A news reporter once asked Diddy if he would ever sell and market his own brand of dog food. The multi millionaire paused before saying no. For a split second though, “America’s hippest CEO” (Fortune) thought about the idea. This is evidence of how big Diddy’s brand is. “Puff Daddy”, “Diddy”, “Sean John Combs” or “Puffy” is known for so many things that people who follow him and admire him cannot really pinpoint what made him famous, they just know that he is.

P Diddy has taken his brand and name and made it cool and hip.A name that started from one record hit, and branched into a clothing line, cologne, music, TV shows, and a voting campaign that would catch the voters of many young people in the USA. Diddy is one of the most influential people in the black community and in the hip hop scene. He has been on the forefront of pushing the hip hop lifestyle into mainstream culture of young people. Diddy is an icon in the urban market and markets his “brand” to the young males and females who are easily influenced and in the stage of life where they are trying to fit in and feel like they belong.

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Puff Daddy’s name became big through the music industry in an age when MTV is on every young person’s TV. Even MTV say that their “users have televisions, computers and stereos in their rooms, often all on at the same time” (MTV. com) When Diddy’s songs became big, his name became big, and he ran with it. P Diddy’s name and brand awareness allows him to create so many different products that all have one thing in common.

.. They are cool. Diddy has used his personality and reputation to sell his products.

His name obviously means something, because P Diddy was named by Fortune magazine as the wealthiest entertainer under the age of 40, with an income of $315 million a year How can one man market products and make them cool? Because he is cool, and he knows how to relate and build a demographic to admire him, love him, and ultimately want to be him. Diddy Builds an emotional connection with his target audience, then he creates clothing, music, and cologne to enable his audience to dress like him, smell like him, feel closer to him and in the end be one step closer to being as cool as him.Diddy’s brand assets are endless. Diddy himself says that “My brand is rocket fuel. ”(Conference Board Review) His name is huge and everybody who is young and interested in hip hop knows his name. His high brand awareness allows Diddy to introduce his products so easily. Diddy’s brand image in the eyes of his target customer is one of being poplular.

Diddy’s Brand managemtn is pretty easy, he names all of his products after himself. Diddy’s clothing line is called “Sean John” which is his real name. Diddy cobranded with Dr Dre to come out with, “Diddy Beats by Dr.Dre”, head phones that sell for on average $200 a pop. Not only is Diddy’s name huge, but his face is even bigger. Diddy is using himself and the loyalty of his many fans to sell products such as Proactive (a skin treatment product), Ciroc (an ultra premium vodka), and Unforgiveable (Diddy’s cologne). Diddy is the spokesperson of Ciroc vodka which is a high priced vodka, but Diddy markets the price premium but selling it as a “must have” at a club or bar. Diddy has confidence in his name and his image, which enables him to put out so many product extensions.

Diddy knows his name is big and he has confidence in his products and has knows his target audience responds to his products. Diddy’s confidence is also considered a negative association for many people in the young culture. Diddy’s name can bring a negative connotation to many young people’s minds. He is very arrogant and has been known to be over the top on his television shows. Many young people are dissatisfied in Diddy’s brand because of his character and cockiness.

Another big liability that Diddy’s brand has is that he has been involved in a few questionable practices in regards to his products and his personal life.Diddy’s Clothing line has been under scrutiny for using sweat shop workers and using fake dog fur in many coats. These allegations didn’t diminish the brand equity of Diddy, but it did put a damper on the clothing line and questioned the ethical side the practices of Sean John. One Brand Liability that Diddy has turned into an asset is his social issues record. Diddy participated in marathons to raise money for kid’s charities, and has even traveled to Africa to help fight the HIV epidemics. These publicity stunts by Diddy have lifted his name even higher in the minds of his fans.Diddy’s brand liabilities are few and do not put any significant damage to Diddy’s brand image.

However, his Brand Assets outweigh his liabilities due to the fact that even people who do not like Diddy will still buy his products because they are mainstream and considered cool. His Brand liabilities are known, but are not strong enough to deter his audience from not buying his products. In the end Diddy has taken his one music hit, innovation skills, and personality to create a brand that is on its way to the top of the hip hop culture mountain.