has the world “God” in it. The curriculum for both schools is mostly the same, with the exception of religion.

Most private schools have strict dress codes they follow if the children aren’t made to wear uniforms. Watertown Christian School does not have a standard uniform, however they do follow a strict dress code. For example, during the summer time if a tank top is worn the straps must be at least 1 ? inches thick. There is to be no flip flop sandals worn and boys are not allowed to wear muscle shirts. Their clothing cannot be “gothic” in any form, meaning no skulls or guns. They also require all clothes to fit properly, and any student found to violate the rules is suspended for the rest of the day.

Most public schools do not have as strict dress codes. They do not allow shirts with any vulgar sayings or photos. I have found that most public schools do not enforce the dress code rules nearly as much as private school does. While attending public school the extracurricular activities are virtually endless. They offer all sports from golf to football, along with dance, cheerleading, drama, art and speech and debate. Since the schools are much larger there are more teachers able to not only teach, but also coach different sports as well.

With many sports students often miss a few days of school for games out of town. At smaller private schools the instructor numbers decrease and the need for volunteers for extracurricular activities increases. At WCS their only sport currently is basketball, and they are trying to put together a cheer team as well. Although most kids enjoy sports and clubs, the private school is more focused on the education aspect. As one can see there are some similarities between public and private school such as they both have a particular dress code they each follow.

Both schools have many of the same subjects and a couple sports in common. They are very different as well. While some private schools focus on religion public schools do not do that. There is a huge price difference as well. In addition to working out what is important to you, you’ll need to information yourself in the differences regarding the public and private schools that you are considering for your children. Go to the schools and get numbers. It is important to not wait until the last minute to decide because most private schools fill up fast. One also must decide which will suite their child better.